It's All Right, They're Just Insecurities.

The wood floor is cool beneath my feet despite the hot weather outside. Though it is the end of August, it's still boiling hot outside. Even in the dead of night, the air outside is thick and hot. I consider this as I stretch, my muscles contracting and my bones cracking slightly after my long night of slumber. I walk to my closet. I choose a floral cropped t-shirt and a pair of destroyed high-waisted shorts. I strip from my pajamas and slip the clothes on. The shorts nearly fall to my mid-thigh but not quite. For shoes, I decide on my favorite brown sandals. When I finish dressing myself, I wander into the bathroom to do my hair and make-up.

The bus doors hiss softly when the driver, Mr. Holloway, opens them. I stand up from my ripped seat in the back of the bus and watch as my schoolmates file off of the yellow vehicle. I smile as I see Lucas speaking with our friends outside of Riverdale High School - the high school that is also known as a living hell. He spots me over his friend's shoulder as I step off of the bus, and he smiles. Lucas jogs down the stairs and opens his arms to me. I nearly jump into them.

"Hey, sweetheart," Lucas whispers into my ear.

"Hi!" I am nearly breathless, and I brush my red hair from my face as soon as Lucas releases me. "I missed you."

"Yes," Lucas laughs, "I can see that."

My cheeks warm, and I shift my backpack off of my right shoulder and onto my left.

"How was your summer?" Lucas asks me, taking my heavy backpack and swinging it over his own shoulder. We had barely seen each other over break, talking mostly over Facetime and late- night phone calls.

"Good! We went to the beach - you already know that. Um... Oh! I learned to surf."

"Awesome, you'll have to show me sometime." Lucas lives about fifteen minutes from the beach, which is perfect because we both love the water.

"Will do. Can we go inside? I want to organize my things."

"Of course, let's go."

As we pass through the doors of RHS, Lucas and me talk about our summer and we compare our schedules. The only class we don't share is Journalism. I love to write while Lucas loves to play football.

We walk down the hallway together, and eventually find my locker. I glance at my schedule, which has my new locker combination printed on it. 7-23-13. After a few turns and twists, I push up and the locker door swings open.

"What do you need to put in here?" Lucas asks me, handing me my stuffed backpack.

"My books, pens, pencils, toiletries, pictures, that kind of stuff."

"Can I help?"

"Sure, you can put my pictures up for me." While Lucas tapes up pictures to the faded metal, I stack my textbooks in the order of which my classes occur. History, Biology, Algebra 2, French, English, Journalism, and then Computer Science. My notebooks lay on top of the textbooks, and my pencil pouch sets on top of them. I glance over the pictures Lucas hung for me; then, I nod in approval.

"Thanks, Luke."

"No problem. Anything for you." Lucas kisses me on the cheek, explains to me that he needs to put his football uniform in his gym locker, and sprints down the empty hallway. After Lucas leaves, I return to the parking lot to wait for Sophia. Sophia is my absolute best friend.

When I was in the sixth grade, I entered Smalloak Middle School scared and friendless. While I sat alone in homeroom, Sophia Marson pranced into the room. She sported a pair of white Converse and a black floral t-shirt dress. Her curly brown hair was pinned neatly to the side of her head in a braid.

I was reading a Gossip Girl novel when Sophia plopped down beside me and snatched my worn book from between my hands.

"Gossip Girl. Huh, I only watch the television show. My name's Sophia, who are you?"

This one sentence sparked a friendship of five years - today is our five year anniversary. My heart races as Sophia's mom's minivan screeches into the parking lot. Sophia climbs out of the backseat. Her once curly brown hair is now blond and straight, and Sophia is deeply tanned. Her white wedges match stylishly with her cut-off shorts and "The Sass is Real" floral t-shirt.

As soon as Sophia spots me, her denim backpack hits the pavement and we are racing toward each other. We embrace one another, smiling and panting and sweating.

"We're sophomores!" Sophia exclaims, beaming. Her emerald eyes sparkle with confidence and excitement. Sophia loves school - I think she just loves to socialize.

"Yes, finally! What's your locker number?" I ask Sophia. Our last names are almost the same except mine is "Martin" and her's is "Marson," so our lockers are always close.

