Chapter 53: One More Day/Intense Rehearsal

Mannah's P.O.V

The loud ringing of my alarm clock woke me up at 5 am. I got up and out of my bed then marched towards the kitchen. Jules and Margaux were already having their breakfast, with mom. They cheerfully greeted me as I sit down.

"Good morning there, sweetie. I hope you were able to sleep well." My mom said, smiling at me

"Good morning too, mom, and yeah, I was able to get enough sleep" I said, smiling back at mom

"Oh by the way, Max.. we will be having an early dismissal later just to give way for our rehearsal in performing for Ms. Schue's wedding." Margaux reminded me

"Yeah, I know about that one. We'll leave school at 3 pm." I said, smiling at Margaux this time

"Great. I'll pick you up guys at that time then we'll go to Taylor's place to have our rehearsal" Jules said, smiling at us while taking his food.

"I guess we better hurry up. We don't want to be late for our class, do we?" I said

"Oh, right.. we better do. Our class would start at 7:30 am for today." Margaux said, quickly chewing on her food

After having our breakfast, we headed to our rooms to take a quick shower, then dressed up. I picked the blue floral dress from my closet and threw on it, matching it with my doll shoes. As I step out of my room, I saw Margaux dressed in a floral dress as well, but hers was red, matched with a red doll shoes.

"Wow.. you do look great in that blue floral dress, Max.." Margaux said

"Oh.. thanks, you look pretty in your red floral dress too" I said, complimenting on Margaux's dress

"Thanks, Max…" Margaux said, smiling at me

We were interrupted by my brother who was clearing his throat

"Girls, let's go now.. you don't wanna be late for class, do you?" Jules said, grinning at both of us

"Alright.. come on now, Max, let's go" Margaux said, heading towards the door

"Yeah, let's go.." I said, nodding then following Margaux's suit

Jules quickly drove us to our school, then headed to his office for work.

"I'll pick you up later, girls, 3 pm sharp." Jules called out before driving away

"Yeah sure. See you later, brother." I called back

"See you, love.." Margaux called back too, waving at Jules

We then headed inside the campus and proceeded to our classrooms. Enjie , Mark and James were already there, waiting for us.

"Hey there, girls.. you're early" Enjie cheerfully greeted

"Of course, we late being late as well for class" I said, grinning at Enjie

"That's the attitude I like" Enjie said, grinning back at me

Margaux looked around as if she's looking for someone.

"Someone's missing.. where's Abby?" Margaux asked

"Aww, she informed me she'll be a bit late. Something came up in their house." Enjie said, shrugging

"Ohh. I hope everything would go well" I said, sighing a bit

"Yeah, just hope for the best. For the meantime, shall we now take our seats while waiting for our first subject teacher?"

"Sure.. which is our next subject first?" Margaux asked

"Hmm.. let me check" Enjie said, checking his timetable

"Our first subject is French 101, so Mr. Jondrette will be our first teacher for this day" Mark said, pointing at his timetable

"Right.. let's settle down then now, shall we?" Enjie suggested

"Right on.." we replied, then taking our seats

Mr. Jondrette came in our classroom just in time with his usually cheerful attitude.

"Oh bonjour there, mon etudiants" Mr. Jondrette greeted

"Bonjour, Monsieur Jondrette" we replied

"How's it going with your assignment?" Mr. Jondrette asked

"Good, Monsieur Jondrette" we replied again

"Bonne. I presume I could collect them now..?" Mr. Jondrette said, smiling at us once more

We nodded then passed on our work to Mr. Jondrette, who just nodded then went to his table

"Oh by the way, students.. I'll be dismissing your class 15 mins earlier." Mr. Jondrette announced

"Okay then.." we said

"I'm sure you're aware of Ms. Schue's special day right? This is to give way to her class and your rehearsal as well" Mr. Jondrette said

"Oui, we are aware. Merci, Monsieur Jondrette" Enjie said, nodding

"De rien, Mr. Lautner" Mr. Jondrette said, smiling at Enjie

Mr. Jondrette began his class discussion by starting a new lesson/French vocabulary. We noted down what we needed to learn by heart. He ended the class by giving a short quiz to us. Surprisingly, we just found the quiz very easy for us. We submitted our paper to Mr. Jondrette and left the classroom for our next class.

