Love that lasts

"Not again," I groaned as the school bully walked towards me.

"Trisha," he said with no sort of emotion. I meekly handed out my lunch box to him which he sniffed before opening. I hoped my mom had cooked something disgusting. By the way, I am Trisha Burns and this event had taken place when I was still a student of Almighty School. I was four and the favourite target of the fifteen year old school bully.

He put a piece of homemade cake in his mouth and immediately spat it out. I could not help the grin which spread across my face.

"Trisha," he roared making me wince. Then just as he was about to hit me, Tristan came up. Tristan my elder brother was my only friend. Eric saw him standing there and fled to the nearest bathroom. I went and hugged my brother.

Three years passed that incident and my brother left town to work in the city. I could not bear to stay away from him and fell ill. Tristan came back home and promised never to go away but still life in school had become a personal hell for me. I waited for my graduation year like a kid waiting for a Christmas present. Finally it came. Tristan, mom and dad came to the local school to see me graduate school and afterwards I started to work in our family bakery but my happiness was shattered when an accident took mom and dad from us.

Now Tristan was my only family. We worked hard to make the ends meet and even moved to a smaller house. Every day was a struggle to survive. Then the war broke out. Tristan relecuently went to fight. Now all I did was waited for it to end. Every single day I waited. I had lost all taste for happiness. All I wanted my was my brother back, laughing and smiling, brown locks of hair falling into his eyes and his green eyes twinkling with mischief.

One day a letter arrived saying that Tristan had died on the battlefield. My whole world came crashing down. At present I am living in an orphanage waiting for death, where I will meet Tristan again. I do not even know why I struggle to live when all I want is death. I know he would have wanted me to be happy but now it is impossible.

I put the letter in the envelope and hand it over to the orphanage owner- Miss Tori. She had asked me to write a letter to my pen pal. I do not even know who he or she is. All I know is that he is a friend of the foster family that might take me in. I know I should have written better to make an impression but I do not want to lie, I am broken and if they want to have me, they will have to accept me as I am. I get up as I wipe my tears and stare into space dreaming of my lost family.