Inspired by the character Rayon on Dallas Buyers Club Rayon He looks in the mirror and sees only sees her She is beautiful and graceful and wrapped in fake fur Her long curly locks flowing in the breeze Of the oscillating fan in the corner...he falls to his knees His asks God to forgive him and he puts on some lipstick and base He puts on a tight sweater and a short skirt and makes up his face He puts on his stockings and puts on his 3 inch heels Looking at himself again he smiles and kneels He bows his head and prays he will be safe tonight He grabs his keys and goes out the door and turns on the light Another night prowling the clubs and fighting off advances Returning jeers and sideway glances Dancing laughing and drinking whats on special with another stranger Sometimes getting beaten up and being in danger So he gets sick and knows he is going to die one day He lives his life proud to be another gay Then a man in a cowboy hat tells him there is hope More time and more people to help cope Fast money and a hotel room Biding his time until his relentless doom He will be a beautiful angel in heaven spreading his wings Watching over those in need and despair he sings Lullabies to those who are about to die And guides them home and helps them say goodbye Caitlyn Starr Carrington 2014