Absently the winter king drummed his fingers on the throne. Before him two of his fae were arguing tearing each other apart. Wrath was a beautiful emotion blanketed with passion, and it hadn't taken much to prompt them to begin to fight. One of them had already had one of his legs torn off and was limping on the remaining three. The silvery blood that spilled was mouth watering-but he simply didn't feel the typical pleasure that he would find from such a scene. Even as the smaller faery was pinned screaming as a long taloned hand began to tear out his innards Seth was untouched. Quite frankly, he was bored.

And that simply wouldn't do.

Rising he walked past the pair ignoring them. Members of the court whispered to each other as the king left curious why he would leave behind such entertainment. No sooner had he left the room though then the thin veil of control they wielded snapped setting them free to descend upon the injured faery. Shrieks echoed behind him as the helpless fae was torn apart. The king had other things on his mind. He had to find a new way to entertain himself. The ladies in his court were very pleasing of course, and plenty of them creative in ways that could send a shudder of pleasure up his spine just thinking about it. None of that was what he craved just now though. What he wanted was simple, pure. Someone to corrupt and pull into a slave for him.

What he wanted was a human.