Problem! My Gender's been Reversed!

Chapter one: An Unfortunate and Unsolvable event!

"Tag! You're it!"

Hey! No fair! I was safe!

"Nuh uh, you aren't! Wait...Why are you crying? Jeez Hikari, you're just like a girl!"

"Neh~ Hikari!"



"GAH!" I was suddenly woken up from my nap in class by no other than my best friend, Kashima Takeo. He literally shouted my name right next to my ear and the sting from it lingered. "Don't wake me up like that~!" I moaned as I stretched...

Wait a minute...

I turned to look at Kashima just to realize he was ten feet away from where he was standing just a while ago. He's really fast. But more importantly why-

"Oi, oi...Don't use such a high pitched voice next time, or else I really will mistake you for a girl."

I gave him an incredulous look before sighing, knowing that I really do sometimes sound like a girl...Not only that, my appearance was apparently quite feminine...Mostly my face. But because of that, I was one of the most popular topics amongst both the girls and boys in my school.

Shaking my head to clear my head, I got out of my seat and grabbed my bag and turned back to Kashima. "Well? What happened today? You're rather excited."

When I said that, his face gave off a perverted smile as he twitched his hands around, I swear I could almost see steam blowing out from his nose. "The girls-"

He was immediately cut off as someone did a flying kick right against his left cheek, sending him flying to a wall. That someone landed right beside me with her hands on her hips and an angry look. "Go to hell, hentai!"

"Fukumi-san." I greeted with a sweat drop. Whatever I do, I was definitely determined not to get on her bad side.

At hearing me greet her, Fukumi Atsuko's expression did a legit 180 degrees, from that evil looking glare to a cheerful and friendly smile. "Ah! Konichiwa Tachibana-kun. He didn't teach you any perverted stuff now did he?" She immediately shot Kashima a threatening death glare.

"N-no, he didn't." I stuttered, inching back a bit from her.

"Good." She grunted then looking up thoughtfully. "Ah, I just remembered! The art club meeting today has been canceled. Your onee-san told me to tell you about it."

"Mm." I nodded. "She also told me that this morning."

"Oh! Okay then~Ja!"

With that she left, waving me goodbye and sending another glare at Kashima as she walked out the classroom.

"Well now..." Kashima sighed as he got up, dusting himself and cracking his neck. "Itetete..."

"Hm?" I gave him a inquiring look before realizing. "Oh right, you got soccer practice. Well, I'll go then. Jā ne!"

With that I jogged out of the classroom and down the hall. From the corridor windows, the sky was tinted in a beautiful range of warm to cold colors, mainly a soothing orange tint. I smiled, this would've made a nice painting. Unfortunately, it would be dark by the time I got home. And I also had something else to do...


Oh boy...

As soon as the last syllable of my name was called out, I immediately felt someone tackling me from my back, almost causing me to fall face first onto the floor. Luckily, the person who was now giving me a death hug was a bit taller than me and held me in place as she snuggled.

"H-hi Onee-chan..." I awkwardly greeted as everyone in the hallway looked at us weirdly.

"There's no meeting today~"

"Ye-yeah, you told me that this morning." I squeaked as her grip on me tightened.

"Oh how I wish you were a girl instead of a boy, you're just too cute~" She squealed.

"Stop it, Onee-chan...You're crushing me..." I croaked out as I felt my last breath leave me.

"Oh! Gomen!" She finally lets go of me but by then I didn't have much energy left to stand and I crumpled to the floor. "I was supposed to help Nanami-sensei with sorting out some assignments but the thought of walking with my ototo is just too good to pass! So I rushed the work up in five minutes!"

"You have a huge sibling complex..." I commented with a sweatdrop.

"Not sibling complex! Sister complex!" She corrected me, pointing a finger at me accusingly. "Even if you're a boy I'll treat you like a little sis-"

I acted out on instinct and covered her mouth with my hand, looking around cautiously before releasing her and sigh in relief. If anybody heard that, it would've been really embarrassing.

