Problem! My Gender's been Reversed!

Chapter 8: Klutz

I-I...I have no idea how did I end up here. I seriously don't know how or even when?! Crouched in a corner of this janitor's closet and hugging my knees, I tried my best to hide that tomato which happens to be my face from everyone! Thankfully, no one knew where I was since I left with an excuse as cliche as going to the bathroom. And now I need to figure out how to stop my cheeks from burning up! I swear if this was some kind of anime or manga, my head would be on fire!

Why am I feeling like this? All he did was look at me and then it reminded me of how he saved me from those delinquents a while back with those strong firm arms that I really really reeeeaaally want to- Okay stop! That's going overboard! Please don't tell me I'm not like this because I fell for him...That's impossible! And besides...I'm a boy...In a girl's body. This is not right at all.

"Hikari~" How in the world did my sister know where I hid myself?! "Are you in there?"

I bit back from my usual response of answering back. Maybe she would give up waiting for something to burst out of this small janitor closet which I'm close to doing since I'm having this really big urge to go tackle my sister to the ground and cling onto her like my life depends on it... Uwahh~ I never thought the day would come where I am actually looking forward to be in my sister's arms that would usually suffocate me when she hugs me...

"I know you're in there." I heard her sigh as she said that. "Come out. Onee-chan will protect you~"

"I'm not leaving! I'm scared..." I finally answered back as I shook my head. I am actually scared. Like who wouldn't be when they found themselves the opposite gender and being transferred to a new school?! Well...I doubt anybody could imagine this situation in the first place since it shouldn't even exist in the first place!

Click clack

Oh no...She's picking the lock?! She's crazy! I subconsciously inched myself back until I was up against the wall behind me as I anticipated the moment where she'd break into this tiny room and literally glomp over me but instead...


The door slowly opened and my eyes looked up to see my sister calmly walked in before she bent down a bit to reach a hand out for me. She had a soft smile as she patiently waited for me to grab it. "Oh look at you...You have tears in your eyes haha!" She giggled. "So cute~"

What?! Was I crying? I touched my cheeks but it felt dry and hot. I guess I was about to since I was at a complete lost on what to do and I could swear I'd die of embarrassment. I withdrew myself a bit more to hide another incoming blush of embarrassment as if curling myself into a ball like an armadillo is my best defense. Keep calm Hikari! Keep. Calm.

I heard my sister sigh and I could sense her finally crouching down to my level before I felt her hand on my head, gently patting it like back when we were kids. It was actually comforting...And I just couldn't resist the urge to relax myself! Noo~ Don't let my guard down! Must...Hold...On... My shoulders relaxed and I finally looked up to see my sister's gentle eyes.

"Uu~" I whined with a defeated sigh and Onee-chan chuckled before she hugged me.

"Now now, you're going to miss your next class if you stay here." She said before getting me on my feet. "Let's go~ Come on." She cooed as she led me out of the closet.

And to my big surprise, we were surrounded by the other students. Most were boys as they stared at us. My blood is rushing up to my cheeks again! I need to fight it! Eeep! I hid behind my sister as I gripped onto the sleeve of her uniform.

"Kawaii..." I could literally hear their thoughts on this. Seriously, I think some of them actually said that out loud!

"Gumii~" I heard someone call out before I noticed the crowd parted ways to let a purple haired girl in. "Ah! There you are~! Did you find your sister? Is she cute?!"

What's with people and their obsession with cuteness?!

"Mhm! She's right here!" Onee-chan~ Don't do this!

But my pleading look did nothing to stop her from switching our positions with her now being behind me as she held both my shoulders firmly so I couldn't run away. I squeaked rather awkwardly as I was forced to the front to let the purple haired girl study me. From the color of the badge and ribbon, she must be in the same year as my sister. Her eyes widened as she looked at me before she seemed to lost all self control and glomped me.


"I told you so!" Onee-chan agreed triumphantly. But this scene we're doing seemed to have attracted even more attention as murmurs and such were starting to become louder and louder. I have a hunch that the next time I visit the shoe locker, I'll find it more full than usual...

"Hey! Everyone! Recess is over!" I heard a familiar voice called out as the crowd started to scatter. "Classes are about to start! Better not be late!"

Then came walking was the last person I'd want to see right now! Now standing right in front of me was Koyanagi-kun as he looked at me with a bit of worry. Wait, was he worried about me?! I looked up to meet his eyes briefly before I felt my cheeks heating up and once again looked back down at the ground which I somehow found it to be full of wonderful...Shoe marks and such...?

"So there you are, Tachibana-san." He sighed as his hands were put against his waist. "I was worried about you."

"W-what?!" I managed to stutter out. He was?! "B-but why?"

"I was supposed to show you around the campus, remember?" He raised a brow as he explained to me with an incredulous look.

