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Once opon a time,there was a peacefull plant called Hexus. On this beautifull planet,lived a race of powerful magic users. They were much more powerful then a Sorcerer or a Sorceress. They lived in peace for many,many one day, that all changed. A strange force attacked the planet,destroying everything it touched. The King and Queen,Morgen and Kira,tryed their hardest to destroy the evil force,but they were over powered. Queen Kira,awile later,found out that she was pregnant. Her and Morgen were so happy,even though their planet was at war. Nine months later,a baby girl was born,with eyes as red as blood and skin as pale as snow. They celebrated the birth of the princess. But the happiness was not to last. Just a months later,the King was killed,protecting his wife and child. Kira,heartbroken,realised that they would not win this war. As the palace fell,she cast one more spell

Queen Kira stood,holding her daughtner in her arms. She smiled sadly at the Princess,whos red eyes matched her own

she walked to the glowing portal ,rocking the baby back and forth

She smiled sadly again "Do not worry,my little White Rose,we will meet again. When you are older,and have grown into the beautiful girl I know you will be" She gently placed the sleeping baby into the portal,tears driping from her eyesas she watched her child be surrounded by white light,then both her and the portal disappear. She sighed,clasping her hand together in front of her face

She looked at the sky "Please God,watch out for my little girl,she is all I have left" She heard the banging at the doors toher chambers,knowing excetly who it doors burst open,revealing a young man wearing red armor. His blonde fell into his strange purple eyes

He smiled evily "Hello Kira. My I ask where the little abomination is?" He asked. She growled

"Somewhere you will never find her" She spat. He just continued to grin as he walked up to her and placed a dager at her throut

"Please tell me where it is,and I will spare you" He said. She spit on his face

"NEVER!" She roared. He tsked

"Now really Kira,is that thing really worth dying over?" He asked. She smirked

Yes" She said. He sighed

Alright then" He plulled the knife back-

Kira closed her eyes

-and cleanly sliced her throut. The queen fell to the ground,lifeless. He sighed

he looked at the black sky,smirking

"I will find you,and when I do,i will finaly have the last piece I need"

He ginned evily

"Princess Hope,you will be mine"