Chapter One Queen's Quest


Magiere finally woke after a restless night, her husband hadn't shared her bed being back on his home planet of Pyrra. She had been up most of the night going over the recent data only now coming in from the encrypted computers on board the Morda ship they captured nearly five years ago. It had taken over four years to crack their language and code barriers, thanks to the tireless work by her father-in-law Dr. Morgan Dall and his team. It was only by sheer dumb luck they stumbled on a separate sub- code that revealed the existence of two other galaxies that the Morda were aware of but apparently hadn't visited. Since this discovery, queen Magiere had had this crazy idea of sending a ship out there to snoop around and see what was out there. Propelling this idea was the ancient Elvin legend that claimed there was a "lost" race of elves and Faerie folk out there somewhere with the possibility that their original home was "out there" somewhere.

The revelation of the two "missing" galaxies renewed interest in the old legends with a concerted push to mount an expedition to hopefully put to rest…Or confirm these stories.

Queen Magiere along with her mother and her advisors, both military and civilian had just spent the last week finalizing the last details of the expedition. The two "mystery" galaxies were dived into "Quadrant 8" and "Quadrant 9." The information gleaned from the Morda data files gave no clue as to anything of interest in either galaxy, so it would be strictly luck for the two ships going to the Quadrants.

Magiere was sending her best commander and dear friend Captain Druss Demlin and his ship the Battle star "Nessa" along with the long range scout ship "Inkara" into Quadrant nine. The scout ship was a new design based heavily on technology captured from the Morda. It was a Trigati class scout ship modified with an enhanced proton pulse drive as well as plasma cannons and hunter killer missiles. The crew was hand picked, including a human.

Denchy Gambein; A Commander in the Star Riders and friend of Magiere's. Queen Magiere was especially eager to get Denchy, the woman could think for herself, very independent, and well respected.

Gretchen Geardot; The first human to be picked for a position such as this. Gretchen graduated top of her class at the space academy, and was one of the first cadre members from Pyrra to serve on the Nessa when humans were first accepted to serve. It didn't hurt that she and Denchy were good friends and worked well together. Although Gretchen wasn't a member of the Star Riders, she is an accomplished pilot, engineer, and a Lt. Jr. Grade.

Fashar; One of the original team of pixies to serve on the Nessa. Noted for their highly developed intuition and visual recognition abilities she was an excellent addition to the crew, she held the rank of Ensign and took her duties very seriously.

Jina; A Faerie witch and the ships medical officer, although a civilian, Magiere turned to her old friend and crewmate Elansa for a recommendation. Jina's name was first off her lips. She also received recommendations from not only the Witch's guild, but Queen Kolee as well.

Gravin Tormish; Another Elf, a Lieutenant Commander and senior weapons officer aboard the Nessa. Gravin is also a self taught "expert" on all the old legends and stories. He speaks Old Elvish fluently, one of the few in Isseth who still can.