When the prisoners awoke the next morning, it wasn't to the sound of others speaking. They heard footsteps.

Daniel, who was between Max and Brian, opened his eyes. "What...?" he said.

"It's a bit early for patrol," said Brian. He sat up. "Wait, that's..."

Max quickly followed and looked out of the bars. "What's the king doing here?"

Instantly, Daniel stood on his knees to see. "My uncle's here? Why?"

He saw Jargon walk in his royal purple robe forward and toward the gate, and immediately behind him was...

"Aden!" shouted Daniel.

"Your family?" asked Brian.

Aden followed Jargon closely. When Jargon unlocked the door, Aden ran in and towards Daniel. He fell to his knees and tightly hugged him.

The prisoners' eyes were still on King Jargon as he left the dungeon entirely.

"Daniel! I'm so glad you're still OK," said Aden. "I'm sorry they thought that."

Daniel took a deep breath and returned Aden's hug. "Yeah, I'm OK," he whispered.

"My dad... the King, I told him about us." Aden smiled. "He said we could escape together. Let's get out of this prison and out of this kingdom: just you and me."

Daniel looked around at the other prisoners.

"What is it? You're shaking," Aden said.

"...If your dad said we can escape, then," said Daniel. "I want to take them with us."


"They've really been good friends. They took care of me while I was down here, and they comforted me whenever I'm upset," said Daniel. "It's the family, after all. We have each other's backs and we all love each other. Even though I've been here a few days, I think I get it..."

"Daniel." Brian stood up. "Are you sure you want us all to come with you? Max burned down a school. I killed a family. Dodgy stole every last penny his city mayor had. We're criminals."

Aden looked up in shock at Brian. "Killed...?"

"But you were all driven to that point," Daniel said. "Aden, let's all run away. Me, you, Max, Brian, Dodgy, Pete, Stan... Everyone."

"What do we do when we get out of the kingdom?" asked Aden.

Looking around, Daniel then turned back to Aden and smiled. He held his hand out. "Aden... Let's leave this place, bring everyone with us, and make a kingdom of our own. Let's ban hurting people for who they love." He looked at Brian. "Let's ban slavery." He looked at Max. "Let's ban bullying." He looked at Dodgy. "Let's feed the poor. And... let's ban people abusing their power to hurt others. I want to have a kingdom of our own, and we will be the Kings because you will be my husband."

Aden's eyes widened. Instead of taking Daniel's hand, he threw himself down and wrapped his arms around Daniel. "Yeah. It sounds good."

He stood back up and reached his hand down to Daniel. "Oh, that might be..."

Standing, Brian scooped Daniel into his arms. "Sorry, kid. Your fiancé can't walk," he said.

"What?" Aden said. "Why..."

"We'll talk about it when we get out of this kingdom, but for now... Let's run."

Together, Aden, Daniel, Brian and all the other prisoners walked out of the door, up the stairs and out of the dungeon. They began to walk together towards the door.

In the throne room, a guard instantly arrived. "Sir!" he said. "There's an escape from the dungeon!"

Jargon smiled. "I have authorised this escape."

"Oh." He immediately turned around and shouting down the hall. "Everybody stand down!"

The guards got out of the way for the prince and the prisoners, who walked out of the door and started walking into the sun on the horizon. They were leaving for a new kingdom.