For two days Alicia was left alone to imagine what was ahead of her. Why had he taken her? Where was she? How had they managed to leave London behind? Why wasn't he here doing whatever he was planning to her? Why had he just decided to leave her alone locked up in her new 'home'? She felt as if she had come face to face with her worst nightmares. The sounds she heard outside her door were strange, clicks and growls and what sounded like beasts roaming the halls. Was she in a nest of demons? Rogues? Murderers?

When she thought she couldn't take the strain any longer the door opened. Alicia looked up from where she had been standing imagining there was a window. There had been little else for her to do in this room but think. Her face paled as her captor entered the room, definitely no longer the gentleman. His outfit was...she wasn't sure there were words for it. Comfortable black pants hung on his hips looking like they were ready to slide off and emphasized his muscles before the fabric relaxed giving him enough room to move comfortably. He wore a thin white blouse on top the sleeves rolled to expose firm tan muscle, more the kind she'd expect from a hard working commoner than nobility. Even worse was the cut on the neck of his shirt exposing a good portion of his chest. It was clear he was in good shape, and she hated how easy it was to imagine just what his chest would look like underneath-smooth and as solid as the rest of him.

Cold blue eyes snapped at her sending a shiver down her spine. He still had that easy air around him as if he was fully in command of what was around them instead of a no good ruffian that had kidnapped her using what she was sure was magic. He had to be a devil of some sort to do such a thing. Alicia backed up into the bed wishing that it was more solid. Images of the man seizing her and forcing her over on the bed ran through her mind. She didn't want that! She didn't want to be ruined that way, to never be looked at by a real man and sold to whoever would be willing to bear the stain on her name. Eyes wide she watched as he came closer to her his steps almost cat like the way he moved. Reaching her he brushed her cheek gently. Alicia turned her head away. She did not want this man touching her.

"How have you been finding your stay?" His voice was polite as if he actually did care how she would answer. Alicia glared at him trying to melt the ice in his eyes.

"Horrible. I've been locked up in a strange place with no explanation and no contact with anyone for three days! You used enchantment to bring me here! Of course, if you actually cared you wouldn't have kidnapped me in the first place!" He didn't flinch once during her tirade. In fact he seemed amused by it a small smile dancing across his features. He stroked her red hair gently tangling his fingers in it.

"I do apologize. I had business I had to attend to. I am a very busy man," he shrugged, "but I will try and make time for you when I can. I wouldn't want you to get bored." The smirk he gave her promised that whatever he had in mind for entertainment was not anything she'd want. Alicia tried to pull away from his hand her eyes widening with fear.

"Please sir...please let me go. I swear I have done nothing to deserve such treatment, and my family is honest. If you let me go..." Alicia cast about desperately in her min for something her captor might like, "my father can pay you for my safe return." The man's smirk only widened.

"My dear girl, I have no use for your family's petty fortune. I can easily have anything I want."

"Then what do you want?"

He ran a thumb gently over her lips. "You." Alicia choked back a sob refusing to look at this man. He wanted her. What for? Again her eyes shifted to the large bed. Tears began to blur her gaze. He would destroy her.

"If...if you wanted me you could have come to my father to ask to court me properly," she pleaded desperately. Please let that be what he would want. Please let that be enough for him to let her go. He shook his head, and the dam broke. Alicia's tears flowed over her cheeks. She didn't want to be raped. She didn't want to be forced and abused until he bored of her and threw her away. Gentle arms wrapped around her, and without thinking she buried into them seeking comfort.

"There, there," he soothed, "I would never force you." Alicia froze. It had felt safe and warm in his strong grip, but she'd forgotten. He was such an excellent actor. He had lied to her and stolen her away. How could she cry in front of him? Tears still flowing she trembled.

"I'll wait until you're ready." In a twisted reflection of how her father would have acted he kissed her tears his tongue licking at her face to taste the salty skin. He grinned at her.

"Is that all?" The man looked at her expectantly for her to answer his question. Alicia shook her head numbly.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow for lunch." Grinning he waved to her and turned to leave.

"Wait!" Alicia grabbed his shirt and hung on tight. She couldn't be left alone again so soon. She hated him, but she was never alone like this. The room was so strange, and she missed her father, and her maid, and her valet, and even her stuffy chaperone. He looked at her, again that strange amusement flickering in his eyes.

"Just...tell me your name?" Alicia hated the way her voice twisted begging for this simple answer from the man.

"They call me Seth. Yours, my lady?" He smiled at her, again deceptively warm. She quivered.

"Alicia, sir. Alicia Whitham."

"A beautiful name." She almost smiled at the compliment, but too quickly he twisted free of her grip. She blinked and he was gone, the door closed behind her.