The searing pain started its toll halfway through the day. Then they only whipped me more. I stood and continued working through the pain. "You holding up okay, Little Sky?" Yami asked me.

"I'm fine," I snapped, angry from the whippings.

"Come on Sora, don't be so angry," Hikari chided. "We can't help it."

"If all the old people hadn't been offed, then we could fight our way out of here…" I mumbled to myself.

"You say it so casually…" Hikari looked sad.

"I-I'm sorry I-" I was interrupted by the whip against my back.

"Keep working!" the automaton yelled.

"Grrr…" I contained my rage as I continued.

"You may leave your work. You cannot escape, this island is impenetrable," the automaton repeated its daily speech announcing sleep time.

I stayed up and walked to the edge of the rocks. They pinched my bare feet and I had to brush them off when I got there.

"I wish…to leave this place…" I muttered to myself.

"I hear you," Yami's voice echoed on the waves as he sat next to me. "We'll escape, don't worry."

"I hope so."

"There's no hoping about it. We're going to get off."

"And I'm going to help."

"That's more like it!" his eyes brightened in anticipation. "But not right now."

"Why not? Can't we just swim away?"

Yami shook his head. "Hikari doesn't know how to swim. And the automatons don't exactly give us time to practice."

"I was going to say that there were automaton sharks in the water around the island."

"That too."

"Guys?" Hikari's tired voice echoed as she approached as well. "What are you doing up so late."

"Can't sleep," I said quickly.

"Probably because you haven't dressed today's wounds."

"Yeah, yeah…"

"You know how many old people died because of infections."

"I know, I know…but my soul can protect me from sickness, remember?"

"Still, you can never be too careful," She smiled a little and ripped a piece of her pants off, padding the still wet blood from my back. Yami reached into the water and poured what he had cupped in his hands onto my back, cooling it immensely.

Yami and Hikari were twins, born on the same day of the same year, brother and sister, black and white, yin-and-yang, etc.

They had the power to turn into blades, or swords, whatever. Anyway, Hikari turned into a lighter sword that was easier to wield and Yami turned into a heavier one, allowing for more damage with each hit.

"There, all better."

"Yeah, but I'll have more by tomorrow night either way, so what's the point?" I grumbled.

We then heard rumbling coming from the tower. We all turned and saw a fire. I got an instant rush of adrenaline. The others were revolting. Yami nodded to me and turned into a blade for me to use, and Hikari soon followed, picking up the same idea. I ran inside wielding them.

The others who had powers were fighting the automatons, barely pushing through them. I helped, making a hole in the automatons' lines, allowing for the others to pour through.

"Come on!" I yelled back. "We just have to make it to the top!"

After another minute of fighting, everyone stopped dead, frozen in fear. I looked up and saw what they were afraid of.

She looked like an angel with devil's eyes, with cold malice shrouding any form of mercy. "Pft, useless worms…" she muttered before snapping her fingers and summoning more automatons. "You think you have the right to stand up to me? A god?"

The automatons started to push us back. We were forced to the wall. "Tch, I've had enough of this," it muttered, walking closer, the ground shaking with every step. "Say your last prayers, but just know that I won't be answering them," she clapped her hands and everything went white. "Enter the Realm of Nothingness…"

The white blinded me, shrouding my vision and making me lose where I am, but suddenly I couldn't breathe. Assuming I was underwater, I started kicking my legs and swimming up, but my legs felt like jelly and I couldn't support both me, Yami, and Hikari with my arms alone.

I then heard a soothing voice. "No…you mustn't disappear just yet. Give it a couple more years, and then you are allowed to die. For now, however, you will live. Trust me, my friends with bring you to safety. I'll be waiting for you."

When my vision became clear once again, I was on a beach and it was incredibly cold. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. Wasn't it summer still?

I saw Yami and Hikari lying beside me, still in their weapon form. I picked them up. "Hey, can you change back? Hello?" I said to them. They didn't change back and they couldn't respond in any way in this form. I shook them a little. "Hey! Come on, stop trying to scare me…Hey!"

Author's Note:

Expect one of these at the end of pretty much every chapter. These will be for the purpose of explaining my reasoning on why I wrote this in the direction that I did, or maybe some insight in some of how I imagined up to characters. Now, some of you may be disappointed in that Yami and Hikari will not be characters fro basically all of this story, but I will introduce many other, don't worry.

I want to talk about the goddess because this is a good a time as any to do so. This goddess, from my other works in the same cannon, in named Kenkyo, which for the life of me I can't remember what it means. She is the goddess of the living. In this cannon, even gods cannot travel freely between the godly realm and the mortal realm. Once they have entered the mortal realm, they need another god's help in order to return to the godly realm. You can tell why she was pissed now.

I'm a big fan of irony and clever puns or names. I like the concept of dark wielding light and vice-versa. So with the goddess of the living going bad is one of many of these instances.

Anyway, this was one of two prologues so look forward to the next, introducing the other main character!