It seems like so long ago that it happened. I continue to replay the event over and over, finding something new that I hadn't noticed before. This was many years ago when I was still very young and uneasy about the idea of sleeping with my door open.

My parents had both sent me to bed and forgetfully closed the door shut, leaving me all alone in the dark. For a while nothing happened and it felt like I was going to make it through the first night with my door closed.

Sometime during the middle of the night, the closet door slowly slid open. I quickly glanced in its direction and felt my body begin to shake. A tall, ghastly figure had stepped out of the closet. Its large, white, pupil-less eyes gazed at the wall and for a moment I thought it was going for me.

Instead, the thing from the closet moved further out of the closet and exposed its entire form. It resembled a giant shadow that slouched just slightly as it stood. For an odd reason I found myself unable to put the covers over my head and watched with both fascination and dread as it walked out of my room and into the hallway.

Every step it took sounded like something was being pushed into the floor, creating loud creaks that made me shiver each time. The figure continued to walk straight down the hall before suddenly disappearing as if it'd never been there.

I could only stare. I couldn't think, or speak, or do anything else. All I could do was stare at the empty hall where the closet dweller had walked.