Close My Eyes

I leaped down into the well, my feet splashing against the cold, murky water. The smell reached my nose, but I hurried forward despite its stench, heart pounding and feet blistered from the chase. "Don't do this!" I cried out. The words echoed down the steel way.

There was no reply. It was only the faint, distant sound of rushed footsteps that told me the chase was still on.

My feet glided down the gated walk, my friend's shadow growing ever the more out of reach. Soon the footsteps faded completely, and just as I thought I was beyond their range, their scream of agony split the air. Adrenaline surged through my and I threw myself forward, sliding hazardously on the grime covered bars, the single cry of fear and pain still susurrating in my mind. Wiping around the corner, I found them.

If only I could have been relieved by the sight.

My friend had always been a cripple. They only had one leg and a poorly straightened stick to hold up the rest of their body. Society hated them, thinking my friend worthless and helpless. Never able to fend for themself they had turned to me for protection. That was when I did something wrong, and my friend decided everything said about him was a mere truth. In fact, it's not - they were wonderfully kind with the purest heart of gold that didn't exist in any other human - but they refused to listen.

They were ready to throw themself down the fall at the end of the well, a suicidal jump to even the toughest of people.

Now though, they laid on the ground, their only foot trapped within the bars.

The bone stuck out through the shin.

I nearly recoiled from the sight.

Gritting my teeth, I forced myself onward. Soon, I was next to them, kneeling down. Their screams and struggles to get away from my touch ripped through the air. The frantic movements tore the leg further, where another shriek sounded.

"Stop, stop! Please!" I begged, tears forming in my eyes. The sight was unbearable. The blood coated my hands as I gingerly removed the leg from the split between the bars. Imagining what it must feel like for my friend was impossible. The pain of just seeing the snap alone could never be registered by my mind.

They let out a sob. The sound they emitted wrenched at my heart.

"Stop it, please. It's going to be okay. I'll get you to a hospital immediately!"

They shook their head, shaking me away. The look they gave me broke my heart, stomped on the pieces that were left, and laughed at the remains. Their brown eyes burned with tears and rage. Pure and utter hatred toward me. There was no pain. No, there was, but not the kind I hoped to see.

"Don't touch me," they forced out through clenched teeth. Their voice wavered, lathered with agony. Despite it's weakness and vulnerability, it still threw sharp daggers to pierce through me.

"Let me help you! If you stay here, you're going to die! Do you think I want that to happen to you!?"

"Of course you do. Everyone does."

The words were ice.

I shook my head. "That's... that's not true!"

They didn't respond, and only turned their head, gritting their teeth and struggling to fight back the tears that glimmered in their eyes. "Go away," he said at last. "What person would want me, now that I'm like this!?

"If you were ever a friend of mine, you would end me so I wouldn't have to suffer!"

They choked on their own words, turning their gaze back up at me. I could barely face it. In the end I diverted my eyes, gathered them into my arms against their will. "I'm not letting you die," I mustered, turning around and forcing my legs to run through the wells. I was rash, but I was cautious. I wasn't going to make the mistake my friend did and fall through the bars and break my leg.

Their blood dripped into the sewers. The sound of the murky water consuming the thick, crimson liquid made me retch.

Thinking was beyond possible at that point.

I threw myself at the ladder, forcing my legs to hold both our weight and my balance to keep us both climbing upward. My arms screamed. They wouldn't stop struggling. Spitting out words of disgust and hatred and pain. They yelped when their leg hit the metal ladder.

Their protests were weakening. I was as well.

My foot slipped. My balance failed me.

We crashed to the ground in a heap, our bodies slamming onto the steel bars that created the walkways.

Minutes passed. I couldn't breath - couldn't move, couldn't even twitch a single finger. My mind cut off forever, it seemed. A single sentence echoed in my head. I don't know where it came from, but it echoed painfully.

"Close your eyes and let me die."

When the daze finally passed, I lifted my head up and peered down at my friend. I had landed on top of them.

His head was twisted, thrust through the bars. His eyes were opened. There was no shine.

I failed.


Not quite sure what this was. Just something I wrote randomly out of boredom after a bad day. If you enjoyed it, please say so. If you hated it, please say so. Any flame or criticism is welcome.