6:32 PM, 7-29-14

Aside from my laptop getting ready to start wheezing, thinking about embarrassing things that happened months ago, and like, the climate-change or whatever, things are cool for now.

It's all excessive daydreams and alternative rock music, brothers and sisters. Insert subtle double-thumbs-up.

For real though, I have nothing better to do than indulge in fantasy while listening to Surfer Rosa.

Therapy is going well. School's coming up. I feel better about myself. This is good.

Also, I think I might finally post a new story? Like, an actual story as opposed to shitty garbage poetry I normally put out that no one reads anyway? (But to the ones that do - thank you very, very much.)

I used to write stories all the time. It's been a while. I dunno. It'll probably be shit, but I've decided I don't care. I'll write because it makes me feel good. It doesn't matter what comes out.