Illuminating Sea

Chapter 1

There was always a draw for me there. No matter how far away I would be I could envision the lovely waves and calming breezes of the ocean calling to me. The sun and sand begging me to return to them and let them embrace me. So it was no surprise to find myself picking up and moving as close as I could get to it the first chance I got.

I chose to move to the sunny beaches of Florida where that blasted white stuff does not fall, ever! I moved to the small quaint town of Canaveral Groves. The people here are friendly and polite. The atmosphere is laid back and unhurried with a certain air of laze fairer. I found an old farm house set back in the fragrant orange groves away from the traffic noise and lights shining and muddying up the view all night long.

The sky is so clearly beautifully visible above me each night as I wander through the surrounding foliage on my five acre property. I suppose if I am so inclined I can set up a little barn on the back fourty and keep some live stock there . But all I ever really wanted to have was a couple of beautiful horses. So maybe once I get settled in I will do just that.

My property is adjacent to the ocean on the eastern border and my home sits close to the north eastern corner of my land. So it's a short walk to the lull of the wind, waves and water that are always calling me. It is almost like a romance I have with that great blue ocean. I cannot seem to ever get it out if my mind. This is why have returned to stay for the reminder of my life into it's arms.