The Prince Aden's royal harem was made up of several peasant women his father had chosen from the kingdom. Very young women, mostly voluptuous with skinny waists, wide hips and perfect doll-smooth faces. Since he was fourteen the harem had been given to him, and yet all he ever asked of them were menial tasks such as gardening and cooking. In his early teen years it had bothered the King and Queen how he took no interest in the lacy, short-skirted shoulder-baring uniforms that were chosen for the harem girls and he had no clue why. In fact, he didn't even know what the harem was supposed to be for at the time.

Now a sixteen year old rich boy brat, he knew their purpose wasn't interested in using them. There was only one in his sights. Only one, who his mind trailed off thinking about. A silken black ponytail and deep green eyes popped into his head, upon an angular face and square jaw. With them a thick, stubbly neck and a dark blue suit with illuminating gold thread. The Duke's son, his cousin Daniel. When he thought of Daniel, lied in his bed as he was, his mind instantly went to the wrong yet so very right places. Still thinking that in a few days the Duke, Duchess and Daniel would be coming to visit, he knew he couldn't just lie down about it and made his way to the bathroom in his suite room to calm down the hormones which put him between a rock and a hard place.

He couldn't help letting his imagination run wild as he released the tension in the bathroom. Parts of Daniel's body he'd never seen were quickly imaged in his closed eyes. What he saw was what he would like. Large pectorals and abdominals with a layer of chest and stomach hair, muscular arms and broad shoulders flashed in his mind. For reasons unknown he decided against telling his parents he was more interested in the Duke's son than the collection of peasant women they'd assembled specifically for the purpose of pleasure. With Daniel's image in his head it didn't take him long to let go. He flushed the toilet, washed his hands and walked back into his bedroom with a sudden anticipation for not just seeing but speaking with and getting to know Daniel. Never had he been only interested in the man's body but also in his mysterious aura which shouted 'talk to me' to someone like Aden.

"Your Uncle Harvey, Aunt Claire and cousin Daniel will be coming to visit next week," his mother Queen Anneliese had told him in the morning. "Daniel will be staying in your room with you. I hope you will give them all a warm welcome."

When remembering the conversation, he felt as though things may be awkward when Daniel arrived. How he would have to take so many bathroom breaks once sharing a room with Daniel that it may be obvious exactly what was going on in his head. Although he knew he couldn't hide his interest in Daniel, he swore to himself he would try to completely ignore his attractions to the other boy until he was nowhere in sight.

Little did he know that ignoring attraction wasn't as easy as it sounded.