In the city of Las Angelus high in a residential sky scrapper Litmet now resides in the penthouse. This penthouse is lavishly styled with purple, black and red decorative furniture. In the master bedroom of this oversized six room penthouse Rick stands next to the wall by the large four poster bed absorbing a current of electricity coming out of the wall socket. Litmet in her human form wearing a see through black lace robe is lying on the black satin sheets of the bed. She sits up looking over at what Rick is doing and asks, "Why don't you just drain a living creature? You would gain much more energy from a living thing than just standing there running up the electric bill." Rick smiles then walks over to a large decorative potted plant in the corner of the room. He places his right hand over the plant and a blue wave of energy like smoke rises from the plant into Rick's hand, withering the plant to a dead husk. Litmet stands up with a smile on her face, "Well lover," she says, "you certainly have unusual tastes." She walks over to Rick with a sway in her hips as she wraps her arms around him and begins to nibble softly on his right ear.

Just as she is pulling Rick back towards the bed the phone rings (or rather a small device connected to her flat screen television rings). With a groan she lets go of Rick and turns to face her flat screen television saying, "On". The image clicks on to show Count Fontaine sitting at a table with three Moroii women sitting on either side of him. "Are you in a public place transmitting this?" Litmet asks with a tone of anger in her voice. "No" responds Count Fontaine, "of course not, this is the back room to the Goth club I have decided to use as my main base of operations. On that note I am calling you to happily report we now have complete control of all the vampire bars, night clubs, and hideouts across all of Las Angelus." "Good" says Litmet, "However I thought that was all taken care of awhile ago." "Yes" says Count Fontaine a little nervously, "The Strigoii was in charge of all of them, but there was a lot to take care of. Such as hold out vampires, not to mention changing the way these Goth clubs are run. Most all of them were under investigation by the police for murders leading back to them. It wasn't easy convincing these vampires to change the way they run things around here so the clubs wouldn't be under such a close eye by the human authorities."

"But it is taken care of?" asked Litmet. "Yes" happily responds Count Fontaine, "The Nosferatu population is under control and the Moroii are under strict orders to keep their feeding locations well away from the bars. As such I would say the plan is well underway."

"Good" says Litmet as she shuts the flat screen television off with the phone attachment. "Controlling the vampires," thinks Rick, "now if only she would stop them from eating people period." His thoughts are cut short as Litmet gently pushes him on his back on the bed. She crawls over him with a look of pure lust in her eyes as she unbuttons his shirt. She gives a little smile and an "ah" with each button she undoes. With the final button undone she flips open his shirt and places her left hand on his chest. "You have been draining too little too slowly." She says, "Let's speed up your evolution a bit." All he can utter is, "Wha…" before a flow of purple, red, and blue energy flows from Litmet's body, down her arm, and into Rick's own body flowing out wards in waves from her hand. With each pulse of energy she convulses as though in the throws of an orgasm. As she stops and gets off of Rick and the bed Rick's eyes turn red as he begins to transform.

Rick can not speak as his body changes. His entire body becomes covered in a red crystal like structure pinning his arms and legs to his body. The crystal grows darker and expands out word taking on a pointed cocoon shape. A black insect exoskeleton like structure forms around the crystal rolling his body back and forth as it wraps completely around his body creating a platted pattern like the exoskeleton of a scorpion. When it finally hardens it looks to be pointed at his feet becoming fatter towards the top with a rib cage like structure around the torso area. His head is covered by a pointy headed hood like armor with two glass like slanted large red eyes. Over the mouth area is a flat surface with a division in the middle like some sideways opening mouth. This mouth like structure opens and begins spewing forth large amounts of white webbing which connects to the ceiling. The cocoon hoists it's self up to the head board where the mouth continues to shoot out a mist of webbing covering its self and anything nearby making the bed look like it is covered in centuries of cobwebs. Small plates on the shoulders, the top of the head, and the pointed foot base of the cocoon open up and shoot out strong strings of web anchoring it in place as the mouth continues to shoot out its film of webbing. When it is done little of the bed and the black cocoon are still visible save for the two red eyes.

"Let's test your defenses shall we?" Litmet says as she tosses a nearby coffee cup in front of the cocoon. The cup is instantly destroyed by two red beams which fired from the eyes of the cocoon. "Excellent" says Litmet, "Now we need only wait & the vampires shall have their king and with me as their supreme queen the vampires shall rule the Earth." She walks over and pats the still sticky surface of the cocoon saying, "You are the first of a new breed of Litkin my dear, who shall rule over all vampires." She turns to leave the room looking back anticipating when the day will come when her lover shall emerge from his cocoon to be the ruler of all vampires beneath them.