Chapter 1: The Halloween Encounter

Just stop staring at them. I repeat to myself, willing myself to surrender to the moment.

Damn my hormones. No more whiskey. No more boys. This entire night was a bad idea, the worst really.

I'm having sex with Spock. Not the character, but a university boy wearing his costume; Vulcan ears and all.

It's the Vulcan ears that I'm really having a problem with. The rest of the costume has long since found its way to the cluttered floor of his bedroom along with my own. But the ears are still there, mocking my life choices.

At the age of nineteen, I had finally done something irrevocably stupid and cliché. I got drunk at a bar on Halloween. While usually this would be of no consequence, I would eventually get home, go to bed and forget the evening happened.

Instead, he happened.

"Are you my green alien?" He had shouted over the loud seventies music.

Quickly, I replied with a firm shake of the head. "I went for something a bit more traditional." With a twirl I show him the fairy wings attached to the back of my too-short, green dress.

"A fairy might still be a type of alien," he replied quickly. "You never know what all those stories were actually based on. Could be some alien species with wings…" He faded off, trying to save the opening he had created, obviously not used to a line working. He avoided eye contact entirely. His brow furrowed and a hand reached up to scratch his mental itch.

I laughed at his rant. It was adorable in a nerdy sort of way.

"I think it's more likely that Michael Jackson over there was an alien." I pointed towards an awkwardly dancing imposter a few feet away. The strobe lights only enhanced his strange poses, making him look like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with an itch he just can't scratch. I laughed and looked back at Spock-boy, towering over my heeled-enhanced frame.

Startled, he looked straight into my eyes. As his brown eyes looked into my blue, I felt a stirring. The three whiskey sours I had imbibed earlier prevented me from analysing it too deep.

Smiling, he asked, "Do you want something to drink?"

I said yes.

Now I was in Spock's room trying to figure out how to destroy the fake pointy ears taunting me. I burrowed my head in his neck thinking that at least I wouldn't have to look at them. Instead all it did was amplify his heartbeat, racing in sync with mine.

It did not help that apparently his costume had been hiding the fact that he was an energizer bunny. It was minute twelve and things were starting to feel a lot more sober.

I knew I shouldn't have left the house on Halloween. Don't leave the house on Halloween in a university town is rule number one. Now if only I had known that rule number two was don't have sex with boys in Spock costumes. Even if they were really nice about you vomiting on their neighbours lawn before the marathon thrusting began.

I remove my forehead from the crook of his neck and look up at his face looking for a way to remove the ears. As if sensing something was wrong his eyes meet mine. I dislodge my arms from around his back and try to pull him in for a kiss…and a Vulcan ear-ectomy.

Before I could even reach for one ear, he pulls my arms up above my head. Gently, keeping one hand on my wrists, he caresses my waist. Thrusting into me, he smiles at the dismayed expression on my face.

Slowly he lowers his lips to my ear and whispers in his deep, gravely voice, "Tsk, tsk, it's still my turn little fairy. I call the shots for just a little bit longer." Tortuously, he begins to lick and suck his way down my neck spending extra time examining the mole in his path. I know I should leave, but this just started to get good.

"Faster, please." I murmur, keeping his eyes focused on mine. The bed hits the wall full force giving a soundtrack to the shift in pace.

"I'm almost there," he chokes out as his body stiffens against mine. I feel him finish as he holds me in position, tenderly kissing my forehead over the bangs of my wig as he softens.

Spock collapses to my side releasing my wrists but keeping an arm slung across my waist. Its weight is comforting but at the same time constricting. It is clearly telling me that leaving was prohibited at the moment, and that goes against every fibre of my being. With my hands released, I feel unsure of what to do with them. Our legs stay intertwined. I turn my head slightly to look at the outline of his shaggy brown hair illuminated by the green glow of his beside clock. We lay in silence, and slowly our collective breaths return to an inaudible normal.

"So, I should probably, uh, go." I whisper to the white stucco ceiling, breaking the silence. His arm suddenly tightens around me and his leg pins my knee down.

"Go where?" He asks, gradually loosening his grip. "It's your turn Tinkerbell," Spock continues in a matter of fact tone as he begins to run his fingers softly up and down my stomach. I feel tingles in his fingers wake.

"What does that mean?" I struggle to say as his fingers dance farther down, my breathing becoming heavy and erratic all over again. I feel the bed move and hear the bed springs creak as he positions himself above me again.

He looks me straight in the eyes and almost growls, "It means: I'm going to make you scream." My heart pounds faster and all earlier thoughts of Vulcan ears and a quick exit just evaporate.

"Don't you have roommates?" I whimper as his fingers find a home between my legs.

"Screw 'em."

He proceeds to bury his face in the crook of my neck and retrace his earlier steps down towards my breasts. Taking my left nipple in his mouth he lightly bites the swollen bud before licking and sucking it thoroughly. Repeating his ministrations on the right, he continues teasing my core with his nimble fingers. My mind starts to go blank. I throw my head back and moan loudly. My fingers grip his blue, plaid sheets in ecstasy.

Out of the blue, he pauses all operations and repositions himself right above me. His face suspended right above mine. His eyes gazing intently into mine, he keeps his expression cool and unmoving. The heat between us is palpable. I can feel his hardness pressing into my thigh, ready and raring to go again.

