My eyes slid over to look at Xander, who gave me a strange smirk-like smile, before he pushed the door open. Miss Waters had dressed me up in a ridiculous blue balloon skirt with a frilly lime green top. Personally, I thought I looked hideous in it, but Miss Waters insisted that Kiki was adamant about her visitors having a put-together appearance. I had been offended by that statement until I realized I was in desperate need for a bath.

We entered the room and I was surprised by the dimness of it. Small candlelight flickered against the walls, but I could find no signs of candlesticks. Xander stepped in after me, closing the door slowly. "Kiki?" he stepped into the room. "I brought Delimore."

A creak echoed through the room and I jumped back as the wall across from us slid to the side, the formerly steel wall hanging limply like a curtain. I blinked blankly as the form of a small girl came into view. "Welcome, Miss Delimore. I hope you are enjoying your stay?"

I blanched at the sound of her extremely mature voice. She smiled, "Surprised? Yes, I am quite small for my age."

"Which would be?"

She laughed like I had just made a joke, "Twenty-nine."


"Oh, please, sit," she motioned to the wall adjacent from us, where a coffee table and two chairs sat.

I pointed to the furniture, "That wasn't there before." When I turned back to her, she was gone. I looked around, seeing her sitting on one of the chairs.

"What...?" I mumbled softly, confused. "What's going on, Xander?" I glanced back and saw that the blonde was missing.

The woman took a sip of the tea that had appeared in her hands, "You are in my mind, Miss Delimore."

I blinked slowly as her smile became a little larger. She gestured to the chair and I slowly sank into it. "I guess the better way to explain it is that you are in a physical projection of my mind. You should at least know that Auras have an amazing mental stability?"

Slowly, I nodded. Kiki leaned back, "Well, my mental abilities exceed that of even Auras. I am able to project images into other people's mind. The only problem is that in the real world, I am in a coma."

My eyes widened, "That's terrible."

"With great powers come great consequences. You best learn that now, Miss Delimore," she ran a hand through her short brown hair, her gaze calculating. "I can tell that you have an immense amount of untapped Auric ability- mentally and physically. However..." her brows furrowed.

I leaned forward, "What is it?"

She closed her eyes, sighing softly, "Something about you is off, Miss Delimore." She opened her eyes and glanced at me sharply. "You are unique."


Kiki carefully nodded before standing up so fast that I jumped back. She paced back and forth along the room. "I assume you know about the Prismorph Project?"

"I don't understand, Miss Kiki."

"What were the participants in the Prismorph Project called, Miss Delimore?" she questioned, whipping her head to the side to looked at me.

"Uh... Morphixes?"

"Yes. Now, pray tell, Miss Delimore, why was it called the Prismorph Project?"

I thought back to all I knew about the Prismorph Project and shook my head, "I don't know."

"It was because there was one Morphix different from the others. One so powerful, she were sentenced to death instead of being banished from Utopia, like the remaining Morphixes."

The room suddenly lit up and what seemed to be holographic projections filled every available space. I looked at the nearest one, which appeared to be a newscast. The banner at the bottom displayed words in a language I didn't understand. Then, it switched to my native dialect. "Prismorph Project is failing. The Prism is sentenced to death."

I stood up slowly, my eyes scanning each and every projection. "The Prism is to die"; "Anika Tanner, the Prism, is sentenced to death"; "Rebellion against the government led by Anika Tanner, the Prism"; "The public fears for political figure Anika Tanner, the Prism"; "The Prism is dead"; "Revolts in Colorado, in memorial of Anika Tanner's death"; "Kirin Owens takes control of the Morphix Branch"; "War lost in the East; public is devastated"; "Paxton Poplar leads rebellion forces"; "The United States expected to fall"; "Is the Prism the cause of this?".

I stared at the last one, reading it out loud, "'Russia issues nuclear attack against America...' This is..." I looked at Kiki and she nodded.

"These are the events that led to the Downfall."

"Who's Anika Tanner?" I questioned, glancing at her name.

Kiki sighed, "The Prism. She was initially created to lead the Morphix's Branch and the invasion of the Eastern side of the world."

"What happened?"

"Anika was powerful; immensely so. She knew that what America's government was doing was wrong. She rebelled and for that, she was sentenced to death. The people who ordered the execution didn't realize that Anika Tanner was a well-loved figure by the public. She gave them hope. When she died..."

"They revolted," I answered.

Kiki bobbed her head, "At first, the government didn't worry about it. It was small revolts; protests and such. They were winning the East War, so they thought everything was going great for them until Kirin Owens took control of the Morphix Branch. Owens was Anika's closest friend; she purposely lost the War. Paxton Poplar, Anika's lover before her death, took advantage of the situation and organized the rebellion forces, which now included the Morphixes."

"Why did Russia order a nuclear attack though?"

She turned away, "America was prosperous before the East War and they still had allies by the time the East War ended. Citizens started causing trouble in their homelands and somewhere along the way, Russia fell into chaos. The Russians decided that they had had enough, so they issued the attack, which lead to America attacking them, which led to World War III. It ended the world as humanity knew it. And, here we are now."

"I don't understand though," I said, shaking my head. "Why are you telling me this?"

Kiki spun around to face me, "Anika Tanner had one child, a daughter named Faith Poplar. She married a man named Lake Melbourne."

I froze; my heart stopped, my breath caught, and the whole world seemed to freeze. Melbourne was my mother's maiden name, before she married my father. I stepped back, "N-no."

The older woman nodded, "You are a Melbourne, aren't you? That means you're the descendant of Anika Tanner, the Prism. Now, Miss Delimore, let me ask you this: Do you know how the Auric genetics work? No, of course you don't. The Aura genes are only passed onto the firstborn child, and only if that child is female."

