The Sword on Ice

I slimed my way to the icy cold world of Froyuki. My snail slime was freezing up so I had to get more layers of leaves over myself to protect myself from this kingdom of isolation. The King in the ice castle is called Fie. Fie is a lonely king who shuts himself in his castle. He doesn't want to meet his people. This shrouded the people in the Kingdom (lemme just refer to them as "Snowmen" 'cos they look like them) with a sense of sadness, never seeing the king.

I asked around, wondering about this king. Some say it's a rumour that the king is alive. Some say the king was once around this kingdom, but then he died and no one dared to open the gates to the ice castle. The ice castle as a result has become a historical monument, where people can only view the outside and get pictures taken with it. With my sharp eyes, I see a shadow at the top of the castle, looking down, wondering where all the life comes from, yet he doesn't want to come out.

I shot my slime towards the window, trying to get a scoop out of this.


The King, Fie has a gigantic castle almost touching the sky. Apparently, he has so many rooms inside, he moves around trying to explore and touch-up. In one room, its room name covered in frost, lives many birds. Sorry, correction, lived many birds.

The air hung still in the room. There was a single squawk at the corner of the room. The whole room was like a snow covered forest, just that there were no plants, just mounds and mounds of bird nests. In the corner of the room, the lonely bird of paradise had wings full of frost. Its wings were frozen and it huddled in the corner, trying to warm itself. The glimmer of sunlight refracting through the thick sheet of ice that formed over the glass window was its only source of warmth.

Slowly, the bird squawked its last and left this cold world behind.

In the next room was a sword. A single sword in the centre of the room, sliced perfectly across the ice that formed on the ground. The sword constantly moved around as the blizzard blew through the open windows.

The sword had a puffy baby blue ribbon on its sheath. It sliced its way across the ice forming intricate patterns across the ice. It gained a voice, "The Howl of the Wind". As it moved across the ice, it formed an interesting and unique noise which could be made out into words.


The Sword spoke its name, Icarus.

Icarus actually had inner thoughts as a Sword. In this silent cold world of abandonment and silence, he was sad he couldn't slice up all these nonsense. What he could do was just to slide around on his ice field, hoping he doesn't get out of that field as if he does, he'd lose the freedom to move about forever.

Icarus used to wonder where Fie, the King, went to. He remembered the days of glory where Fie would fight his way with Icarus by his side. The vigour, the triumph, the warmth was a glimmer in the past. Now, he was just an ordinary sword, with no value but an artefact in the centre of a room, "The Snow Garden".

There used to be plants covered with snow. Up here in one of the highest rooms, there was little sunlight, but Fie loved plants and would grow them in this room, and to allow them to bathe in the warmth of the sunlight, he'd open the window.

Now the plants are just a base to the field of ice. Shrivelled up, retaining its colour in a darker shade. The ice was like a dull coloured rainbow, stretching across the ground. Icarus skidded across the ground, occasionally flying off the surface. He performed his twirls and swizzles around the ice, unknowingly forming an abstract art piece across the ice. With its rusty bottom, it cut a reddish brown line across the areas it skated past.

Icarus longed for the outside world. He saw the inside of the room as one of coldness. The ice just got thicker every day. With the coldness of the society below the castle growing, so does the amount of ice in the castle and ultimately, the height and size of the castle.

While doing his flips and turns, Icarus would slice away at the glass on the window, trying to find its core to destroy it completely with one quick slice. Allow the wind to blow him out at one go and not just a small cool breeze fly through.

His repeated slices finally hit the core, the ice wall shattered. The blizzard became like that of a tornado, sucking the likes of Icarus out of the castle. As Icarus flew out, he whistled, "I DON'T FALL!"

Icarus stretched out its baby blue ribbons, took a giant leap out of the ice floor he was attached to and flipped out of the window. His ribbons unfurled into royal blue wings. He glided with the motion of the blizzard and landed into the town of Froyuki.

He landed straight into the town centre, in the frozen fountain. He pierced through the top and stayed there. It shimmered in the light, its royal blue wings straightening out into a cape, moving in the gale.

The Snowmen (people of Froyuki) got a shock as they saw a bright object in the centre of their town. For the first time in forever, everyone gathered together and spoke to each other. As everyone got together, they started digressing to other topics. Gradually, everyone got to know each other and the cold shoulder was gone.

Fie looked out of his window, into the open. Seeing the town of Froyuki return back to its original vibrancy, he opened the doors of the ice castle. All of the winds poured into the castle and blew out all the ice. An ice shower occurred and Icarus flew up slicing the thin sheets into diamond shaped slices, reflecting in the light. A rainbow shower sprinkled down into Froyuki. The birds flew back into the room, its room name now made clear, "The Warmth of Paradise".

Fie slid down the icy hallways of his ice castle and opened up the gates. The people of Froyuki gathered at the gates to meet their king. Fie greeted them and allowed the visiting of his castle whenever they were free.

Icarus got his vigour, glory and warmth. As he stood at the town centre, his cape flowing with the wind and the water below him, the act of bringing the people together was his doing again. He brought the people together. He did what he was made for, to protect the interests of the King and the people.

I, LeafySnails, sees to the place as a place changing from a cold-hearted town to that of a vibrant, loving town, with people living happily together.