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"Diana, hone, come on. It's your last day of school. You need to wake up."

I groggily opened my eyes and groaned. My Aunt Matilda was hovering over me, with an annoyed expression on her face. I took my pillow out from under my head and hit her with it.

"No. Go away." I told her. She scowled, and then a smile crossed her face. She went to the end of my bed and… tickled my feet? I giggled uncontrollably. "Stop it!" I yelled. "Not until you wake up!" she replied. "Fine, fine, I'm awake, see? Now go away!" I said, kicking her hands away. "Okay!" she said and walked out of my room. I sighed and slowly sat up. I walked over to my closet. I picked out a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a black sequin V-neck shirt, and my black and gray Nike high-tops. After I got dressed, I walked into my bathroom. I braided a strand of my pitch black hair and put it up with my favorite rainbow-sequin bow. I applied a little mascara, some sparkly pink eye shadow, and clear lip gloss. I went into the kitchen, grabbed some bacon and my book bag, and walked out the door. Whenever the bus came, I ran on and sat in the very back, my normal spot with all my friends. The next stop was my friends Eva or Evaline Winters, the twins Tristan and Tyler Clark, Ivy Trent, Jason Fleming, Charlie Adams, and Clarissa Waters. Eva has snow white blonde hair, with soft gentle and warm brown eyes. Tristan and Tyler may be twins but their completely different. Tyler has black hair like mine, and icy-blue eyes. Tristan has blonde hair, but the same eyes. Ivy's eyes were green, and she has light brown hair. Jason had dark brown hair, with blue-gray eyes. Charlie had gray eyes with brown hair. Clarissa had pale green eyes, with soft red hair. We were the weirdo's of the school, but we honestly didn't care. We were all a big and crazy family with a bunch of different last names. "The awesome ones are currently boarding the bus. Please move or die from our sheer awesomeness." Eva shouted as she boarded the bus. When she saw me in the back, she ran and pushed me over. "Did you plan the prank?" she screamed in my ear. "Ah, no, was it my turn this time? And jeez, tone down on the scream a little bit. Did you forget to take your ADHD medicine again?" I asked. "Nope!" she said, giving a blinding white smile. "Don't worry about the prank, Eva. Me and Ty planned it out last night because we knew Ms. Blackwood would forget. Speaking of that matter, Diana, do you have a hot date? Cause' you're wearing makeup, and that never happens." Tristan rambled, taking a long breath at the end. I stuck my tongue out at him. He was right; I rarely ever wear makeup, unless it's an extremely important occasion. "Well, as a matter of fact, I am trying out for the summer talent show." I told him. "Whatcha gonna do Ana? Juggle a few penguins and call it a show?" Clarissa teased. "It's nice to know I have so many friends in this world guys, really." I said, glaring at them. "I'm singing, actually. And you guys would know that; if you weren't so busy worrying about the End Of Year Prank. What are we doing for that, anyways?" I asked. Ignoring my question, Jason and Charlie looked over me skeptically. "Singing? We all sound like dead rats when we sing, so what makes you any better?" Jason said in fake suspicion. There were a bunch of chorused "Heys!". I giggled. "Whatever. What about the EOYP?" I tried again. I guess I ought to explain the End Of Year Prank thing. This one time, in third grade, Billy McGee dared Charlie to prank our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Whittington. Mrs. Whittington was this old and wretched elderly lady who thought that breathing should be punishable by death. Whatever. She couldn't stand me or any one for that matter, and the only one she showed any emotion towards was this little first grader named Chelsea. Anyway, Charlie took his SpongeBob Square Pants water bottle that was filled with ice-cold water, and splashed it all over that old witch. Her face got so red and she started a line of insults towards Charlie that were so bad, the teacher next door had to escort her out of the school, and she never came back. We thought that was so funny, we made it a tradition. In elementary school, every teacher we had dreaded the end of the year, because they knew that we were going to prank he/she and the class. Whenever we made it to the sixth grade, or middle school, they had no idea what was coming. Now we were in seventh grade, and the teachers knew to tread lightly around us. Jason seemed to have completely forgot about the Talent Show thing and focused on the twins. "Yeah, for real bro, what are we going to do?" he asked. A mischievous glint made its way into Tristan's eyes. "Alright," he said. "Here is what we're going to do…"

I stepped off the bus, a happy smile on my face. I looked over at Eva. She gave me a look of reassurance. I had an hour to do this, no problem. Everyone would be in the auditorium for an hour listening to the principles 'responsibility' speech. I fingered the red food dye bottles in my pocket. Me and Eva were going around the school, coloring all the girls bathroom toilet water red. Charlie and Jason would do the same except blue for the boy's bathroom. Clarissa, Ivy, and the twins would go through the school after we had died up all the toilet and overflow them. Then we would meet up at our homeroom and continue the rest of the plan which Tristan refused to tell us. Two drops, I reminded myself. Eva and I set to work. Two drops. Two drops. Two drops. We finally finished and ran full speeded to the classroom. I used the key that I had 'found' to open the door. I sat down at my respective desks. Minutes later, the rest of the gang came speeding in, out of breath. "I have good news, and bad news. Turns out the principle found out we actually didn't listen to his lecture and decided to end his speech early. We only have a few minutes to finish the prank. My good news is that we managed to overflow all of the toilets, so the tradition has not been broken. Now, the last part of the prank. A classic, with a twist. Eva, go grab that big red bucket. Go fill it halfway with water at the sink near the back of the room. Diana, Charlie, and Jason hand me what's left of your dies. Ivy, Clarisse and Tyler, go get a roll of paper and write 'Happy End Of Year Prank Day' on it. Decorate it as you choose. Then, tape it across the room." He ordered. Eva came back with the bucket. He dumped in all the dye. He then set it atop the door, making sure it would fall when our homeroom teacher, Mrs. Brown, opened it. He turned off the lights, and the only illumination came from the big windows. Ivy, Clarissa, and Tyler had finished the poster, so we went and hid behind it. Tristan and Tyler pulled out sixteen water balloons, and handed us each two. "These water balloons are filled with dyes. When she opens the door, burst through the poster and pelt the class with water balloons. Got it?" he asked. We smiled deviously. We waited a few minutes. Someone opened the door. There was a loud scream. We burst through the poster and screamed "Happy End Of Year Prank Day!", and threw the water balloons wildly. Each on hit a different student and splattered. We burst out laughing. Mrs. Brown was a soaking mess. She walked over to us, each step in her bright red high heels making a sick suck, plop sound. I stifled another giggle. She was fuming. "The office, NOW!" she shouted. "Okay, Miss Red Tomato." We said in unison and ran out of the room. The office wasn't too far from here, so we made it there in a short time. Mrs. Fai, our Vice Principal, was this Chinese lady who usually dealt with us troublemakers because the principle apparently didn't have enough time for that 'craziness'. Please. We all knew it was some lame excuse so he could go stuff his fat self with food. She was usually really cool and let us hang out in the detention room and horse around. She was the only teacher who I didn't want to rip into one million pieces. She looked up and gave us a warm smile. "What did you do this time?".

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