Dear Friends,

I recently discovered that the first story I ever published on FP, Mein Herr, was stolen and published on Amazon/Goodreads as "Taming Mr. Player: A Billionaire Romance." This was done with neither my knowledge nor my consent.

Although I have not worked on this story in a few years, I was devastated to learn that a story and characters I had put so much time and thought into had been stolen and passed off as someone else's work. Perhaps I should be angry, and maybe one day I will be, but for now I simply feel heartbroken. Fictionpress has always been a place where I was able to share my stories and thoughts. A community that motivated me to keep writing and overcome my fatigue and writer's block. I had actually just started writing again, for the first time in five years.

Because of this event, I have removed all of my stories from the Internet. I probably should have done this long ago, but I was naive and all too trusting of the community that existed here. If I ever do publish Mein Herr, or any of my other stories professionally, this page will be the first to know.

Thank you to all of the fans and supporters who have followed my writing on this website and sent me messages of encouragement and constructive criticism. Losing you will be the most difficult part of this.

And please, do not plagiarize other people's work. Not only is it hurtful, but it is incredibly illegal.

Kind Regards,