6000 BCE: In the sandy lands of the Middle East in the middle of the night a great light can be seen over a sand dune accompanied by screams which are suddenly cut short could be heard. From the area of the fire a great figure rises into the sky she has the appearance of a woman covered in black fur. She has a body that would be the envy of any super model save the animal features; she has the tail of a lion and the head of a lioness save for her pointed cat ears, large blue eyes, and long black hair. In place of arms she has two great wings like those of a bat with a wingspan of roughly twenty feet with the membrane connecting to the outer sides her strong thighs just above her knees. Her feet are large black cat paws complete with retractable claws the color of obsidian. From the front they appear to only have three toes but located behind each paw and a little above on what would have been the souls of her feet only lengthened was a fourth toe on each foot with a longer un-retractable claw. A helpful feature, except to the man she was carrying over the ridge with her.

She landed heavy on a dune with the screaming man beneath her claw, she leaned down and from the man a stream of blue energy flowed from his eyes and mouth in to her great jaws complete with teeth that would make any lion or even tiger proud. With her right clawed foot she lifted the body of the man up to her mouth however before she could take a bite her dinner was interrupted by an image from the corner of her eye. In the distance was a great black beast running in her direction. It was huge ten feet at the shoulder and at least forty feet in length counting together the head, body and tail, with at least twenty of that just the tail. Its body was covered in black fur, the head a bit large for an animal of that size more like the head on a fox with a muzzle like a jackal's crossed with a wolf's, and large fox like ears. Down its back and starting between its ears was a long black mane that looked like a jet black cloud seemingly merging with its tail with much the same fur pattern as the mane and exceedingly long for a large predator. Its front paws had five digits and were like the paws of a cat with retractable claws while its back feet however only had three large digits on each paw and the claws were not retractable.

"Rhuen" thought the Litmet the bat winged, cat headed goddess of destruction.

She dropped her human prey, and crushed his head beneath her paw as though she were stepping on an insect. She then noticed a second figure flying towards her above Rhuen, a man like figure about twenty feet in height, with great shinning eagle wings jutting out of his back. With feathers like gold that seemed to shine as though the sun were on them even tough it was clearly night. He had the head of a hawk with yellow feathers and a copper beak with large golden eyes. Outstretched beneath his wings were his arms that seemed to move with his wings even though they were un-attached. For his muscular figure the arms seemed skinny like the legs of an eagle and far too long almost reaching the middle of each of his wings with his talon like hands. With their five talons a piece like some mockery of a human hand with a thumb like talon even. His legs were much the same with yellow feathers going all the way down them. The feet them selves were covered in grey scales like the hands. The feet had four talons, two in front at angles and two in back at angles on each foot forming an X shape. He wore a strange red cloth that crisscrossed his shoulders and formed a robe around his waist

"And Ahm has come as well." thought Litmet.

She stood and watched as they approached her. Rhuen jumped into the air and his body was enveloped in blue flames, he had transformed into a fourteen foot tall humanoid form basically the same as his four legged form except smaller and with long humanoid muscular legs and arms with clawed hands mostly similar to a human's hand. His hair was now a little shorter in relation stopping short of the top of his tail. With a twitch from Litmet he landed not five feet from her and stood looking down at her, beside Rhuen Ahm landed as well.

Litmet spoke to them, "Rhuen, god of the dark and Ahm god of the light what brings you here?"

Ahm answered her, "We have come to congratulate you on your progress in your mission to punish the humans, and we bring you a gift."

He un-attached a large jug from the robe on his waist and handed it down to Litmet who only stood nine feet in height. She took the jug with her clawed foot and poured its contents into her mouth and didn't stop until she had finished the entire jug in mere seconds. For her all the world started to go black as she felt dizzy and started to topple over. She tried to pick her self up several times but in the end she just kept getting more and more tired until she finally was no longer able to move or see, however she could still hear and smell.

Rhuen with as quizzical a look as his face could express asked Ahm, "Well she drank your sleeping potion, but are you sure this was entirely necessary?"

"Yes" answered Ahm, "The omnipotence had ordered her to destroy two cities for their evil and instead she goes on a rampage and slaughters village after village. She had to be stopped and you know as well I do that a fight would have resulted in more death."

"Then why did you ask me here if you were just going to trick her to drink that potion?" Rhuen asked while pointing to the jug at their feet.

"In case she caught on and tried to fight." replied Ahm.

Rhuen only growled a little and glared at Ahm while thinking one word "Coward".

"So how long will she be like this?" Rhuen asked while gesturing to the still form of Litmet.

"Until a mortal comes close to her." answered Ahm.

Rhuen gave him a funny look and asked, "So… she will be like this until that scorpion over there walks over here?"

"NO!" screamed Ahm while picking up Litmet's still body, holding her high above his head.

Rhuen watched the scorpion crawl by their feet and with a quizzical look he looked up at Ahm and Litmet over his head.

"Don't say anything." Said Ahm.

"What?" asked Rhuen who was clearly trying to hold in a laugh.

"Ahem" continued Ahm, "I prepared a cavern in the middle of the desert where no one shall find her; the cavern has a mystical aura about it that parts sand dunes and causes fear in any living mortal creature, as well as preventing immortals from entering. So nothing shall disturb her there and as a precaution I will place her in a second chamber deep in the cavern, which will separate her from the world behind two doors."

"Humans do not always obey their fear when they think treasure may be present." retorted Rhuen.

"I have that planed out as well" answered Ahm, "Even if a human travels out to where there is no water to drink or food to eat and still tries to break in the first chamber and somehow does I will make sure to place a tablet inside warning them of what lies with in along with a statue of Litmet as a reminder. Plus I will return regularly to place a tablet for every written language of man so any one who enters will have a warning."

With that Ahm held the sleeping yet aware Litmet to his chest and flew off to the west. Rhuen watched as he flew away with Litmet, and picked up the scorpion at his feet holding it in his palm while looking at Ahm in the distance.

"All I would have to do is throw this at them and she would wake back up." thought Rhuen as he put the scorpion back on the ground. He looked in the direction Ahm had flown with one final thought as he changed back into his quadruped form and ran off, "See you later Litmet."