This is an entry for Miss Valentina's March contest. Go check out her forum Monthly Writing Contests for writing contests a plenty. This short essay is just my opinion. You don't have to agree with me. :P


Today's Technology:

A good thing or a bad thing?

First of all, what is technology? iPhones, iPads, and iPods that help us with our everyday tasks and needs? Electronics that make life easier? Most of us in the world have at least one of this decade's new advanced electronics. Who says we need three or four?

Every day, more than 100,000-600,000 Apple products are sold to people around the world. Surprisingly, statistics show that more Apple products are sold each day than babies being born! Apple products and electronics such as the Kindle Fire or new notebooks/laptops from companies like Dell or Sony, are getting more popular by the year. The more new products all these companies are releasing, the more people will buy. Just think back to when the iPhone 5S was first released. In New York, their entire stock was sold out in less than 24 hours. Some of the people that waited in line for the iPhone, went home without it. if you think about it, it's rather astonishing how much they can sell.

Before you marvel at all the facts I have given you, stop and think. Even if electronics have become a daily part in humans' lives, there are things that even electronics can't do. Nothing is as good as curling up on your bed and reading a good book. One that can take you on an adventure that can entertain you even more than apps. If you're texting a friend, maybe next time you could schedule a hangout with them.(If your friends aren't halfway around the world or live far away from you. :P) Texting can't beat the experience of having your friends in front of you, not in front of a bright screen. Trust me, I'm sure some of us have seen this. When all kids want to do is stare at the front of their iPad screen all day, it's not really healthy. Sometimes you just have to stop and do something else.

While you are reading this, it might sound like I have a thing against electronic and Apple products. That's not true. In fact, one of my favorite things to do is barricade myself in my room with nothing but my iPod, phone, and laptop. So you're probably wondering, why the negative view on technology? I have nothing against any of those things. I'm just saying that maybe instead of playing with electronics all the time, we humans can just go outside or do things with our family and friends. Take time away from playing Temple Run and go to the park with your friends. Stop trying to beat your Flappy Bird highscore and instead go out for some ice cream. There are so many things you could do with your life besides sitting in front of a screen all day and entertaining yourself. Read many books. Sing. Dance. Laugh out loud. Live your life to the fullest. As my friends would say: