Queens Quest Chapter 36 Coming Together

"I think with help from Trick, Mal, and some of the others who seem interested in making a fresh start," sated Brie, "We can get people moved, and everyone back on the same page."

"Well I certainly hope so," I replied, then Jardis handed me a green metal box.

"What's this?" I asked,

"It is a collection of notes, excerpts, and translations from a very old book we have in our possession. Don't ask to see it as it is well hidden, and Seita has created spells around it that keep it from deteriorating any further. There are only two copies of this book; we have the other, which we use as a basis for our laws as well as guidance. Around two hundred years ago, two of our people took it upon themselves to sit down and copy as best they could the original book. In it you will find the original passage followed by a translation in Norse."

Taking the box over to the table, I carefully opened it revealing a leather bound book with ancient Elvin writing on it. Commander Tormish then carefully removed it from the metal box and laid it on the table.

"Mynce, as I turn the pages, copy each one," he stated.

"Will do commander," she replied, causing our Norwegian friends to jump and look to where the voice was coming from.

As he studied the book, and slowly turned the brittle pages, commander Tormish shook his head.

"This is absolutely incredible, I hesitate to try and translate at this time but I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the original writing I see here goes back to the very beginning. I see the translations but I cannot read Norse. Roughly translated, and I do mean roughly, the book is called "The leaving."

He continued to turn the pages as a yellow light showed over the tome.

"This is truly one for the scholars, I'm only picking up a word or two here and there."

"It's a chronicle of the great plague and the leaving of Álfheimr," said Jardis, "There's also a section dealing with codes and laws for some reason which is what we've taken from it." Then handing me another book, he said,

"This is a modern copy of the "Prose Edda," written back in the thirteenth century by a human named Snorri Sturluson. While it covers mainly human Viking lore and legends, there is much mention of we elves which will give you a little background. In it you'll see how our race is overshadowed by human mythology."

When Tormish finished with the book, he put it back into the box and handed it back to Jardis.

"We now have a full copy and can now make as many as we want, you might as well keep this." Jardis shook his head,

"No, we have a copy as well as the original, you take it."

"So what are you're plans for the future?" I asked.

Jardis looked around at his people,

"We will carry on as usual,"

"Not so fast," suddenly exclaimed Seita.

"I know that book as well as anyone, not only that, you will need someone to translate Norwegian. Not only that, I've just been speaking to "The Nain Rouge," about your world, I think I should like to see it before I die."

I looked at "The Nain Rouge" who replied,

"Perhaps Mythal will offer something for her as well." Seita's request to go with us caused a stir among the others, prompting Jardis to ask her,

"Are you sure this is what you want to do? What will we do for a healer?"

"Einfrid can fill in for me. While she hasn't the magical training, she has been assisting me long enough so that she understands healing."

It looked like our business here was finished, so after many good-bye's we lifted off, this time headed for Wales.

I know where Ciara is hiding," explained "The Nain Rouge. " It's a mountain called Garn Bodvan, in the northern part of the Llyn Peninsula, south of the small town of Nefyn. On the northern side of the mount is a thick woods where we will find a hidden cave, that is where we will find her." After considerable effort to locate this mountain, once we found it finding a landing spot was even tougher. We finally found a very small clearing on the opposite side of a small stream across from the woods.

Along with "The Nain Rouge," Grek, Brie, and Ginjeri would try and convince Ciara to come with us. Keeping in touch by communication devices, we followed their progress. Since it was the middle of the night around here, Ginjeri, and "The Nain Rouge," conjured up fairy light to show the way. At the stream, Ginjeri also "created" a magical footbridge allowing for a dry crossing.

Once they were across, Ginjeri called over the COM device that she was picking up traces of magic.

"She has been here; we are following "The Nain," right now." Around an hour later, Grek's voice came over the communicator,

"We've found the cave, however there is a stone slab next to the entrance which Ginjeri has opened, and entered. I am remaining outside on watch." Every so often, he would call to report that they were still inside. Time started to drag especially when Mynce announced that dawn was an hour away. Finally, Grek called to announce that they were on their way back.

We watched the scanner, which showed five signatures indicating that Ciara was with them. As soon as everyone started to come aboard, four disgusted looks told me Ciara might not be here on her own volition. Grek seemed the most perturbed.

"I take it she didn't want to come?"

"No," grumbled Ginjeri, "She thinks we are kidnapping her back to Isseth. Commander, there is a very ancient underground site under that mountain. We were too busy trying to get through the webs and locks Ciara had thrown up but from what I saw, there is real treasure there, might be a good idea to get some scholars in there."

"So how did you manage to get her to come?" Ginjeri grimaced,

"Basically by wearing her down. With "The Nain," keeping her distracted, I was able to override her magical abilities. She's strong, but I'm stronger. The fact that the magical force is somewhat weaker here certainly helped. However, it isn't as weak as I thought it might be, which is probably why she came here. Right now Brie, "The Nain, and Jina are assuring her she isn't being arrested."