"Can't wait for our rehearsal, guys.." James excitedly said

"I know , right? But we have to focus on our class first. Rehearsals can wait" Enjie said, in his usual get-your-head-in-the-lesson mode

"Yeah.. rehearsal can wait. But, where's Abby..?" I said, looking around

"Still fixing something in their house. I wonder how long it's gonna take" Enjie said, sighing heavily and shrugging his shoulder

Mark shook his head then patted Enjie on the shoulder

"Relax, Enj.. everything will be fine. Have faith, like what you would always say" Mark said, smiling at Enjie

"Mark is right, Enjie.. Everything will be fine. Just relax… patience is a virtue, right?" James said, grinning at Enjie

Enjie grinned a little then looked at Mark and James

"Thanks, guys. I don't know what to do without you." Enjie said

"No worries, Enj.. we're always here for you. What are friends for, right?" I said, grinning at Enjie as well

"Merci, Max… you're the best girl pal I've ever had" Enjie said, grinning back at me

"And you're the best guy pal I met as well" I replied

We arrived at our next classroom. Ms. Schue was already there, in her white floral dress… She blooms almost every day – properly dressed, her hair neatly pulled back in a ponytail and her face glows.

"Good morning, my students.." Ms. Schue cheerfully greeted

"Good morning, Ms. Schue" the students greeted back

"What has gotten you on a such a cherry note, Ms. Schue?" Enjie teased

"Oh you know that very well, Mr. Lautner." Ms. Schue said, blushing a bit

"Tomorrow is her big day… Enj..come on! And she's excited for it" Margaux said, nudging Enjie

"I know , right? I was just teasing Ms. Schue" Enjie said in his defense

"Okay guys, that's enough. I am looking forward to your performance tomorrow." Ms. Schue said, still smiling

"No worries, Ms. Schue, we'll give this performance our best shot" James said, smiling at Ms. Schue

"Thanks.. oh by the way, where's Abby?" Ms. Schue asked

"She's gonna be late. But we do hope that she'll turn up for class, though. She's already marked absent earlier in Mr. Jondrette's class." Enjie said

"I hope so too… " Ms. Schue said

Just as we were about to start the class discussion, we saw Abby rushing up to the classroom and catching her breath. She knocked on the classroom door. Ms. Schue looked up from her book then outside, smiling a bit

"My apologies for being late, Ms. Schue..something just came up." Abby said

"It's alright.. please do enter" Ms. Schue said, nodding at Abby

Abby nodded as well then proceeded to take her seat beside Enjie.

"Is everything fine now?" Enjie worriedly asked, looking at Abby

"Yeah…I'm really sorry for being late. I didn't mean to be absent as well in Mr. Jondrette's class" Abby said, sighing

"What exactly happened..? I was worried sick" Enjie said, still looking at Abby

"Jake had an upset stomach and is feverish right now. We have to bring him to the hospital for checkup just to find out what's wrong." Abby said, looking worried

"Oh dear… did he just eat something yesterday that affected his stomach?" Enjie asked

"I think he brought home a noodle, but I'm not sure if that was the cause of his upset stomach. I just hope it's not food poisoning" Abby said, sighing heavily

"I seriously hope not" Enjie said

Ms. Schue began her class discussion. And she reminded us of our written report. Good thing was that we finished it before we had our rehearsal/choreo which was taught by Taylor.

"Before I forget, kindly please turn in your written report." Ms. Schue said

I , Enjie, and the rest looked at the students at our back, expecting them to have finished their report and submit it to us since we're in charge of collecting each of our row members' work. Luckily, they cooperated and turned in their work as expected. We handed our work over to Ms. Schue.

"Thanks guys.." Ms. Schue said, smiling as she gets our completed report

Ms. Schue resumed her class discussion after getting our report. She discussed something about doing a film/movie review this time . I and the rest noted down everything as well about how it's like to write a film review about a certain movie you just watched.

"For your assignment, I want you to watch a film.. it doesn't have to be a new movie, alright? It maybe an old movie like the ones you have at your home, and write something about it." Ms. Schue said

"Any movie..?" one of the students said

"let me make it clear… any movie, as long as it's a decent one." Ms. Schue said

I smiled to myself.. I know what movies these students are thinking of watching. I just hope they really do watch decent ones.