"You stopped," I whisper accusingly. He smiles and kisses me in that open mouth way I can feel all the way down to my toes. Our tongues meet in a passionate duel. Pulling away he begins to work his lips down my body until he reaches just below my belly-button. Breaking out of my sex-fogged haze, I realize where Spock-boy thinks he's going.

"Oh, no. No, no, no." I scramble back up towards the wooden headboard away from him.

"Oh, yes," he insisted while grabbing my ankles and pulling me back towards his mouth. His hands move to clutch tightly to my hips to hold them in place. "Trust me."

That's a big problem for me: trust. Especially in the case of a random boy I had met at a bar only a few hours previously. But for some strange reason, I stop struggling in his arms.

Suddenly, his mouth makes contact and I am gone. I feel the tension in my entire body rise from the tips of my fingers to the arch of my feet. My eyes snap shut and I lose all control. A hand which had been holding me down moved to join his magical mouth. With a final stroke of his hand, he brings me over the edge. All that glorious tension floods out of me with a scream before my body sinks into the bed useless and sated.

I feel his weight drop onto the bed next to me, but I can't seem to move. He's recovered his sheets from the tangled mess at the bottom of the bed wrapped them around our rapidly cooling bodies.

"I told you, I was gonna make you scream," he whispers into my ear with a low chuckle.

"I can't move," I whisper, my voice hoarse and quiet. I manage to move my head slightly towards his neck and kiss it softly. "I'm pretty sure I don't have legs anymore."

"Good, I can't have you running away on me." He said while running his hands over me possessively. I wince, knowing my plans directly conflict with that statement. I need to get out of here before he gets attached. I can still feel him hard against me. I make a decision, ignoring the tension in my body; I sit up on my knees facing him and look him straight in the eyes.

"Mr. Spock, I'm surprised you don't know. Fairies fly."

"Do they?" He says. His eyebrows arch in surprise and anticipation.

"Mmhmm," I murmur with a wicked smile on my face. His eyes become molten chocolate as if sensing what I am planning. "Besides, I believe it's your turn." I continue, reaching for his hardness.

I begin to stroke him gently as I slowly reposition myself between his legs. I take him into my mouth and focus on the task at hand.

The sheets above my head begin to shift and I quickly glance up. I can see his hands coming towards me. Coming to rest in my blonde wig, he caresses the artificial strands as I continue working.

I continue stroking teasing him, enjoying the power I feel with him at my mercy. Speeding up, I feel him stiffen in anticipation and his fingers tighten against my head. At last, he finishes with a groan and I release myself from his grasp.

Sitting up, the sheets fall back towards the end of the bed behind me. His eyes regard my nakedness softly and half-lidded. Looking back at him, I know I can't stay. I can't ruin a perfectly nice guy. He pats the spot on the bed beside him without breaking eye contact. I move gingerly to his side, his arm pulling me tight against him with my forehead resting on his freckled chest. I just have to wait for him to fall asleep and then I can sneak out. At least that is what I tell my self as I snuggle in closer to his warmth. My eyes shut in exhaustion and I am lulled to sleep by the rise and fall of his torso.

I wake up to the sound of a door opening. I look around in the sunlight peeking through the cheap blinds on the window. My body feels warm and heavy resting against the still sleeping boy beside me. I slowly sit up and regard him in the soft morning glow. His light brown hair is cut short with the front sticking to his forehead. The five o'clock shadow covering his chiselled jaw gives him a rugged appearance. His broad shoulders and defined torso are on display, making me sigh at the welcome sight. His feet jut out over the bottom of the bed.

Glancing around the room, I spot where the majority of my clothes had ended up the night before. I also see details about his room I hadn't seen in the dark. I smile at the sight of posters for different science-fiction shows along the walls. Masculine clothes are scattered everywhere around the floor, and clearly second-hand furniture clutters the small room. Getting up gradually; I begin to dress and locate my wings, and the small purse into which I had just managed to cram my bus pass, some money and my cell phone.

Impractical shoes in hand, I creep towards his bedroom door and open it quietly. I hear the shower running in what I assume is the bathroom and quickly walk towards the stairs in the opposite direction. I finally reach the front door without incident and walk outside. Pulling my shoes on and my phone out, I use the GPS app to figure out where I am and walk away from the scene of my crime.

Finally locating the nearest bus stop, I pull off the fake short blonde hair to release my long, curly reddish-brown. I take out all the bobby pins holding it in place and drop them in my bag. Grateful for the brisk November air, I finger comb out all the snarls to make it look at least presentable. I check the bus schedule and compare to my phone…only one minute until it would get here. I can't help but glance in the direction I had come, remembering the night before.

Two bus transfers later, I am home. Grateful for the privacy my basement apartment allows me; I tear off my rumpled costume and go straight to the bathroom. I take out my contacts and get into the shower. Erasing last night from my mind, I remove the layers of make-up, booze and sweat. Looking like myself again, I get dressed quickly in comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt. I snuggle into my waiting bed and let the exhaustion take over once more.

A/N: So, this is something a tad different for me. As in, it's more than one chapter in length. Actually, it's six. Most of it is written, and should all be posted within the month of March.

Hopefully, you enjoyed chapter one and plan on sticking around 'til the end!

-Sleepless but not in Seattle