Imagine if you were in a field
With sounds you cannot ignore,
Imagine watching your dearest friends
Being killed in the ruins of a war.

Imagine if you were a small child
Saying goodbye to your Dad,...
Imagine never saying hello again
How your world would become so sad.

Imagine if the person beside you
Lost their special one,
Imagine the feeling of pain
Losing a life that has barely begun.

Imagine a new bride
Awaiting her special day,
Imagine a young soldier
Who didn't make his way.

Imagine a newborn
Who never knows his Dad,
Imagine explaining to brothers and sisters
Why they shouldn't be mad.

Imagine never knowing
If you will always be alright,
Imagine never knowing
If you will ever have to fight.

Imagine thanking God
For all he does each day,
Imagine saying prayers
For those so far away.

Take the time to care
And always be aware,
If your life seems down