R.H.H. Chap 2 1 Arouko brought Kaori through the door. Past that was a set of stairs. They went up into what seemed to be a living room. "This is the lounge, we hang out here so the entrance is for dealing with clients only" explained Arouko. There were a few doors in this room. "The upstairs are also where the bedrooms are" said Arouko. Arouko walked up to a door and knocked on it. "Come on in!" said a cheery voice. There was a teenaged boy standing at the door. He had curly blonde hair with two bright white cat ears sticking out. He also had a white tail coming from behind him. "Cute!", Kaori accidentally burst out. "Why thank you!" replied the boy, "I'm Kouta Itaneko. Nice to meet you." Kouta smiled. "I'm Kaori Shiina. Nice to meet you, too." "Kouta, I brought Kaori here to see if she would join us. Can you tell her more about our work?", asked Arouko. "Sure. Well, my job is that I can sniff out the rouges, and I can fight them too. I see your half dog?" Kouta asked Kaori. "Yes." "Than you can do the same things I do. You can be a tracker, or a fighter." "I guess I could be a tracker, but couldn't I get killed fighting?" "That could happen, but you wouldn't half to fight alone. We could always back you up." "I guess so" "Is it maybe, that you aren't confident of the R.H.H.'s abilities?" Arouko asked Kaori. "Well, I saw you fight the rouge halfsie Arouko. So I can't say that I don't think your strong." "I have an idea!" exclaimed Kouta, "We can show you how strong we both are!" "How?" both Kaori and Arouko asked. "Me and Arouko can have a match!" "Alright then" said Arouko, "I see this is a challenge Kouta. Of course, I accept." 2 The three went outside into the yard. Arouko set down his gun. Kouta had brought a thin sword from his room. Arouko was holding his crescent moon shaped sword. The boys faced each other and Kaori stood on the side. "Whoever is first on the ground with a sword at their throat, is the loser." said Arouko. "Alright" Kouta agreed. "1, 2, 3, start!" Kaori yelled. For a little while, they stood there staring at each other. Then Kouta charged toward Arouko. He lunged his sword toward him. Clang! Arouko blocked it. Arouko spun around Kouta, and his sword was at his throat. Kouta pushed it away with his sword and backed up. Then Arouko ran past him, turned around, ran towards Kouta, and kicked him down. Koari blinked, and when she opened her eyes Kouta was on the ground with Arouko's sword at his throat. "Hmph. I win." said Arouko. Kouta jumped up. "Good match." The boys shook hands. "Now do you see Kaori?" Kouta asked. "Yes. I believe in your strength." "Kaori, if you wanna start as a tracker, that would be enough. If you train, maybe you will do the fighting someday." said Arouko. "I guess that could happen." Kaori replied. "Alright! If your gonna be joining the team, we better in you a room in the house to stay in." said Kouta. "She can stay in the attic bedroom. Do you have anything you need to get from where you live now?" asked Arouko. "No. I want to completely abandon that place." "Alright." Arouko brought Kaori to the attic bedroom. There was a bed and a dresser for furniture, and there was a window. It was a pretty small room, but Kaori thought it was perfect. "Okay then, I'll leave you alone." Arouko left the room. Kaori set her backpack on the floor, and hopped into the bed and slept. 3 "Yawn!" Kaori had just woken up. She thought everything last night had gone pretty quickly. She was attacked by a rouge halfsie, brought to halfsie park, Arouko and Kouta had a match, and she joined the RHH. She put on her sweatshirt and shoes, and headed to the lounge. Arouko was sitting on the couch. "Good morning, Arouko." said Kaori. "Mornin'" he responded. Kaori thought he looked tired, well, he did fight twice yesterday. "Is breakfast being made?" Kaori asked. "Yeah. Usa will bring it to us when it's done. I'll introduce you to her when she gets here" "Alright. Is Kouta still sleeping?" "Yeah. He tends to sleep in late. I mean, he is a cat after all." "That makes sense." Kaori sat down. "Kaori, will you help with a mission today?" Arouko asked "I guess so, since I AM a trial member. What will I do?" "You can help track the rouge halfsie we will be sent to kill. You just have to find in by smell, it probably won't be hard for you." "No, that won't be a problem." "Yawn. Good morning." Kouta walked out of his room "Good morning." Arouko and Kaori said together. I guess everyone had a long day yesterday, Kaori thought. Someone opened the door to the lounge. It was a girl with long black hair that covered her face, but she also had rabbit ears and a fluffy tail. She was also holding a tray with breakfast on it. She walked over and put the tray on the table and sat down. "Morning Usa. This is Kaori, our new trial member who I was telling you about last night." said Arouko to Usa. "Nice to meet you Usa." said Kaori. "N-nice to meet you." said Usa in a quiet voice. She seems very shy, Kaori thought. "Thanks for the food." everyone said and they started eating. 4 At ten-thirty Arouko brought Kaori into town. "Alright Kaori. Do you smell it already?" "Not yet." "Than we can wander around town until you do." "Sure." In one of the alleyways of the city, there were a couple guys with a halfsie. "You wanna set him off?" "Yeah, let's do it. We gotta get rid of these guys somehow.", say the two guys. The halfsie is terrified. "No don't! If you do that I'll never go back!" "Like that matters. Halfsie are scum, and I'll make you even worse so you'll get killed." One of the guys shove a pill down his throat, and they run. "Now he'll be spotted and killed on just a couple hours. Our job is done."