Late for the 1st day

Sullivan residence

The clock kept ringing inside Mannah's room. Anna, the house keeper, pressed the snooze button and gently tapped Mannah.

"Ms. Mannah, it's time to get up for school. You surely don't want to be late on your first day, do you?"

Mannah turned around and opened an eye to look at the clock. It's already 6:30 am.

"Oh my! I'm gonna be late for school!"

She quickly jumped out of her bed, took her clothes from the closet and took a quick shower. After some time, she hurriedly went down the kitchen, sipped her coffee and walked going to her school.

Grace University

Mannah was racing for the door when Ms. Schue, their homeroom adviser, came in just time.

"Late for your first day of school, Ms. Sullivan?" Ms Schue smiled

"Almost. Sorry, Ms. Schue. I was not aware of the time." she replied and smiled apologetically.

"It's okay. But you have to bear in mind that the school does not tolerate excessive tardiness. Am I clear?"

"Yes, Ms. Schue"

The teacher just nodded. Mannah went straight and sat beside Abby, who turned to look at her best friend, shook her head and smiled.

"What happened to you? I thought you said you'd be early."

Mannah just sighed.

"Yeah, I know. I was not aware of the time."

The rest of the class were already in a topsy turvy. Books scattered everywhere, seats were disarranged. The teacher interrupted their conversation.

"Okay, class, listen up. On your second year, you'll be required to go to France as part of your school activities. You;ll be studying there for a span of 2 months to learn more about their culture.

Abby raised a hand.

"yes, Ms. Salvador..?"

"Ms. Schue, does it mean all of us?"

"Only the sophomore students will go, BUT those who have failing grades are not qualified to join so you have to do better in your studies."

Abby and Mannah looked at each other and nodded. It has been their dream to go to France and explore, not just for the sake of fun but also to learn about its culture. As soon as the announcement was made, Ms. Schue dismissed the class and the students proceeded to their next classroom for French 101.

French 101 (Room 201)

The students were again in their worst behavior while the teacher was not around while Mannah and Abby were busy writing their plans down in their notebooks. A boy suddenly entered the room and sat beside Mannah. He was wearing a white polo and brown vest with denim pants and black leather shoes.

"Excuse me, is this French 101 class?"


"Great. I thought I am already lost. Anyways, may I know your names? By the way, I'm Mark, Mark Henderson."

Mannah and Abby looked at each other first, then Mannah introduced herself.

"I'm Mannah Alexis Sullivan"

"Wow..nice name you've got"

"I'm Abby Salvador"

"Wow, you girls have beautiful names"


Another guy went inside the classroom. He has blonde hair, wears white polo and red vest, white slacks and black leather shoes.

"Hey, Abby."

"Uhm, hey?"

Mannah just snickered at Abby's response to the guy's greeting

"Hun, why do you just greet me like that? That is so embarassing"

"Hun?" Mark and Mannah said in disbelief

"Yeah, he's my boyfie. that's why. By the way, this is Enjie"

"Hey..stop calling me that. it's so embarassing."

"But why? Enjie is such a nice name or a pet name rather." Abby reasons out

"Yeah, so can I call you Enjie?" Mark and Mannah asked in unison

"ugh..fine! do I even have a choice?"

"Okay, so it's Enjie then"

The professor now enters the classroom and the class goes silent.

"Okay, .. I'll just be orienting you on the rules and regulations here in my class. First of all, I don't want anyone talking while I am giving lectures, number two rule, no playing and no bringing out of gadgets, number 3 -doing assignments in other subjects is not allowed and so on. I want respect from each and everyone of you."

Mannah raised a hand..

"Yes, Ms. Sullivan?"

"Sir, you haven't introduced yourself yet"

"Oh right, sorry... I'm Mr. Jondrette and I'll be your professor for French 101. We'll be together for the first semester. "


"We'll now go on with the requirements. I want you to bring along with you a journal. I'll also be assigning a project for you to work on and it's by group."

Mark raised his hand


"Yes, Mr. Henderson?'

"May we choose our own groupmates?"

"Certainly, you may"

Mark looked at his new found friends and smiled

"Shall we be groupmates?"

"Sure, why not?" Mannah smiled

"Of course, we want to be groupmates with each other"

"Me too"

"Thanks guys, especilaly you, Enjie"

Mr. Jondrette interrupted the students' conversation

"Oh by the way, I believe Ms. Schue announced to you regarding your sophomore year requirements? You'll be required to go to France. Am I right?"


"Okay...two professors will be going with you as your escort"


"That I won't tell"


"Anyways, that's all for now. See you guys next week and don't forget your first assignment"

"Bye sir..."

"Goodbye and take care."

Mark, Mannah, Abby and Enjie proceeded to the cafeteria to have their lunch. They are having a good time chatting with each other while buying food.

"So guys, what will you be doing after class?" -Mark

"Probably buy a notebook that I will keep as my journal." - Mannah

"You are so in a hurry, Mannah. that's for next week.." - Enjie

"I can't just procrastinate.I want to do things right away so that I won't be having any problem"

"Mannah is right, hun.. you have to prioritize important things." - Abby

"I so admire that trait of yours, Mannah..I like girls who know how to prioritize"- Mark

"Thanks, Mark.. and by the way, just call me Max... short for Mannah Alexis"

"Okay then.. Max" -Enjie

"There...that's better"

After having finished their meals, Mark, Mannah, Abby and Enjie left for their respective homes.