Marcus: Main character, 18 years old

King Leo: King of the Northern Country, 45 years old

Sara: King Leo's daughter, 18 years old

Cecil: The leader of the rebels, 22 years old

Ralph: Marcus' best friend, 20 years old

Alfred: The oldest of the rebels, 35 years old

Janus & Zeal: The king's jesters, they are twin males, 27 years old

Prince Schneider: A prince of the southern country, 21 years old


Long ago, when Marcus was six his parents were slain by the treacherous King Leo. Marcus grew up alone until he was fifteen. He then was found by a group of rebels who hated King Leo just as much as he. He joined the rebels and told them of his mission. They agreed to help kill King Leo. Princess Sara attempts to flee the castle every day, only to be captured by her father, King Leo. Marcus fell in love with the King s daughter Sara. She also fell in love with him. This story tells of the adventure and the trial that Marcus faced.

Act I

The day before Marcus went to pursue King Leo; Marcus was walking through town. He then bumped into a mysterious girl in a hooded white cloak.

Marcus: Sorry bout that. Let me help thee up.

Sara: Thanks.

She grabbed Marcus s hand. She got up and wiped the dust off herself.

Marcus: Do I know thee from somewhere? Thou looks familiar.

Sara: Sorry, I don t think so.

Marcus: Oh well. My name s Marcus.

Sara: I m Princess Sara.

Marcus: What!? A Princess!? I m sorry.

Sara: I already forgave thou for bumping into me.

Marcus: It's not that...

Sara: Then what is it brave and noble sir?

Marcus: Nothing. Forget I mentioned anything.

Sara: Okay. I have to go now. Meet me at the castle tomorrow at the break of dawn.

Marcus:I shall see thee tomorrow then.

Sara gave Marcus a kiss on the cheek and ran off. (To Marcus under her breath) I fear I love thee more than I should!

Marcus: Princess, wilt thou be happy... happy to be married to a lowly peasant such as I?

Sara: Prithee, call me princess no more! Marcus, wilt thou truly cherish me, thy king s only daughter? Or is such a desire too dear to wish for!? After the nuptials, shall I become no more than a puppet? A mindless puppet, never to laugh, never to cry? I wish to live my life under the sky. At times I shall laugh, at other times cry. For no life is more insincere than that lived as a masquerade.

Marcus: So much consideration thou hast given it! But worry not! Cast away thy trappings of royalty, and I shall swaddle thee in a gown of pure love! Never again will I part from thee! Pray, my love, make me thy canary to keep me forever in the cage of thy bosom! Let us embark on the first ship tomorrow, before dawn can tell of our elopement!

Sara: All my fortunes at thy foot, I lay, and I shall follow thee throughout the world!

Marcus: No cloud, no squall shall hinder us!

Marcus put the hood back on and left. Sara turned to her window and looked outside.

Sara: O, love is the sweetest joy and the wildest woe. All I wish, is to be by my sweet Marcus s side.

Ralph entered Sara s room.

Ralph: Fie! It shall be war again unless this marriage is stopped. Ne'er will I let their plan come to fruition. (To Sara) Good day to ye, Highness.

Sara: Good day

Ralph: Wist thee of Marcus?

Sara: Marcus!? What news dost thou bring?

Ralph: This!

Ralph punched Sara and takes her away.

Act II

The Next day. Marcus had a date with Sara and King Leo's memorial service to attend to.

Ralph: Bereft of father! Bereft of father! Marcus! Thou has lost even thy love!

Alfred: Fortune hath escap'd thee! For what end shalt thou live?

Cecil: For the sake of our friends... Let us bury our steel in the heart of the wretched King Leo!

Alfred: Aye!

Ralph: Aye! We shall back thee, kinsman!

Marcus: Pray, sheathe thy swords! This villain is mine alone!

Alfred: Nay, kinsman! For I, too, have lost a brother to this fiend!

King Leo: What, ho? Out, vermin! Away! Thou darest bare thy sword before the King!? All who stand in my way will be crush'd!

Cecil: Treacherous Leo, my kinsman s suffering shall not be in vain! For I shall instruct thee in his incomparable pain!

Cecil's group fights King Leo.
After that:

King Leo: Arrg! Grr! Thou hast not seen the last of me, Marcus!

King Leo fled.

Cecil: Come back!