We then returned to the dreary wood near London where we dropped Grek and Brie off. Ciara seemed resigned to her fate, so I took a turn at talking to her.

"Ciara, how many times do we have to tell you you're not being arrested. Ginjeri and Jina think it would do you a world of good to return with us to Mythal where you can rejuvenate. "The Nain," is willing to give it a chance ,"

"Will I ever see home again?"

"That's a silly question, of course you will. Look Ciara, "The Morrigan" is dead, and from what I'm hearing from Trick and Grek, London is changing, with the Fae facing another threat. They are going to need both you and "The Nain," to help them through this. It's not a question of light or dark anymore but of one race. "The Nain" now recognizes this, along with Trick, Grek, and Brie." She seemed to calm at this point, but perhaps it was more of a case of resignation.

"She's just worn out," observed "The Nain," "We all are."

"Well I think a little time in Mythal will go a long way towards relaxing your minds, a short vacation, a fresh perspective, and you two will be ready to jump back into the fight once more," I tried to point out.

Everyone was at our final meeting, Brie, Malcanthet, Trick, Grek, Omri. Unlike our first one, everyone was now "on board," all realizing that they had to work together if they wanted to solve any of their problems. During a private session with Trick and Grek, I handed Trick a small leather bag of diamonds and gems.

"The contents of this little bag are to be used strictly for re-locating individuals and families, not for personal enrichment," I explained.

"I'm not sure when we will be back, but rest assured, we will so I will expect to see a very accurate accounting of all funds, is that clear?"

"It is commander," replied Trick, "Rest assured, I will make sure every pound and penny is accounted for."

"Only those with a true need will be given assistance."

"So what's the general plan,?" I asked.

"Well I guess we start moving out to Biggin Hill, along with finding everyone, word's really gotten around about my new place, we're seeing new faces every day." He then sighed deeply,

"No sense denying it commander, we've got a long road ahead of us but we also have hope which will help to see us through." Trick's face then lost all expression as he added.

"You realize commander that if you hadn't had shown up more than likely we'd all be dead now. Sure, the Morrigan would have prevailed…for a short time but the humans would have defeated her in the end. Thanks to you and your efforts our race will survive."

He then handed me a note,

"I sat down and penned this while we were flying here. It's for queen Maguire's eyes only, but if you must know it's an apology, we all signed it. You can also tell her…well maybe when everything gets back to normal she has an open invitation to visit us. Anyway, once again, thanks for all your help." Then turning to the others he wearily exclaimed, Time to go people, we've got a lot of work ahead of us." Grek then came up to me and shook my hand.

"Commander, I had you and your friends figured all wrong for that I apologize. I'll make sure every pound and shilling from those jewels is well spent and accounted for." Finally, it was Brie's turn as she gave me a hug, and handed me a letter.

"It's for Kendi, er I mean queen Kendi god I just can't get over that. Anyway, thank you for all that you have done. I know I'll be working harder than I ever have before but I know we can do this. One last thing, when you or someone else comes again land at King Brian's place I intend to remain close to him. We could be anywhere but he will always know where we are."

After everyone had left, Jina and Ginjeri reversed the spells turning off the gloom and the rain. With everyone ready to go, we didn't waste any time getting out of there. Once we were well on our way back home I called an informal meeting involving Mynce, Ciara, "The Nain Rouge," Seita, Ginjri and Jina. Ciara, "The Nain," and Seita had managed to get some rest along with something to eat so were feeling much better.

"I think once you all get to Mythal you can truly relax, and once again be among your own kind."

Then Ginjeri added,

"Mythal is a place unlike anything you have ever experienced, it is a place of rejuvenation, you'll see."

We talked more about Brie and Trick as well as Seita telling us stories of her people. Ciara now realizing that she was not under arrest began to open up about the underground ruins in Wales and the secrets they held.

"Over the centuries, the humans have desecrated most of them," she explained

"Originally the Leprechaun's had agreed to protect these places but over time forgot their obligations. Now King Brian pretends as if the obligation never existed. Fortunately, there were some of us who didn't trust them and took steps to make sure many of the truly sacred sites remained hidden. I am prepared to reveal these sites but only to those that understand and treasure our past."

"I think we can guarantee that," I replied, "We have scholar's actively seeking, and trying to put the pieces of our past together. I'm sure at some point they will want to speak with you about this," I added.

By the time we reached home, our passengers were feeling much better about things. They felt even better when nobody came to arrest them and that all Maguire wanted to do was talk. She also alerted Kendi about the arrival of Seita, Ciara, and "The Nain." They received a tumultuous greeting upon their arrival in Mythal. Jina later told me all three cried at the welcome they received.

With all the information that came back from earth the scholars would be busy for a long time to come, but no one was complaining.

Right now, all of us are enjoying well-deserved leaves with no talk of a return to earth for some time to come.

Whether I and the others make that return journey remains to be seen, that is strictly something for the future."