The Vampire Kingdom

Pitch black walls surround the entire kingdom. All of the walls had mysterious vines with long thorns crawling up them and creeping into the cracks. Darkness hung over this single stretch of land.

Inside the walls street lights flickered with a dim yellow glow. All the streets and walks are of dark faded cobblestone.

You could hear the ghostly cry of the light eerie breeze, It seemed to be begging and pleading for everyone to run. But no one would ever takes heed. They just… They just.. Keep going.

Off in the distance at the dark hours one would hear the sinister clicking of shoes against the dreaded forsaken cobblestone.

In the morning all is dead. Everything is locked up tight. The whole kingdom is dangerously quiet. It is all restricted from human touch.

Till night falls again the villagers busy themselves. The taste of fear clings to them as night falls, but in the morning they only taste loss and defeat. The bitter bile is all they know inside this lonely kingdom

The damp musky smell came from the slimy mold slinking up from the bottom of the walls. The air reeked of death. It's impossible to escape the horrid awful scent that flooded the entire kingdom.

This must be where the Angel of Death dwells