As soon as Ms. Schue was done giving the assignment, she dismissed the class earlier than the expected dismissal time.

"Ms. Schue, we would just like to know what the motif would be for your wedding. We also plan on helping around with setting up like decorating the venue" Margaux said

"Ohhh.. you don't really have to bother with that, guys… but if that's what you wanted to do, then I'll let you. But be sure to rehearse as well, alright?" Ms. Schue said

"Yeah sure.. no worries, we won't forget to rehearse for our performance" Enjie said , nodding and smiling

"Thanks … anyways the motif is Red and Black. And, do you guys already have a song in mind..? so that I would know what to tell those people to play" Ms. Schue said, the smile still on her face

"Actually, we thought of 'We Found Love' by Rihanna at first.. but changed it to 'Marry You' by Bruno Mars, which was suggested by James" Mark said, smiling at Ms. Schue

"Oh.. that's a good choice of song actually. Well, then that's it. Be sure you have already rehearsed for it" Ms. Schue said

"Of course.. actually, we're planning on rehearsing the whole afternoon." Margaux said, smiling

"That's great to hear.. Break a leg tomorrow and God bless" Ms. Schue said

With that, Ms. Schue left the classroom, leaving the five of us talking among ourselves

"What's with you, Enjie? You've been smiling all to yourself." I said, teasing Enjie

"I can't help but think of the motif Ms. Schue just told us." Enjie said, still grinning

"Red and Black..? sounds like a Revolution more than a wedding" James said

"Exactly what I was thinking of" Enjie said

"Don't tell me you'd be building a barricade right there in the reception?" Abby said, hissing at Enjie

"Of course, I won't… I can't spoil Ms. Schue's big day" Enjie said

"Good…" Abby said, nodding

Liezel caught up with us as we plan on how we would rehearse and help with setting up at the venue

"Sorry guys, I'm very late. I didn't mean to" Liezel said, catching her breath

"Oh Liz.. how have you been?" I asked

"I'm all better now, thanks…" Liezel said

"Still feverish…?" Enjie asked

"Not anymore…." Liezel said, shaking her head and smiling

"Well, that's great to hear.. but don't force or pressure yourself too much, alright? We don't want you to have a relapse" Mark said

"Thanks… I'm sure I'm all better now" Liezel said, smiling at Mark

"Well, if you say so.. " Margaux said

Margaux got her phone out of her bag and called up.

(Phone conversation)

"Hey, sweetie.. what's up? I'm already free from work. I could join you in rehearsal" Jules said

"Wow, so early.. well, we're free from our class too. We ended the class early as well. " Margaux said

"I'll pick you up at 1 pm then? Have you guys eaten lunch already?" Jules said

"Oh, not yet.. planning to eat right now , actually..perhaps somewhere" Margaux said

"Alright, just text me where to pick you up." Jules said

"Alright then… bye. we'll see you later" Margaux said

"Bye… Love you" Jules said

"Je t'aime.." Margaux replied

(end of phone conversation)

As Margaux put her cellphone in her bag, she grinned to herself.. I looked at my friends, shook my head then looked back at Margaux

"Someone here is on a bright mood." I said

"Yeah.. obviously in a bright mood" Enjie said, nodding and smiling at Margaux

"Oh come on, you guys… enough with the teasing. Seriously, aren't you guys in love as well?" Margaux said, smirking at us

"We know , right? " we replied

"Oh, cut it out.. let's just eat somewhere.. I'm starving" Abby said

"Might as well.. I'm getting hungry too" Enjie said, clutching his stomach

"We guys better hurry up. Jules is gonna pick us up at 1 pm sharp." Margaux said

"I thought he'll be coming here by 3 pm?" Mark said, arching an eyebrow

"Yeah but his boss set him free from work .. just for now." Margaux said

"Ohh. Alright. I guess it's still way too early. Can we just plan first on the parts we'll be singing right after having our lunch?" Liezel said

"Great idea, Liz.. I like that " Enjie said

"let's eat now.. come on. Perhaps at the cafeteria" Abby said

We headed to the cafeteria where we would usually have our lunch together and ate quickly as we could.