That was when I remembered how I seemed to have froze and blank out in my mind after the first time we made eye contact...It was probably during that time that the teacher had assigned him to show me around and when the bell rang signaling the first break, I immediately rushed and dashed out the classroom and ended up inside the janitor's closet.

"Oh..." was all I managed to say before I felt the blush coming back two times the power it had before!

"Anyway, let's go on our tour. We can take this period off, I got the teacher's permission." He said before turning his attention to the other two girls that stayed...One being my sister and the other being her new friend. "Err..."

"Tachibana Megumi." Onee-chan introduced as she hugged me from the back. "I'm her elder sister~ My, Hikari I didn't know you already caught such a nice prey!"

Now's not the time to be teasing me! I swear, she just made my face even redder by teasing me with that! I looked up, expecting to see a frown or mad look but was pleasantly surprised to see that Koyanagi-kun was also blushing. Wait...Did I say I was pleasantly surprised?! And did he also blushed!? Time out! What is going on with us?!

"Onee-chan!" I managed to protest as I wiggled myself free. "Stop that!"

"Oh come on~ I was just joking!"

"Anyway, we're going to be late for class! Let's go Gumi!" I heard the purple haired girl who stayed started dragging my sister away by the collar as Onee-chan whined like a child about not being able to stay with me.

"Let me go~ Koiiiiii~"

That must've been that senpai's name as they rounded a corner and disappeared. And from the looks of it she didn't seem as bad as I thought. I made a mental note to introduce myself properly in front of her when we meet again. But a light tap on my shoulder brought me back to where my situation was... I was alone with Koyanagi-kun...

My blush came back at full power! Hikari fight~ Keep it out! I suddenly blurted out an awkward response as soon as I felt the tap on my shoulder. "Yes!?"

"Woah, relax Tachibana-san." Koyanagi-kun said with a hint of surprise from my sudden response. "So that was your sister?"

"Mm." I slowly nodded before I abruptly faced towards him, causing him to jump slightly from my sudden action before I bowed. "Sorry!"


"For hiding!" I tried my best to hide the voice crack but to no avail. It was silent after I had said that...

Then I heard snickering from the boy in front of me and then it grew a bit louder until he actually chuckled out loud in the hallway. I looked at him with a confused look before I realized what I said and tried to hide my face and clamp my mouth shut with both my hands. Gosh! What am I doing?! I quickly looked around to see that nobody seemed to be close enough to hear this and sighed in relief.

"You're interesting." He finally said as he smiled at me.

My eyes...And what he just said earlier...It echoed in my brain which I totally don't need! Stop! I shook my head before restraining myself from running back into the closet and hide again. He just said that I'm 'interesting'! Does that mean he's interested in me?! Or is it that I'm just a weird person? Gah! Why am I thinking so deeply about this?!

"Anyway, where would you like to see first?" He asked, changing the topic which I was thankful for.

"...This school is actually big, right?"

"Yeah, it is. We have two swimming pools. One outdoor and the other is indoor. We also have a large track field, two gyms, a small zoo-"

"A zoo?!" I suddenly asked. Why would a school have a small zoo?!

"Oh no, it's not what you're thinking. It's just a place for the school pets." He waved dismissively and cleared out the confusion just like that. "It's nothing much."

"Oh..." And once again awkward silence had decided to keep us company...I need to think of something quickly! "What else does this school have?"

"Right." He finally remembered what he was talking about. "There's the school garden and courtyard. Oh! We also have a separate building for club rooms and such."

How in the world did we get enrolled into this place?! There were so many facilities and equipment here it must have been one of the more prestige schools around! This was one of the things that I just don't understand about my life ever since I got cursed...Really. One weird thing after another! I was thankful that when I rant and such, it wouldn't show on the outside although it might leak out from those times where I just really want to let out. It's not that I'm complaining about this! It's just frustrating me that I never seemed to figure out just how my family could enroll us into such a school and all those weird things which I won't mention...

"Anyway, have you decided where to go to first?" He asked again as he turned back to look at me with a smile.

"I-I guess I'd like to go to the...track field first...?" For some reason I almost said I'd like to see the flower garden...Why? And that sounded more like a question than an answer!

"Alright then." He shrugged as he headed off to the right. "It's this way, come on."

I absently nodded before I seemed to go auto-pilot and followed behind. I just had way too many things to ponder about right now that I didn't even noticed where I was going! It wasn't until I somehow managed to bump into a wall when I realized that I was day dreaming or something! What you may ask? I'm not answering! It's too embarrassing!

"You okay?" Koyonagi-kun asked in concern as he knelt beside me.

My butt hurts...But it's not like it was a big deal except I might have to deal with the irritating itch later. I shook my head and rubbed the sore part of my head before I made eye contact with his... Then I had no idea what happened...I just blacked out with the last thing I remembered being those warm green eyes... Did turning into a girl includes a package of these weird feelings and behavior?!

Jee...I feel like a total klutz just then...

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