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A grey car pulled up in front of a Maryland hotel in the middle of a storm. Two people got out, one staying by the car as the other walked towards the door.
A few seconds later a knock echoed through the hotel.
A elderly lady hurried to answer it.
Eight year old Annie Monarch stood at the top of the large wooden staircase, watching to see who her new guest would be.
One may question why a girl as young as she owned a hotel. She had inherited ownership when her mom was killed in a car accident. Her father had died of cancer when she was very young. The older lady, Ms. Honeycutt, helped her to manage it until she was old enough to do so on her own.
The door opened and Annie leaned forwards, eager to get a glimpse of the person.
In the door way stood a man of about twenty with dirty blond hair. He was much taller then Annie, reaching well past six feet.
Annie listened as he spoke to Ms. Honeycutt about getting a room. He was told the hotel was empty and he could take any rooms he wanted.
The man smiled and called to his companion waiting with the car.
A red haired girl, perhaps eighteen, joined him in the entrance way.
Ms. Honeycutt led them up the staircase, passing Annie closely.
The girl smiled at her and Annie smiled back before ducking behind one of the doors.
It had not taken Annie long to discover the best way to fake innocence. No one would ever suspect a small, shy girl to be a violent killer.

Soon morning came and the storm slowed to a lifeless drizzle.
Annie thought she may have lost this one as the guest began talking about leaving, but it seemed luck was on her side.
The guest, Annie learned they were siblings named Amanda and Charlie, had been traveling to Virginia from New York for their grandfathers funeral when they had been caught in the storm. A tree had fallen due to the strong winds and was blocking the road they needed to take.
Annie made sure to place her self carefully so she would be able to speak to the travellers with put creating suspicion.
She eventually decided Amanda would be her target. She seemed more absentminded and would be easier to take by surprise than her brother.
As the day carried on, Annie continued to talk to Amanda.
She seemed nice. It was a pity she had to die.

That evening, Annie knew it was time. The tree would be cleared the next morning and Charlie and Amanda would be resuming their trip soon after.
Annie entered her room and stood in front of a picture. The picture showed a woman and a young girl, both with bright smiles.
Annie reached out and locked her fingers around the edge of the frame, pressing down.
There was a soft click and the painting swung out wards to reveal a small opening. Inside the enclosure was a dirty wooden box.
Annie kneeled in front of the box as slowly opened it.
Inside was a silver knife.

Annie walked down the hallway, knife in hand. The blade reflected the light of the lamps hanging on the walls.
Annie soon arrived at the door to Amanda's room. She pressed her ear against it, making sure the older girl was not too close.
Hearing nothing, Annie placed her hand on the door knob

Amanda looked into the mirror hanging over the dressed as she pulled her hair up into a messy bun.

Annie slowly twisted the brass door knob and opened the door, Amanda was standing in front of the mirror. Annie smiled. This was too perfect. Amanda's last sight would be Annie standing over her with a knife.

Out of the corner of her eye, Amanda saw movement in the mirror. She ignored it, figuring her eyes were just playing tricks on her.

Annie stepped into the room. She looked to where Amanda stood. It was time.

Amanda looked down at the map. They would have to drive about four hours in that direction and then...
Amanda looked up and held back a scream.
A small girl with curly brown hair stood behind her. In its hand was a knife.

Annie smiled as Amanda smiled. She didn't scream. They never do. They are always to proud. It was pathetic.

Annie held the knife to Amanda's neck.
She shook her hair out of her face and her smile grew as Amanda gasped in recognition. Annie made a small cut and the blood ran onto the knife. She pressed down harder. The blood splattered onto the mirror. It drizzled down the blade in a stream of red.
Annie thought it looked beautiful.
Amanda took one last shaky breath.

Blood filled the glass as shadows from candles danced across the walls. Annie sat behind the cup of blood from her latest victim.
A small wave of energy washed over the room. The flames from the candles flickered into nothing and a erie humming sound echoed from the darkness,
"Hello mommy." Annie whispered. "I've killed another. Can I talk to you now?"
A soft laugh. A whip of blonde hair. She was almost ready. Annie could feel it.
Only a few more kills and she would be able to see her mom again.

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