"So, how are we gonna perform the song?" James said, while taking his food

"The usual thing that I taught you guys. We just have to arrange the parts like who gets to sing at the first stanza" Enjie said

"I think for the first part, the first ones to sing will be Enjie, Abby, Mark and Max.. if I'm not mistaken" Liezel said, taking her food as well

"Ohh.. right.. and for the lines 'Don't say no no no no no..' in the first part, the boys will be the one to sing it first, followed by the girls" Enjie said

"And for the second stanza.? Who will be the ones singing those lines?" Mark said

"It will be the girls this time" James said

"Alright. Let's just try it later on when we get to Taylor's place. I hope you didn't forget the choreography that Taylor taught us, guys" Margaux said

"We won't.. don't worry about that" Mark said, grinning at Margaux as he takes his food

"Alright.." Enjie said

Margaux looked at her watch, realizing it's 12:45 pm. She received a phone call from Jules.

(Phone conversation)

"Hey. Are you guys done already? I'm on my way to your school" Jules said

"Yeah.. but you're not supposed to make a phone call while driving, right? It's dangerous" Margaux said

"Oh, yeah.. " Jules said

"And neither are you supposed to text.. you might get into an accident" Margaux said

"Aww.. my girlfriend is getting worried about me?" Jules said

"I'm serious, Jules.. we'll just talk when we meet , alright? I don't want you to be involved in a car accident" Margaux said

"Alright.. I'll see you and talk to you later." Jules said, ending the call and hanging up his phone

Margaux slid her cellphone back in the bag.

"Is brother coming already?" I asked, arching an eyebrow

"Yeah. He's on his way already. We better get ready and wait at the lobby" Margaux said

"Might as well" Abby said, getting up from her seat

Every one of us got up from our seats as well and left the cafeteria, and headed for the lobby where we will wait for my brother. Exactly just when we were at the lobby, my brother's car was already there. Jules got out of the car and opened the other car doors for us to get in. The girls were in my brother's car, while the boys were in Enjie's.

Enjie got his cellphone out of the bag and dialled his cousin's number.

(phone conversation)

"Hello..?" Taylor's voice came from the other line

"Hey man, it's me, Enjie.. " Enjie said

"Oh hey… what's up?" Taylor said, preparing the studio for rehearsal while on the phone

"Just called you up to tell you that we're on our way. Is everything prepared already?" Enjie said, fixing the sleeves of his round neck shirt

"yeah.. almost done. You guys had your lunch already?" Taylor said , still preparing the studio and cleaning up

"Yes.. we already did" Enjie said

"Alright.. so ,you'll be proceeding to your rehearsals right away once you arrived here." Taylor said

"Indeed" Enjie said, still fixing his shirt

"Okay then.. I'll wait for you guys. I hope you still remember the choreo I taught you cause you'll really be needing to memorize the steps. Wouldn't want to mess up your teacher's big day, would you?" Taylor teasingly said

"Of course not.." Enjie said

"Alright.. see you later then, goodbye" Taylor said

"Alright, goodbye" Enjie said, sighing a bit

(end of conversation)

At last, we have arrived at Taylor's place.. we got out of the car and rang the doorbell. Taylor rushed out to open the gate for us.

"Hey you guys. So early.." Taylor said, grinning as he opens the gate

"Yeah.. so that we would finish early too" Enjie said, grinning back

"Right on.. the studio is ready for you to rehearse at.. guys, be ready with the choreo. You really need to perform that well" Taylor said

"Of course, no worries about that. We won't mess up" Mark said, smiling at Taylor

It only took a second for us to get ourselves ready. We refreshed the choreography of the song and reviewed the parts of the song like who's gonna sing the first stanza and the second.

Marry You by Bruno Mars

It's a beautiful night ,
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I want to marry you

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it these dancing shoes?
Who cares baby
I think I wanna marry you

Well I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can go
No one will know
Oh come on girl

Who cares if we're trashed got a pocket full of cash we can blow
Shots of patron
And it's on girl

Don't say no, no, no, no-no
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah
And we'll go, go, go, go-go
If you're ready, like I'm ready

Cause it's a beautiful night
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it these dancing shoes?
Who cares baby
I think I wanna marry you

I'll go get a ring let the choir bells sing like oooh
So whatcha wanna do?
Let's just run girl

If we wake up and you wanna break up that's cool
No, I won't blame you
It was fun girl

Don't say no, no, no, no-no
Just say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah
And we'll go, go, go, go-go
If you're ready, like I'm ready

Cause it's a beautiful night,
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you.

