I will confess to you

my pain,

Until each piece of glass is out,

Every scar from healed wounds has faded,

And every loosened chain has been discarded.

I will let go of

all the unhappiness and distrust.

There is no room for it. Not anymore.

I was a boring old textbook

Born and bred at school,

for the nonexistent IQs,

for the judgmental juveniles,

and the pretend perfects.

They saw my paper thin cover,

But they ignored all the pages.

Just wrote in lies and assumptions.

I wasn't real

in their distorted eyes.

I hid in Notre Dame

to hide my shame.

They laughed in my face.

I was the best of jokes.

They erased my voice.

I was noise not worth hearing.

I speak of the agony

of not belonging,

not just being left out,

but pushed out.

I've been dumb and hopeless.

I've been selfish, hurtful, and wrong.

Now that each stitch has

Been removed,

Can I move on?

Because I am in a sanctuary better

than anything they could have ever offered.

This world understands,

You understand, right?

I've been over the sad part,

I've played my violin,

I told my story of self-pity.

I'm ready to fast-forward to

happily ever after.

I confessed my sorrow

and received my condolences.

Now I just want to

skip to tomorrow.