Driving on 75 freeway going north, with the radio up loud with Aerosmith's "Walk this way" filling the space inside of the car. "I can't believed you made us late again, Paul text me that they were already up there and are about to go out on the lake." Gary said.

"Your girlfriend makes us late everywhere we go, its like you have a turtle for a girl." Nate said.

"Are you going to let him talk about me like that?" Lisa ask. He did not reply, instead he just turned up the radio, and drove the car faster.A few hours later their car comes to a stop inside the parking lot next to the lake.

" Why did you have to park next to Paul's car?" Nate asked.

Lisa opened up the front door saying "come on, hurry up you two. Now who is moving slow?"

Gary was walking with his cellphone to his ear, " Second time I have called but I can't get Paul on his phone. "

"Don't worry about it, we will meet him on the lake in a little while, go help Nate with the boat."

With the three of them working together they quickly launch the boat. And once the motor is started, Gary takes the wheel and they are headed out on the lake.

"I can't wait until we catch up with Paul and them. They have more beer and we are almost out." Nate says loudly over the sound of the boat motor and wind.

"Drinking beer is all you ever think about, why Gary keeps you around I don't know?"

"Thats because he's my boy!" Nate says while trying to hi five Gary.

"Not now man, I am trying to get this GPS working so we can catch up with the others. I thought that old fishing boat over there was Paul."

"Man that old boat has probably been out here for years. But that's enough about history lets find Paul and the keg."

"I got faith in you baby, and I know you are going to get us there. Then I can change into my new bikini for you."

"Hey what about me? Don't you want me seeing you in your new bikini too." Asked Nate while smiling.

"Only in your dreams, thats my eye candy." Gary says, while reaching over and kissing Lisa.

Soon after they were at the center of the lake Gary shuts off the motor and Lisa lays out on the rear of the boat under the high sun rays. While both boys put their fishing poles in the lake each opening up another can of beer.

"Hey you two notice that we are the only ones on the water today? Where is Paul and the others?" Lisa asked.

"That just means its all ours today and we don't have to worry about no other noises chasing the fish away." Nate replies.

"What fish bro? I mean we been out here for awhile under this hot sun and nothing even touch my bait yet."

"You two worry too much I am going to dump all these cans in the water to make some more room in the boat." Nate said.

"You can't do that!" Lisa shouts.

"Just watch me, I told you this is our lake and we can do whatever we want to." Nate takes the cans and dumps them all overboard then jumps up and down doing a little dance.

"Stop bro, before you flip over the boat." Gary says.

Smiling from ear to ear Nate says "I already told you two, we can do what." He never finishes his sentence there is a big splash and Nate is gone. Just the two bloody stubs of his lower legs are left where he was standing. Gary jumps up and moves to the center of the boat, Lisa lays there in shock holding her legs closed to her chest, but not moving. They both just stare at the calm water surface where Nate went in at.

"Wha..what happen to Nate?" Lisa ask.

"I don't know, but we need to get back and get help." Gary walks to the front and starts the motor. Lisa is still just sitting in shock rocking back and forth. As the boat is turning around Lisa sees water sprouts on the surface following the boat. She tries to call out to Gary but no words come from her lips. She slowly stands up and walks backwards to Gary still staring out at the water.

"Gary something is in the water following us."


"I mean it look." Lisa says while pointing at the water behind the boat, but when Gary turns to look the surface is calm except for the waves generated by their boat.

"I know you are scared about Nate, but don't let your mind play tricks on you babe."

"No, I am serious there is something in the water." Just then something bumps against the boat.

"Did you feel that?" Gary ask.

"Yes I told you something is in the water it got Nate now it wants us too."

Gary says nothing in response but increases the speed of the motor in an effort to outrun whatever it was out there. Then there is a loud crash as the boat breaks up from underneath them causing them both to fall into the water. Lisa is the first to break the surface of the water calling out for Gary. After a few moments he comes up too.

"Swim Lisa, we have to make it to that old fishing boat!"

Both of them swim and with each stroke they watch out around them. Gary was the stronger swimmer of the two after spending time on the school's swim team. He makes it to the old fishing boat and pulls himself up.

"Lisa hurry." As she reaches the boat he reaches down and grabs her hand to help her up on the boat. As he pulls her by the waist onboard a large set of jaws break the surface of the water barely missing Lisa but leaving a large gnash mark on her ankle.

"What is that thing!"

"Gary I'm bleeding." Lisa moves her ankle up with two long gnashes where blood is pouring out. Gary takes his belt off and ties it around her leg just above the gnashes. Then he takes off his t-shirt and wraps it around her wound.

"Gary what do you think that thing is?"

"I don't know but we have to figure a way off this lake. This boat is bigger than ours so it probably can't sink it. I am going to go check to see if there is a radio on board. Our cell phones are dead after falling in the water."

"Don't leave me alone, help me up." He helps Lisa up and they make their way inside the boat all the while a set of eyes are watching them just under the surface of the water.

There are graphs and maps of the lake on side of the walls, and old lab equipment of some sort. Lisa looks around the cabin, as Gary checks on the radio.

"Its dead the radio does not work, but underneath the radio I found a flare gun. Maybe we can signal Paul or someone else on the lake will see it."

"Gary look at this I found a old lab journal. This was not a fishing boat, but some kind of military biological lab. There were working on a hybrid sea creature to use in combat. According to Dr. Phillips notes the creature had the ability to learn and adapt to its surroundings. It could even walk on land for short periods of time out of water."

"Well what went wrong?"

Lisa flips a few more pages "In her notes it said they increased its appetite in an effort to make it more aggressive, but that's when they lost control of it. It killed its handlers and some civilians on the lake. That's when they were told to terminated the program. That's the last entry." Lisa turns and looks up at him.

"The military pet alligator is loose that's great. Come on babe we need to use the flare and hope someone sees us." Gary helps Lisa back up as they make there way back down the hall they step in pools of water.

"Babe did we leave all this water down on the way in?" Before Lisa can answer a long set of claws reach down impaling Gary he immediately lets go of Lisa and the flare. Lisa turns around and sees the green eyes of the creature as its powerful claws pulled Gary into its waiting jaws. Lisa reaches down and grabs the flare before limping out to the deck.

With the sounds from the creature and Gary pleads behind her. She limps out onto the deck and fires the flare. Then jumps in the water swimming in the direction towards shore she hopes. Within a couple of minutes she hears the sound of a boat motor coming her way, someone had saw the flare. Tears ran down her face as just over the horizon she could see a boat coming. She pauses treading water and waving her hands over her tired body so that they can see her under the sun. The sun disappears and Lisa finds herself under the cover of a thick shadow blocking the sun rays with heavy breathing coming down against the bare back of her neck. She turns around and sees the dark creature greeting her to sweet oblivion.

A few minutes later Paul arrives in his boat and Tammy points to the old fishing boat. They both assume the flare came from there and turn the boat in that direction with the eyes of the lake watching them.