Ralph blocked Cecil's way.

Cecil: Out of the way, Ralph!

Ralph: Consider this, Cecil! If Prince Schneider were to marry Princess Sara, peace would reign over both their kingdoms!

Cecil: 'Tis foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none would suffer in this world!

Ralph: En garde!

Cecil: Expect no quarter from me!

They Duel. After a while Ralph backs away

Ralph: We shall finish this later!

Cecil: Come back ere!

Cecil chases after Ralph.


Marcus entered the castle in a hooded black cloak. He ran up the stairs to the top floor. He then enters Sara s room.

Sara: Marcus?

Marcus: Aye. It is me.

Marcus takes off the hood to reveal his face.

Sara: I Want to be Your Canary

Marcus embraced her.
Marcus: And you shall be mine star. The star to light my darkness. Together we shall beckon unto the light
Sara: I will be thine wings to carry you through thy trials.

Act IV

An hour later King Leo is standing in his garden.

King Leo: Where is she!? Where has mine only daughter gone!?

Ralph showed up.

King Leo: (Patting Ralph on the back) Ralph, good man! Hast thou seen Sara?

King Leo stopped patting Ralph on the back.

Ralph: Worry not, Majesty. I shall make sure Sara marries Prince Schneider. Be thou at ease.

King Leo: At ease, sayest thou? How can I rest, not knowing she is safe? Could it be& thou hast betrayed me!?

Ralph: But my troth, sir, I betrayed none other than poor Marcus!

King Leo: Thou had the gall to betray thy dearest friend. Wouldst thou not betray me as swiftly?

Ralph: Stay thy hand, I merely-

King Leo pulls his sword out and slashes Ralph. Ralph falls to the ground.

Ralph: I merely sought a lasting peace between the two kingdoms!

King Leo: Thou art dead to me now! Leave my sight/

Janus and Zeal showed up.

Janus: The traitor! Why isn't he dead!

Zeal: Why, he is not dead!? Why!?

King Leo: You two! Quickly, find Sara and bring her before me!

Janus: Yes, Your Majesty.

Zeal: It shall be done, Your Majesty.

Janus and Zeal enter the castle. Ralph fled&

King Leo: Wretched daughter! How dare she disobey her own father s wish!

King Leo left. Marcus showed up.

Marcus: The time for our departure is long past. Where is Sara?

Alfred: Marcus, the ship soon embarks! Board ye this boat alone, and peace could come to both kingdoms, as Ralph so said. Speak, Marcus!

Marcus: She told me that she could not live without me. So, the sun is our enemy, too. The eastern sky grows bright. Will we not spread our wings, as yonder birds in joyous flight?

Alfred: Hark, Marcus! They cannot wait any longer! The ship departs!

Marcus: Can t thee stop it? Just give me a little time think. I will set voyage with thee.

Alfred: I ll try my best, sir. I ll send Cecil to be with thou.

Alfred ran towards the boat. Marcus ran towards King Leo s castle.

Act V

A half-hour later in King Leo s garden.

King Leo: Tonight, I shall finally see my daughter Sara betroth'd to Prince Schneider! And then Prince Schneider and his kingdom will be mine! Gwahahahaha!

Zeal and Janus arrived with Marcus held by them.

Janus: Your Majesty!

Zeal: We have caught an intruder!

King Leo: Why, my poor Marcus! Hark, lad. No matter how much thou dost treasure Sara& no matter how deeply she might believe she doth love thee& never shall I see her marry a peasant such as thee! When yon bell strikes three& under the axe thou shall be! Furthermore&

Schneider: Ho! What's all this?

Cecil enters the garden. Marcus breaks free from Janus and Zeal s grasp. Marcus approaches to Sara.

Marcus: Sara!

Sara: (embracing Marcus) Oh, Marcus! I missed thee so! I wish never to leave thy side. Prithee, lead me from this place!

Cecil: See, King Leo? Thou shouldst give them thy blessing!

Leo: Never! Never leave his side, thou sayest? Foolish banter! I'll not allow it! Sara shall marry none other than this man, Prince Schneider! Is that not so, Prince Schneider?

Schneider: M-Marry the princess? Me!?

King Leo: Aye! And this traitorous crew, I will put to death!

Schneider: I accept thy daughters hand in marriage! For then I shall be the ruler of both kingdoms!

King Leo: Yes thee shall. (To Janus and Zeal) Capture the villains and throw them in to the dungeon. (To Marcus and Cecil) Since I'm generous you shall come back 'ere when the bell strikes twelve! That s when the wedding will start. Then off with your heads! (To Janus and Zeal) Take them away.

Janus: If that is thy wish.

Zeal: It should be done, sir.

Janus and Zeal took Marcus and Cecil away.

Act VI

In the dungeon, Marcus and Cecil thinks of different strategies on how to save Princess Sara from the clutches of her father, and the ruthless Prince Schneider. The bell struck twelve.

Janus: The King wishes to see thee now.

Zeal: Aye. That is true.

Janus and Zeal takes them to King Leo.

Cecil and Marcus breaks free from Zeal and Janus. Cecil and Marcus punches Janus and Zeal.

Janus: Strong they are.

Zeal: Run away!

Cecil ran after the twins. Sara walks into the garden.

King Leo: Pray, sweet daughter, come home to the castle with me.

Sara: Nay, Father! I shant return!

King Leo: Sara... Trouble me no more. This wedding is for thine own welfare. Be mindful of that.

Sara: Why would dost have me marry the man I hate? Do thou not care about my welfare, and me?

King Leo: Thee will marry Prince Schneider whether thee likes it or not!

Marcus: Not if I can help it! Now is my moment of vengeance! For my parents, and for my love, Sara& ! (Draws his sword) I shall cut thee down!

Sara blocks the way, but Marcus sword went through the left side of her. She fell down.

Sara: Ugh!

Marcus: No Sara!

Marcus and Leo kneel down beside her body. Marcus strokes Sara s hair.

Sara: Marcus, forgive me. I still love my father

King Leo: Sara!

Sara: Prithee, forgive my selfishness, Father, and spare my sweet Marcus...

Marcus: What have I done!? Am I never to hear her loving voice again!? Am I cursed never again to feel her soft touch!? O, cruel fate! Thou hast robbed me of all I treasure!

Marcus wanted to commit suicide and tried to stab himself, but stopped and stood up. Marcus walked away, and stopped after taking a few steps.

King Leo: What hath thou done. In thou s moment of anger thou hast slain the one whom he loves. I shall kill thee and end your cursed life!

Marcus turned around.

Marcus: I will welcome death. En garde!

King Leo and Marcus unsheathe their swords. They duel. After a while King Leo backs a way.

King Leo: Thou hast not seen the last of me! I will return.

King Leo flees. Cecil enters the garden.

Cecil: Marcus!

Marcus: Aye, Cecil.

Cecil: Last chance before the boat leaves.

Marcus: I shall follow thee.

Cecil: Let's make haste then.

Marcus ran up to Cecil and followed him to the boat.


Marcus and Cecil arrived at the boat. Ralph was waiting for Marcus.

Marcus: Ralph! What art thou doing ere?

Ralph: I came to finish what I hath started!

Marcus: I accept thee s challenge. I have nothing to loose!

Marcus and Ralph: En garde!

They started dueling.

Marcus: So why did thou betray me?

Ralph: If Schneider did marry Sara then peace would be with the two countries. Just think a life without war.

Marcus: I loved her. That would bring peace in the world. Just think a lowly peasant such as I to marry a princess!

They continued to duel.

Ralph: It looks as if our sword skills are the same. I must leave now. Thou hast not seen the last of me!

Ralph fled.

Marcus: Come back ere! I'm not done with thee yet!

Cecil: (Pulling Marcus into the boat) Forget it! we have a boat to catch.

Cecil succeeded in getting Marcus into the boat. Marcus ran to his room.

Marcus: Sara I wish to join thou. But I can t right now.

Sara's ghost appeared.

Sara's ghost: Marcus live strong. Don t welcome death. Live til thee dies. I will see thee soon.

Marcus: Sara! Please don't leave me. I want to talk more.

Sara's ghost: We'll talk for eternity when we meet. But promise this. Do not pick up thine sword and use it on thou. Instead live.

Marcus: I promise!

Sara: Farewell my love! 'Til we meet again.

Sara's ghost disappeared.

Marcus: I promise! I will live for thee! I will use my blade to defend others and myself! Good-bye Sara. I will see thee soon.

~ End of play ~