Helping me up, the both of us started down the hallway. And as we walk, I couldn't help but notice all the different looks people shot our way. Many were looks of admiration directed mostly to my sister. It wasn't a surprise since she had always been a role model from middle-school until now in highschool.

Then there were the envious stares, mainly directed at me for my status as her sibling...Of course it was mostly the boys. I do also get rather interesting looks from girls due to my appearance.

But man...Walking through the halls with so many eyes on us really makes me feel uncomfortable...By the time we were outside the school gates, I let out a breath that even I didn't know I was holding.

I looked up at the sky again, it was a bit darker than earlier but it was still pretty bright. I was starting to day dream...A usual habit of mine before my sister snapped me out of it.

"Come on! Let's go buy something to drink or eat."


We left the school block and walked down the streets until we reached a convenient store. There we bought our usual favorite drinks and continued our way back home. Along the way, I suddenly remembered I had something to do.

"Hm? You're going to the shrine today right?"

"Yeah! I almost forgot about that. I'll see you back at home!" I called out as I jogged towards the direction of the shrine.


After jogging for a while, I finally stopped at the top of a small hill. In front of me was the local shrine of this small town. The place was as peaceful as it always was and with a relaxed smile, I strolled forward.

Not long later, the shrine priest noticed me and stopped his sweeping to greet me.

"Ah, Hikari-kun! How are you?"

"I'm doing well, Nagata-san." I smiled as I stopped near the entrance into the shrine building. "Is Kashinu-sama present?"

"Of course! He's was expecting you."

I nodded and did a small prayer at the outer shrine before entering the building. "Pardon for the intrusion."

"Ah, Hikari-kun." A low voice replied, greeting me warmly.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor near the main shrine was an old looking anthromorphic fox, his facial fur lengthened as if showing a long silver beard. Wearing an orange jibei and a red cloth sash around the waste, he gave off a care-free yet wise look.

He gestured for me to come and sit down with him, reaching to the table beside him and grabbing a bottle of sake to drink.

Sitting down, I grabbed a bag of mandarine and offered it to the guardian spirit. He gratefully took it and placed it by the side. "Hm, your mother's offerings are always nice. But I still wonder why she sent you instead of your elder sister."

"Well, I guess it's because I told her that I could see you and all..."

He gave out a chuckle. "She actually believes that? Ahaha!"

"I guess so..." I murmured.

"Hm?" Kashinu-sama looked up. "Someone else is at the shrine, I'll be back. Make yourself comfortable. There are snacks on the table if you're hungry."

I nodded as he faded away. It wasn't long until I heard the chiming of the shrine bell and the clapping of hands. I could only wonder if Kashinu-sama really grants wishes. Not that I doubt him! It was just that if he could, then...


My thoughts were interrupted by the growling of my stomach. Taking out my cellphone and flipping it open to see that it was about dinner time, my stomach growled again. Sighing, I put my cellphone back in my pocket and looked over at the table.

There were sweets and snacks that were usually bought at a convenient store, it was actually quite messy, opened wrappers and half eaten snacks lie everywhere on the small table. To think that even spirits could be lazy is quite amusing to me. But strangely, in the middle sat a plate with only a small bite-sized plum.

Seeing that the other snacks didn't look like something I would eat, I decided to try the fruit. I was surprised that there was such a size for plums as it was as if it looked like a large pink strawberry as I popped it in my mouth.

It was WAY too sweet. I was about to spit it out but I was usually well mannered and decided to swallow it instead. When I finally finished it, I stuck my tongue out in disgust.

"Too sweet..."

Not long later, Kashinu-sama reappeared with a sigh.

"What is it?"

"Hm? Oh not much. Just the wishes some people could come up with...Mataku.." He rubbed his forehead as if he had a headache before noticing my curious look. "..You wouldn't want to know."


"Anyway, it's quite late isn't it?" He looked up as if he could see the sky through the ceiling. "Maybe you should go."

