I want you.

The way a woman wants a man.

I need you right now

To hold me

To love me

To fuck me

And when u do ? I want you to make sure I scream.

So I can make sure that everyone knows how good you make me feel

And not just any kind of good.. but that toe curling, legs shaking, lips quivering kind of good.

So lets fuck

No making love

Or casual sex

Cuz when yur fucking, you don't think… its just his and hers, bodys mixing, sweat dripping and the screams and moans when we both cum.

So lets fuck

And when we do baby ill make it worth your while.

Cuz we wont be fucking like a newley wed couple. Oh no

I want to fuck you like a pornstar

And just when im gasping your name and clenching my fingers… we both spiral down from the high that our bodies have brought us to , like dehydrated tavellers grasping for water…?

We'll fall into each other again.

Feeding on each others energy.

Cuz we just love to fuck.