~ Maybe our time is up. ~



The wind dances with elegance, twirling about in the summer night. A dark blue canvas paints itself against the night sky, a few twinkling stars appearing in the meanwhile. No sun, no blue sky, only the night and moon in its few hours.


She clutches her phone tightly.


A tear slips from those bright blue eyes of hers.


"Stay strong."


"It'll be okay," a soft voice says in the midst of a vacant street.

An orange glow radiates off of the streetlights as a few cars zoom by quickly. No one pays attention to the girl standing alone. No one questions or even bothers to see if she's alright. No one worries for her safety or well-being.

No one.

There is no slight breeze or a welcoming sign in her line of sight. She's invisible and it's obvious her time here is . . .


Someone, someone's yelling her name.

"Claire, please! W-We need to talk! Just stay—"

Maybe, just maybe.

"—for a moment."

She can't.



"A moment isn't enough!" she yells, her voice echoing throughout the entirety of the streets. "I . . . I don't have that much time and you're only making this harder than it needs to be . . ."






She's gone before the sun even arises.


(233 wordcount) i was going to make this
a full-fledged story, but then
i decided not to.
it will happen one day and when
that day comes i'll finish that story.
it might not be this year though.
...so yeah.
you can come up with whatever you
want to imagine, i don't care all too
hope you enjoyed!

Best wishes,