Fifth Installment

41. Historical Repetition (or Salem Witch Trials)

Ideas are like plague;
Innocent as the child unborn
Until they become wildfire
Diffusing themselves amongst dementia

It is a brave world where everyone does as they would
Common vengeance writes the law
Tortuous shrieking
Frostbitten speaking
We imitate the past, memories tossed to the wolves
("God will give you blood to drink")

They say history is repetitive
Nothing I say will change their minds
"More weight"-
Like the stones pressed against his back
Like the necklaces pressed against their skin
History can alter our future

There is only so much we can tolerate
Imprisoned slaves
Deteriorated graves
Discovering that we're bound to idle practices; idle fate
It executes our limitless hopes and dreams
("Deliver us from evil")

Physical attributes aside, they are identical
Idea and plague
Twenty executions aid validation
Yet foreboding predicts more to come.

42. Away

When I speak to the wind
My voice drifts so far away
So far that you can hear it
But you never will reply

When I gaze at the stars
My sight travels so far away
So far that I can see you
But you never look my way

When I wonder if I'll stop
Taking my time to try
I always walk your way
Just so you'll say goodbye
And never did I think
That you'd run so far away
That I couldn't reach you anymore
Until, in grave, I lay.

43. Parchment Aflame

Ink seeps into gold
The bindings fade
Losing their hold
On eyes of jade
"Would you be so bold,"
He says to shade
"As to suffer the cold?"
(She lifts her blade.)

If ice could melt
You'd hear his screams
Her eyes can welt
The babbling streams
Now strikes her belt
To lash dead seams
Pain is meant to be felt-
As cruel as it seems.

The feathers drift
In bitter wind
Her foot shall lift
She steps 'round the bend
His hand may shift
To letters that won't send
His final gift
Is all pretend.

44. Butterflies

Don't gaze in my direction
Don't console me
Don't go around thinking
That the melancholy expression
That adorns my icy eyes
Has nothing to do with you
That it's none of your business

Because- that's it, isn't it?
We go around wondering
What others believe
Lamenting, assuming
That we have no affect on each other
On their utter existence

It is the butterfly effect
A butterfly flaps its wings
And a hurricane begins
On the other side of the world
Why do you sob over their piteous expressions?
Because you know you affected them

Desolate expressions
Don't look at me
Because you'll find a fa├žade
Even if you understand why I hide
You don't truly understand, do you?
You can't look past it
You can't see how you've affected my life

Butterflies were set free
I haven't seen you since.

45. Veering Dawn

She speaks volumes
To the morning glories, in full bloom
A dog-eared novel flecked with gold
A dawn, blood red
A fate foretold

Her crooked feet, they ache to run
Across the meadows, caked with sun
Over the bridges, metal agleam
Across the river
Across the stream

Penetration of the night
She dreams of Nyx's futile fight
She understands she cannot move
She imagines the freedom
They have removed.

A horizon joyously broken
The feeling that cannot be spoken
The hopes and dreams of little life
She wheels away
The thoughts of strife.

46. Why

Why does he blankly stare
When all knowledge is stored in there
That compartment of his brain
Unaffected by the pain?

Why does he loudly wail
In a world clearly unveiled
Where he has anything he wishes
Except for those he misses?

Why does he sadly sit
As though he cannot struggle against it
The mental illness taking hold
Of one who used to be so bold?

Why is he conflicted?
Why is he restricted?
Why do I bathe in pointless guilt?
It isn't his blood that I spilt.

47. Echo and Narcissus

Inarticulate stone
Drained of color; white as bone
Golden blossoms rarely moan
They are allied, yet alone

Radiance is ignorance
In her wake, the others dance
Frolicking creatures spare no glance
Forgetting that she gave them chance

She is cursed for his affair
Repetition aids despair
What she wouldn't give to declare
A single phrase; a single prayer

Infatuation is disease
Unrequited, plaguing trees
Spurred by inanimate unease
Her losses brought her to her knees

She does not understand
Their connection, sea and sand
Adoration's dismissal unplanned
A fate that she could not withstand

She is sedimentary

Narcissistic stem
As various prophets have condemned
Recognition befell him
Emaciated cheeks and slender limbs

Pulchritude is defective
As they stare with corrupt perspective
Each approach proves ineffective
His spurn and sword become infective

He is cursed for a complaint
Retribution will acquaint
Avenged and likeness, clearly faint
He cries whilst touching his constraint

Infatuation deems one ill
A concave heart he cannot fill
And so it is himself he kills
A flower blooms: the daffodil

He does not understand
Their separation, hand in hand
Her leave was spurred by his demand
But she echoes at command.

He is vain

Together, they cannot inquire
About the origins of desire
From afar they shall admire
But their affection shall not tire.

It is through their tragic tale
We understand, in great detail
The genesis of lament's prevail
Curiosity vanquished; truth unveiled.

48. Backstabber

I think I love you
But I don't know your name
Don't know if your words ring true
Or if my family will be brought to shame

I think I hate you
The entire world knows your name
You kill off our children and kill our lives too
All for the sustain of your fame

I think I am confused
Too many thoughts swirling around my mind
Soon I may find out I'm used
And they'll stab me from behind.

49. Dermatillomania

She picks her skin raw
Hates herself, hates the red sores

50. Of Wolves and Ravens

Comprehensive, precocious
Habilatory fur and feathers
Running through childhood
On to the next adventure.
Nemophilists at heart
Over the river, through the woods
She is a parliament of ravens
You are a pack of wolves
Narcolepsy induces thoughts of wings
Cogitation of the ground plagues hers.
Howling at the waxen moon
Receiving the spoils of bloodlust
Obligatory, beneficial friendship
Now suffering senescence
Independence becomes advantage
Cowardice becomes betrayal.
It is a mutual understanding
Trustworthiness is thrown from the wolves
You sing her thoughts away.