Danica Ellison was at rock bottom in her life. She felt like she was going to fail in college, she fought often with her mom, she believed no man would ever love her, her self esteem was really low, she often drank to find a release from her problems and she saw there was no light at the end of the tunnel

She tried to plaster a smile on her face which would sometimes be genuine. Most mornings, she woke up feeling worse than she had ever felt, part of it to do with her drinking from the night before. This would then follow with the reminder of her misery. She sometimes wished she would die and she also thought, "If I died, I don't think anyone would give a crap"

Danica did try to kill herself when she was seventeen. She thought her life had become so unbearable that she swallowed a whole bottle of pills. Luckily, her mother walked in on time and forced her daughter to make hersaelf sick before the pills could absorb into her system. It was at that point Danica's mom figured out something was wrong with her

Danica's mother had begged her daughter to seek help but she didn't want to hear about it. Danica knew deep down something was wrong with her but she didn't want to admit this. This was beginning to upset her in recent weeks. She had started college and moved into a new apartment but she never really connected with her roommates and shut herself off from them. She was also given essays in college but because of her lack of motivation, she always crammed at the last minute

She would spend most nights drinking heavily in her bedroom, often finishing off bottles. She drank as a means to shut herself off from reality and forget about her problems for a while. She sometimes even skipped lectures as she felt her spirit was slowly draining away from her. "What's the point? I'll only fail anyway!" She always felt sad and empty and tried everything possible to be happy but nothing seemed to work

Her last relationship ended three months ago when her boyfriend told her he never cared about her and that sex was the only good thing about their relationship but only when done in the dark as that way, he didn't have to look at her. Another relationship that was deteriorating was her relationship with her mom

Her mother suspected for years that something was bothering Danica but she would never want to talk about this and she would get really angry as a result. All Danica wanted to do was lock herself in her room and cry. She believed she would never be happy and that only darkness was coming her way

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