"Crap. I totally forgot. I think it's like 623 or 624. Let me check," Sophia picks up her backpack, saving it from the dirty pavement. The young girl pulls out a blue and white folder, and her eyes quickly scan the crumpled piece of paper. "My locker is 622, yours?"

"Mine is 628," I am still excited, even though our lockers are apart.

"Bummer." Sophia pushes through the large double doors while throwing her long hair into a ponytail. "You still coming over tonight?"

"Is that even a question? Of course I am!" Ever since the sixth grade, I have always ventured over to Sophia's house after the first day of school. We'll discuss our new teachers, who had the best first-day-of-school outfit, and what classes we're most excited for. Sophia laughs and loops her arm through mine, dragging me down the now crowded hallway.

"Exc-use me, freshies!" My best friend's voice rings out loud, clear and confident. Many young teenagers, who had previously been looking over their schedules frantically, look up with wide eyes.

"Awh, Soph! Give them a break. It's their first day of highschool, they're scared. Remember how frightened we were?"

"I remember how scared you were." Sophia and I reach her locker, and Sophia puts in her new combination without a problem. Sophia Marson did not play around with school. She memorized her new schedule, locker combination, and planned her outfits for the first week of school weeks before school even started - Soph is a bit OCD.

"Well, madame, we all can't be as prepared as you were. I mean, geez. You plan out everything. Everything!"

"... Not everything…." Sophia say defensively as she places her last book into her locker.

"Girl, you went shopping for your first-day-of-school outfit in July." Sophia's lip pouts and she walks away from me with a playful attitude. I run after her, and when I catch up to her, I slap her butt - hard.

"Hey!" My eyes glisten with amusement, while her green eyes glisten with revenge. I scream and take off running, leaving my best friend to chase after me.

"And this semester you'll be writing a five page report, also we'll be reading Julius Caesar…." My new English teacher's, Mr. Shaden, voice drones on and on. My phone buzzes in my lap and I glance down.

Lucas: God, he is boring! Talk about snoozeville.

Me: I know, right? Ugh. And to think I used to like English class.

Lucas: Gross, really? It's so boring.

Me: No, Mr. Shaden is boring.

Lucas: I beg to differ.

I begin to respond to my boyfriend when the shrill sound of the bell rings, signifying the beginning of lunch. Students swarm out the classrooms, and they pile into the hallways. I feel a harsh slap on my butt and spin around to face Sophia, who is wearing a large grin on her face.


"Sophia! I hate you!"

"Hey," Sophia says, smirking, "You started it."

I say nothing in return as we part ways, each of us heading to her own locker. I set my backpack in my locker and grab my pink and black lunch box. When I enter the lunch room, it is buzzing with the excited murmurs that always accompany the new school year. Lucas waves toward Sophia and me, and we make our way over to him. He's sitting with his friends from the football team, and they are all sharing a huge plate of fries. I grab a small one and bite down on it. The warm, crispy flavors explode onto my tongue.

"Hey, there you are. I kinda lost you in the crowd back there." Lucas grins at me.

"Yeah, I was walking with Soph."


Our lunch period is filled with laughter and new gossip. I am biting into my last Oreo when the bell rings. Lucas pecks me on the cheek, and he's off to football practice. I toss my trash into the bin and follow Sophia out of the crowded cafeteria.

As I reach my locker, I turn the knob and pry it open. A small piece of paper flutters down and falls at my feet. A letter from Lucas, how sweet is he? Smiling like an idiot, I lean down and pick up the paper. My smiles fades, however, as I read what is on the note. It is definitely not a letter from Lucas. Tears pool in my eyes as I read the huge, childlike scrawl that is scratched across the paper. Sophia walks over to me, waiting for me to walk her to sixth period.

"What is that?" She asks me. However, before I can answer she rips the paper out from between my hands. "'Lila, stop trying so hard to be perfect. Everyone knows how ugly you really are. I mean, do you really think that anyone likes you? You're just a bit-'"

"Stop." I cut Sophia off before she can read anymore of the letter. "It doesn't matter." I take the paper back and rip it into shreds.

"That's my girl! Strong and confident." My friend beams at me as she takes my hand and pulls me down the hall. "Nothing fazes you!"

Yeah… they're just words…. No big deal.

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