Bang! A gunshot. Step, step. Running. Slash! The slice of a sword. Blood on the walls they were in the middle of. A fallen dead carcass. A girl, a man, a thought. "Why would a human save someone like me?"


Halfsie. Half animal, half human. Humans detest, and look down on the halfsies. The halfsies are not too different from the humans. But in the world, the ones who are different in looks and skills are not usually liked by the crowds. Having animal ears and sometimes a tail, and having better senses. If they were wearing a hat, you could never tell.

Kaori did that. She wore a hat to cover her ears, and hid her tail under her sweatshirt. Always a sweatshirt, shorts, knee socks, and a hat. Kaori wasn't comfortable in any other clothes.

Let me tell you about this girl. Kaori Shiina, age 15. A halfsie, half human, and half dog. She doesn't go to school, but she did up till junior high. Her work, is helping people find lost items. Being half dog, she has an incredible sense of smell and can move very swiftly. But she also has her own special skill, she is very good at going around un-noticed. She can become one with the masses and blend in.

When not working, Kaori would usually be wandering the city, or at the public library. She liked the noise of the city, but also the quiet of the library. She would read countless books, but would also take naps there. It was better napping there than sleeping at the abandoned motel where she lived. Kaori had no family to return to. She did once, but not anymore.

Kaori had just finshed a job. She was going around town putting up posters about her lost and found service. It was starting to get dark. She had to be careful, a 15 year old girl can't wander around at night and be careless. She was trying to find the quickest back to the motel. She was running through alleyways, but was stopped when she saw someone in front of her. There was a man. He walked up to Kaori, and tried to steal her backpack. People say that when you are being mugged, you need to just give them your stuff, because your life is more important. But Kaori couldn't do that. Her food money was in there, and without it she might starve.

She tried to fight. She kicked him, and the man backed away. Then there was a weird green light, and the man started to change. He turned himself into a bear. He is what is called a "rouge halfsie". They seem like normal halfsies at first, but then they turn into a wild beast. Rouge halfsies, are basically halfsies who can't control themselves.

Kaori screamed. For some reason, she couldn't move. She quaked with fear, she got really sweaty and took off her hat. "Halfsie, smells good" A vulgar voice came from the bear. It started running toward her, still Kaori couldn't move an inch. Bang! There was a bullet that zoomed past Kaori's head and hit the bear. She looked behind herself. There was a man with long hair, pointing a gun. Then he ran past Kaori and sliced the bear with a curved sword. Slash! Blood splattered, and the dead bear fell.

"Why would a human save someone like me?" Kaori thought. She looked at the man more closely. He had long silver hair, he was wearing a trench coat, and was holding both a gun and a sword. The man turned around and faced Kaori.

"U-m, thank you" said Kaori.

"Sure thing" the man replied.

"Is it dead?"

"Yes. Scum like that don't deserve to live"

"Why did you save me, can't you tell I'm a halfsie?" Kaori pondered.

"That doesn't matter. I don't think bad of halfsies. I only dislike the rouge ones" he replied.

This was the first time Kaori had met someone like that.

"If that's all then I'll be going.", the man started to walk away.

"Wait! What's your name?"

"It's Arouko Tsukasa."

"I'm Kaori Shiina."

"Nice to meet you."

Arouko started to walk away, but he stopped.

"Would you have any interest in learning more about me?" He asked. "

That would be really great", Kaori replied.

"All right then. I'll show you my organization."


Arouko led Kaori through alleyways, and the city. They went to the outskirts of the city. Then finally, they arrived to a mobile home district. There was a sign that said, "Halfsie Park".

Arouko brought Kaori to a house that was amidst the trailer homes. On the door there was a symbol, it was a diamond with R.H.H. on it. Beneath the letters it said, "Rouge Halfsie Hunters". They went inside. It didn't look like a normal house on the inside. There was a counter and behind it was what looked like an office. In one corner of the room there was a desk, and in the other a couple of chairs around a coffee table and a fireplace on the wall. "

Let's sit down.", Arouko told Kaori. They sat on the chairs.

"So what is R.H.H.?", Kaori asked.

"It is an organization to despose of rouge halfsies. People can come to our office and give us jobs to kill them. We have also gotten jobs from one of our connections at the police station."

"Are you the leader of R.H.H.?"

"No. Our captain isn't here right now. She inherited leadership of R.H.H. From the previous captain. But she's the one who created Halfsie Park next to our office building."

"What's Halfsie Park?"

"It is a place for halfsies to live. You probably already know that it is hard for a halfsie to find somewhere to live in the city."

"Wow. Does this mean I can live here? Is that why you brought me here?"

"I didn't bring you here just for the purpose of giving you a place to live. I would like to know if you would join the R.H.H."

"But why me? You saw when I was being attacked! I could barely move!"

"You don't have to attack. There are other things you can do that are more useful to the R.H.H."

"Like what?"

"Well 1st of all, you have an incredible sense of smell, right?"


"And you can move quickly, correct?"

"Thats correct, but that's not of use if I can't even move!"

"Then you would have to get over it. I am offering a paid job, after all. You could have a place to live, food to eat, and a job that pays pretty well. All you need to do is get over your fears."

"That's easier said than done."

"I can introduce you to someone who has done that, come with me." Arouko pointed to a door next to the counter.

Just what have I gotten myself into?