"Mm." I nodded and got up. But before leaving, I noticed Kashinu-sama's ears twitched when I answered. Looking at his face, he still had that bored look so I shrugged it off and left, bowing before sliding close the shrine building's door.

The pitch in his voice got a bit higher...Maybe he was just hearing things. Sighing, Kashinu leaned back and reached for the table and...

"...Eh? It's empty...Wait...WHAT?!"

He abruptly leaned towards the table to confirm that the plate was indeed empty and his jaw dropped.

"This is not good..." He growled with a facepalm.

For some reason, I felt strange throughout the whole time after I left the shrine. My stomach would feel a bit warmer than usual and my chest would feel like it was being stretched...It was probably just my imagination...

"Tadaima!" I called out as I switched from my shoes to my slippers.

"Okairi~" Onee-chan answered from the kitchen as she poked her head out the door frame with a strange look.

"What is it?"

"Ah! Nothing. I thought your voice sounded a bit higher than usual."

"Huh?" I furrowed my eyebrow in confusion but decided not to dive any further. "I'm going to take a bath."

"Okay~ Maybe onee-chan could joi-"


I ran upstairs and cut her off with a flat toned no. Sometimes, my sister's obsession over me could be scarier than what others think.

Entering my room, I grabbed a set of clothes and headed back downstairs to the bathroom and took a bath. Looking at the mirror, for some reason I looked a bit more feminine than usual- No, there's no way that I looked more feminine. I'm probably just overthinking this. I've always looked feminine anyway...

And for the rest of my time in the bath, my mind was in a complete war. I couldn't really enjoy my bath and I couldn't even enjoy my meal at dinner...The more time passed, the more strange things happened.

Was it just me or is my figure slightly hourglass like?

I thought to myself as I stared at my body...This was getting really weird and I swear I might panic. Despite that I look feminine and that I sometimes do weird manners that might look feminine or anything like that, I'm still a guy!

Pulling my hair in frustration, I collapsed onto my bed and sighed. Maybe I'll feel and think better by tomorrow...


For some reason I felt a jolt of electricity run through my body, causing me to involuntarily shiver and squeak. What the hell was that? No, I shouldn't think about anything...Just sleep...Sleep...

With that, I warmly embraced the oncoming world of dreams.

Bleep! Bleep!

My alarm clock sounded and I groaned in response as I reached to shut it down. For some reason, my chest felt a bit heavier than usual and it felt really strange at that spot near my legs. I was going to get up but I felt more tired than usual and before I knew it, I was back asleep without a second thought. Yes...Sleeping is the best thing in the world for me right now...

"Hikari! Wake up!"

I felt the blanket I was clutching onto leave the grips of my hands and a slight breeze. "Onee-chan..." I grumbled as I rolled over, my back facing the way where my sister's voice came from. "...Five more minutes..."

"Five more minutes?! Five more minutes?! You've slept an extra half an hour already! Hurry up and get dressed!"


I was hoisted up to a sitting position, but when I did so I felt a bit tight around the chest area of my shirt followed by a gasp from my sister.

"...Onee-chan?" I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I turned to look at her. "What?"

"Hik-Hik-hik...Ueeeeeeaaaahhhh!~" Onee-chan ran out of my room and down the stairs like it was the grand prix, leaving me in a daze of confusion on my bed.


Getting up, I walked from my room to my sister's and looked at myself in the mirror. The first thing I noticed was the size of my chest then the slightly more slender looking shoulders and my slightly hourglass shaped figure. What the HELL HAPPENED TO ME? My face turned as red as a tomato, stuttering out.


Author's Note: Hey there! I'm Jedelas, I'm a new writer who decided to try out writing on Fictionpress. I was originally from Fanfiction but I decided I wanted to create my own random stories so I moved to Fictionpress. This here is just a little experimental story I'm currently writing. I have others planned but I wanted to do this one first since it just popped out of my head recently and I couldn't get it out!

For those of you wondering what's a Jinbei, it's a set of japanese clothing that's usually worn as nightwear or house wear.

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