"But, as far as I know, the women in my maternal family have never been firstborn."

Kiki smiled softly, "That means you might be the Third Generation of the Prism." she walked up to me, poking me in the chest. "You have more raw power than any other Aura in the world, Miss Delimore. All you have to do is learn how to use it."

I threw my hands up, "I don't know how to use my 'abilities'!"

She nodded, "But you will, Miss Delimore."

Before I knew what had happened, I was thrown back, landing on my bottom. I found myself back in the empty room and I glanced around. Xander stood in a corner of the room, staring down at a book. He looked up as I pushed myself to my feet. "Are you okay?" he questioned while he walked over to me. "You're shaking."

I rested my head on the palm of my hand, "F-fine. It's just a lot to take in."

"We should go," he suggested.

I nodded, taking a step. My legs gave out under me and Xander caught me moments before I collapsed. Black spots danced in front of my vision as I yanked myself out of his arms. "I'm fine," I snapped.

He rolled his eyes, "For an Arcadian, you're kind of a bitch."

I glared at him, "I am not a dog, you asshole. How dare you-" I gasped as a sharp pain rushed through my head.

"It's common to feel weird after first meeting Kiki," he told me.

"Thanks for the warning," I replied sarcastically, rubbing my temples. "So much to take in..." I mumbled.

Xander watched me curiously, "What happened with Kiki?"

I slowly stood and he steadied me by holding my arm. "N-nothing..." I answered. "It's not important."

I pushed his arm away before opening the door and hurrying out of the room. Xander followed close behind, "Wait, Delimore. Delimore! Aranda!"

When I spun around, I found him closer than I found comfortable, forcing me to take a step back. "What happened in there?"

"I told you: it's nothing. Now, go away."

"Do you even know how to get back to your room?"

I crossed my arms, turning away, "No; let's go."

He stared at my back, "Why would I want to escort you?"

I faced him again, "Don't offer help if you don't want to."

He looked away, his blue eyes holding a gleam of... Understanding? I waited for a moment, about ready to leave. When I turned to leave, he grabbed my arm. "Look, I understand if whatever Kiki told you was confusing. I know you probably want to deny it. I denied what she told me too. About my Elite alteration..."

I glanced at him, shaking my head. "I can't just come right out a say it, Xander. It's hard to explain. Can... Can you just take me to my room now?"

He paused before nodding and dropping my arm. "It's this way..." he bobbed his head in the opposite direction.

I nodded slowly while he walked away. I glanced at Kiki's door as we passed it, my head still spinning.

When I said goodbye to Xander, I closed my door behind me heavily, sliding down it's length until I was sitting on the ground. My eyes trailed over the room, so different from my own at London Heights. My eyes drifted over to the white folding table and chair in the corner. My old school uniform was folded neatly on top of it and I forced myself to stand. I gathered up the soft material of the shirt in my hands, my fingers clenching into fists. There was no color to the clothing. I let my fingertips trail along the coarse gray skirt and suddenly I felt like crying.

My family probably thought I was dead and they were going to pack up my possessions to bury in an empty coffin. They would travel to Shangri-La and throw the coffin into the ocean. My funeral would be for an alive person. I didn't want that. I walked over to my bed.

I had barely when someone knocked on the door and Miss Waters burst in. I watched her curiously as she set down two holographic anchors. "Wha-"

"Shh!" she hissed as the holographic image covered my wall and she plopped down next to me. A newscast popped up and my eyes neatly fell out of my head when I read the headline.

"'Arcadia Accelerated Shooting'?" I mumbled in disbelief.

"Quiet," Miss Waters repeated as a voice echoed through the room.

"Four Accelerated students have been reported dead and twelve missing. The dead are as follows: Minnie Alder; Helena Pension; Penelope Olsen; and Aranda Delimore. If you find any of these students-" my picture along with three semi-familiar faces appeared at the bottom of the screen. "Please report it to the authorities immediately."

My heart stopped. I was reported dead. "This is horrible!" I exclaimed.

Miss Waters shook her head, "No, this is great news."

I turned to her, mortified, "How is this good?"

She jumped up, laughing. "It's simple, Miss Delimore. If you're dead, then you technically don't exist."

"And this is good how?"

Miss Waters was practically giddy with excitement. She bounced slightly in her place, "You can go out- undercover, of course- and do missions for the Liberators. No terrorist acts, I promise."

I couldn't help but gape at her, anger bubbling up in me. The only noise in the room was the background sound from the projector. My gaze quickly turned into a glare, "Is that all you can think about?! Throwing me out to do dirty work for you?!"

She frowned, "Miss Delimore, you are a member of the Liberation. It would do you well to act as such." With that, she turned on her heel and was about to leave when she glanced back at me. "Plus, if you're dead, your family is in no danger."

I blinked as she left; her words slowly settling in. She was right, of course. With me out of the picture, my family would be in no danger. They'd be perfectly fine. Sad, yes; but safe. Slowly, I sat down, only to have my door thrown open again; this time it was Xander. "Miss Waters already told-"

He shook his head, interrupting me. I watched as he slowly closed the door behind him. "I heard you and Felicity talking. I've..." he paused, his cheeks reddening slightly. "I've wanted to change the LF for a long time, to be honest, but I've never had the courage to try. You; you're different. You aren't afraid to point out the Liberation's flaws. I want to change Utopia, but not the way we're doing it. I want to do it the right way by only taking out those who are changing Utopia from what it's name means. I don't want to kill the innocent." he looked at me, determination gleaming in his blue eyes. "I want you to help me liberate Utopia!"

Ooh... Is Xander going through a rebellious stage?