It had only been about a few months or so since Finn G. de la Chievre, along with Elliot van Kohler, became two of Charon's Kpop industry's first non-Korean/non-other Asian idols. The years of training were long and rigorous, but in the end, it all paid off and they were placed into a threesome co-ed group with Haneul Hwang and Seung-Hyo Choi. Together, they were known as 'ELECTRIC CHAOS', simply because their songs and dance moves were electrifying and filled with bursts of chaotic energy. They had a bit of a rough start at first, but now were one of the rising groups in the industry.

And of course, with rising fame comes the influx of crazy fangirls. Finn thought his life was already chaotic before, but he didn't expect it to become even more so upon joining the Kpop industry. Apparently, his bad boy persona somehow became rather popular with the female fanbase. He'd thought Helena Illie of his high school days was the most annoying person in the world, until he met his fangirls. During fanmeetings, he would receive letters of confessions and love chocolate from them. Their incessant squealings of "Finn oppa, notice me!" were especially grating on his nerves. Not only that, but he had to endure being stalked by what Haneul called "sasaeng fans", too.

Elliot, Seung, and Haneul enjoyed their share of the popularity as well, although Haneul was apparently the least liked member of the group since certain fans considered her a thorn. How so? Well, it was mostly out of pure jealousy. Yet Haneul didn't let what they say get to her.

As of currently, Finn, Haneul, Seung, and Elliot were casually idling their time in a lounge, huddling around Elliot's laptop and going through all of what their fans had to say about them on their group's online fan cafe. Upon seeing the many claims about how he and Elliot were secretly gay for each other because of the way they "looked, smiled, or interacted with each other", Finn felt the urge to flip a table. Now having been a prior Kpop fan, he was familiar with how crazy the fangirls can get since Haneul would often rant to him about them. But he didn't expect to be involved in their shipping wars until now.

"Me and Elliot, in fucking love with each other?! This is bullshit! Hey old man, can you believe what these fans are saying about us? And my hair is not fucking pink, it's light red! These people are blind."

"Let them believe what they want," replied Elliot calmly. "In the end, you and I both know it's not true."

"But you two do often act like an old married couple!" Haneul giggled, sitting on the edge of the couch and danging her legs over the side.

"Haneul, we fucking do not!"

"Heeeehhhh..." the tawny-haired Korean gave him a sly look.

Finn growled as he shot her an annoyed look. "What's that 'heehh' supposed to mean? Don't tell me you fucking 'ship' me and this old geezer, too!"

"Well no, but I know how these fangirls' minds work. I was once one of them, remember?"

"But at least you were SANE!"


Haneul didn't say anything after that. Instead, she merely smiled in a rather eerie manner. Suspicious and somewhat creeped out, Finn narrowed his gold-colored eyes at her. "Haneul, why are you being quiet all of a sudden? Is there something you're not telling me? You weren't like them, were you?"

Leaping off the edge of the couch, Haneul turned to face her group members. "So I'm gonna make a quick run to the bathroom and then get a snack to eat. Do any of you guys want anything?"


"Potato chips!" Seung shouted, raising his hand enthusiastically.

"Don't fucking interrupt me when I'm trying to talk, you idiot!"

"Just get me a bottle of water," said Elliot.

"Okay, I'll be right back!"

Turning on her heels, Haneul flounced off, leaving the three boys to themselves.


Unfortunately, Finn would probably never find out the mystery behind his best friend's sudden quietness.