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it this dancing shoes?
Who cares baby,
I think I wanna marry you.

Just say I do,
Tell me right now baby,
Tell me right now baby, baby
Just say I do
Tell me right now baby,
Tell me right now baby, baby

Oh it's a beautiful night
We're looking for something dumb to do
Hey baby
I think I wanna marry you

Is it the look in your eyes?
Or is it this dancing shoes?
Who cares baby
I think I wanna marry you

Taylor taught us the choreo for the second part or stanza of the song until the end. Some of us were at a lost since it involves quite a lot of steps, especially the twist and turns.

"Okay, I noticed that some of you are getting lost with these steps.. so, what I'll do is that I'm gonna teach you by pairs , alright? I'll start first with Enjie and Abby, then Mark and Mannah, followed by Jules and Margaux…"

We just nodded as Taylor start to teach us. He started with Enjie and Abby first

"Okay, Enjie… at the lines I'll go get a ring , let a choir bell sing.. you will have to spin Abby around twice and carry her then you'll go to the center. Let me see you two do that" Taylor said

Enjie and Abby did as they were told. Taylor nodded then walked up to us.

"Mark , you do the same with Mannah, as well as Jules and Margaux At the lines If we wake up and you wanna break up…' spin her around twice, then carry her and so on.."

Mark and I and Jules and Margaux just followed the choreo as we were told. Taylor nodded and smiled

"That's it! You did it perfectly well.. at the lines Don't say no no no no no.. boys will spin once then take one step.

Enjie, Mark, and Jules did as they were told and walked towards the center

"Good.. now girls do the same at the lines 'Just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah' . Spin around, then take one step."

We practiced the choreo and repeated the song until we had a perfect performance.

"Okay guys.. give yourself a pat on the back.. we're done for now. I hope we'd all be prepared for tomorrow's performance tomorrow." Taylor said

"Yeah , we surely will" Abby said

"Don't forget to practice at home too, alright?" Taylor said, reminding us

"Yeah.. anyways, the wedding starts at 3 pm so we'll have more time to practice in the morning" Mark said

"That's good. As for the ladies, don't fret. You'd still have time to fix and beautify yourselves for the event." Taylor said, nodding and smiling at Mark

"Yeah.." I said

"Okay.." Taylor said

"Wait guys… before we leave.. shall we plan on what song we will be performing next for our Glee class" Mark said

"I'm thinking of another group song, actually. But if it's a solo one… I'll probably choose 'Team' by Lorde" Margaux said

"What group song would you want us to perform?" Enjie asked

"Keep Holding On .. Glee version though" Abby said

"Ohh.. that's a nice song, actually.. well, if Ms. Maxwell grants it, then we will perform that" Enjie said

"I hope so.. I find the song very touching" I said

"Me too" Liezel said

"Well, let's have it planned by next week, as well as the song for your solo performance. I bet Ms. Maxwell will let us choose again the song we will be performing. I said

"Yeah, I bet on that too" Margaux said

"For the meantime , shall we practice the song again, without the choreo first. Just to familiarize ourselves with the parts we are assigned to sing." Jules said

"Yeah sure. But by tomorrow, we should already have it polished so that we won't mess up" Liezel suggested

"But of course we will. We won't let Ms. Schue down." Abby said

We practiced the song again without choreo for the last time today before we go home. The usual, the boys, except for Taylor, will ride in Enjie's car and the girls, except for Liezel, will ride at my brother's.

(Enjie's car)

"Guys.. tomorrow, we will have to memorize the songs and completely familiarize ourselves with the assigned parts we'll be singing. Am I clear on that?" Enjie said

"Yeah sure, Mr. Revolutionary Leader Enjie" Mark said

Enjie just rolled his eyes.

"Be serious, Mark Pontmercy Henderson" Enjie said, while focusing on his driving

"Okay okay.."

"And familiarize yourselves with the choreo as well. We don't want to disappoint Taylor.. do we?" Enjie said

"No big deal with that, Enjie." James said

"Good" Enjie said

(My brother's car)

"Girls.. memorize your parts, as well as the choreo.." Jules said

"Of course we will.. right, girls?" Margaux said

"Right. We will" Abby said

"Bonne" Jules said as he keeps focus on his driving