Heather: haha I told you we'll lose them

Alana: what the heck is going on

Heather: well this a weird day

Layla: this doesn't make sense. Why were they chasing us and how were they able to do that. He picked up a car

Alana: they're probably prevs or science freaks. Ugh its always the cute ones

The bus stops at the park

Claire: well I'm glad it's over

They go deep in the woods and were walking around

Alana: well at least we don't have to see those guys

They start to hear noises

Alana: what was that

They turn around and sees and big giant robot in front of them

Claire: oh my gosh

Layla: run!

They start to run away from it and chases after them. Then suddenly the guys appear and started to attack it

Josh: we have to find some way to shut this thing down

Leon: why don't we just use our circuits

Josh: because after what we just learned in camp.

Ron: yeah yeah yeah. They said we don't always have to use our circuits. But now is the time (he says while trying to dodge the hits the robot.)

Robot: must terminate enemy (he starts to shot lasers from its eyes and one of the lasers almost hits Heather)

Heather: ahhhhhhhhhh (she screams but then the robots look at them and starts walking toward them)

Derrick: (he tries to grab the robot but it rather grabs him and throws him into Leon.)

Leon: ow (he then sees the robot walking towards the girls) Josh, the girls!

Josh: I'm on it, come on Ron lets take it down

Ron: yeah (they run towards it but it smacks them away and they both land on the ground)

Heather: (the girls are terrified) stay back (she puts her hand in front of the robot and out of nowhere, fire starts coming from her hands and pushes the robot back) whoa did I just do that

The robot recovers

Robot: threat detected. Threat detected (he starts coming for them again)

Alana: run!

All the girls start to scramble around but while running Layla trips

Layla: uh guys, help (the robot comes closer and closer to her) somebody do something

Leon: I'm coming (he tries to get up but is still in pain)

Layla: (she then does the same thing like Heather and tries to defend herself. A splash of water came out of her hands and the robot starts to have a tiny short circuit.) wait how did I do that (suddenly in a speed of light someone grabs her and the she is further away from the robot)

Leon: you okay (he said while still have Layla in his arms)

Layla: yeah I guess so (she blushed a little) wait how did you do that

Leon: long story

Derrick: ugh Leon a little help here

Leon: gotta go (he runs backs to help)

The robot manages to grab Alana

Robot: don't move or the girl die

Alana: what do want with me

Ron: pshh please, you won't do anything

Robot: (he shoots a tree and it blows it up) don't think I wont

Josh: ok ok, just take it easy

Derrick: just hand her over to us

Alana: (she struggles in the robot arm but suddenly static and electricity starts to go all over the robot but it doesn't hurt her. In fact she is the one that is doing it. He eventually lets go and she runs)

Derrick: whoa, theses are tough damsels

The robot recovers once again and goes towards Claire

Claire: please don't hurt me, I haven't done anything (she goes down on her knees and cover her face and the I big stock of vines and plants surround her like it was protecting her.) whats going on

The robot tries to cut through but more and more start appearing

Josh: now's our chance, lets get it

The boys run towards the robot and all attack at once, destroying the robot.

Josh: glad its over

Ron: are you okay (he helps Claire up)

Claire: yeah I'm fine

She and the other girls start to back away from them

Leon: hey its okay, don't be afraid, we aren't going to hurt you (he holds out his hand for Layla)

Layla: ok (she slowly walks to him but then she kicks him hard in his balls and they all start to run away)

Leon: ahhhhh (he lies on the floor, holding his parts) owwww! Don't just stand there, go after them

The boys chases them

Josh: hey wait up

Heather: back off

Josh: look we are just trying to help

Heather: I said back off (she holds out her hand and a fire blast comes from it and knocks Josh off and he falls on his back) I'm sorry I didn't mean….(she catches herself) I warned you

Josh: whoa you girls are amazing (he gets up)

Derrick: yeah you girls have some cool circuital powers. I have never seen anyone with fire circuits

Alana: circuits?

Josh: yeah circuits

Heather: does that explain me and the fire and you guys with the speed

Ron and Leon catches up with the guys.

Ron: wait you don't know what circuits are but yet you have them. They are basically like super powers, but that's what we call it

Layla: this is crazy, we are just normal girls

Leon: no normal girl can do what you girls just did. Besides you got a hard kick….ow (he holds his balls)

Heather: don't come any closer, we will call the cops

Ron: the cops, seriously, where we are from, all the cops do is hand tickets

Josh: look you girls aren't safe here, you need to come with us

Layla: we are not going anywhere with you

Josh: I told you girls, there is something special about you. We are trying to help you

Heather: no go away don't come near us

Derrick: let us jus…..

Heather: no! We don't know you guys, we never seen before. We are going to pretend this never happen

The girls start walking away

Leon: yeah go and then you start to lose control of your powers and set places on fire, blow the fuse, or turn the dance room to an indoor pool. We can help you control them

Layla: stop it! We don't have super powers, you guys are crazy

The girls walk away

Josh: let them go, this is going to be harder than I thought

The next day the girls check out of their hotels

Layla: I'm so glad to go home

Claire: me too

Alana: so much has happened with the "crazies"

Heather: yeah, I'm just ready to go home.

The girls all got in a taxi and were on their way home. The guys were watching on other side with their telescopes

Ron: they said they don't want our help

Josh: girls don't know what they want

Derrick: we gotta help them, they can be in even more danger

In the Galix world there is a villain named H3 who is man inside a computer that is able to travel through any device and he can see what the guys were doing

H3: can it be, the girls with the rare powers. They are the key to my freedom. They have to come to Galix, if people have to die, then so be it

To be continued