A series of one shots and short stories based in the world of Prospero. It is mean to add lore to the world. They explore the cultures, history, horrors, and endless possibilities of the world. Come explore it all from the tales of men in the trenches of war to the thieves in Hissele, the city of lies itself.

Here are the previews that I wrote for each of the stories. I figure this would best let you get a sense of the stories so you can pick up which ones interest you.

Dewynter's trial (1) (created 11/22/2014)

A one shot for a school lit mag. inspired by Inuit myth and culture added in a self created world Aseret Dewynter, a witch hunter, returns home for the harvest end feast. He may see those he loves again. Home coming is short as a witch strikes for reasons unknown. His purposes must be malevolent like all witch kind, mustn't they? Must they? What could the witches words mean? Third story ever written in The Magistate universe

Templorum (2) (created 10/5/2012)

The first story ever created in the world of Prospero, from A time I just began writing so do not expect much. The Templar Knights are the greatest warriors of The Magistrate, warriors bonded by blood, yet not all of them are of the same mind when it comes to the unity and actions. Such disunity though cannot be allowed to stand within their ranks. For those who turn from The Magistrate, there is one answer. now they fight their order.

World Unseen: The Church p1, p2, & p3 (3-5) (created 7/23/2016)

Faith and knowledge are powerful things, some powers though are corruptive and unnatural. A simple priest is granted a piece of knowledge that no men should hold. His mind begins to fall apart even as he watches all that he loves slowly be consumed. Unsure how to secure his world, he is unsure, but he wants nothing more to secure his world, but will the knowledge he has moved against him. Broken up for length reasons.

I know not where next I shall walk (6) (created 8/29/2017)

A poem that was written by a soldier during one of the Magistate's most damaging wars. The Bastard's Blood war. It is just the musings of a one Ivan Yorke as to the battlefields that he has seen, what he has done, and wondering where next he and his troop shall be sent next.

In Unlikely Places (7) (created 9/10/2018)

Fionnbharr, a young man moves through the streets of the city of Saliasoa in hopes to get a bit of medicine for a group of sick children, when the night takes an unexpected turn.

Three Rubies (8) (created 5/2/2018)

A poem of a young man reflecting on the final moments of his schooling, the fact he never truly enjoyed the gardens and its ruby colored trees.

where the crescent lily flies (9) (created 11/15/2018)

Soldiers' marching poem for the men of the free meadows. They sing of hopes, horrors, of brothers and sons.

The Shadowcaster (10) (created 8/6/2018)

A shadow mage practicing her magic for the first time.

The Pup (11) (created 5/18/2020)

A young man is saved by an unlikely ally when walking home as the son begins to set and the beasts come out.

More stories coming soon.

Check out The Codex Magistratus if you want to learn about this world or Trials of the Witch Hunter if you want to see my full length story in production.

If you have interesting concepts for stories pm me and I might work it into the world