The trial was finally finished, and the criminals sentenced to a very long stay behind bars, just before Christmas that year. Keevan recovered quickly from his injuries as I kept a watch over him and took care of him as much as possible. I did not want to be away from him for even one moment. We had stayed in his house as mine had not been declared safe yet. He had given me the suite adjoining his upstairs so I could be as close to him as possible. I cooked and cared for him like a mother hen. He was a perfect gentleman and never demanded anything of me. He respected me and treated me like a priceless gem. He made me feel secure and safe. I took a few trips to my house with an escort to get some of my own things and check on the mail but I was finding myself falling in love with Keevans house more and more with each passing day. The heritage and history of his home was rooted deep and I knew it was a big part of what made Keegan the man that he was.

We kept track of the court proceedings each day as they were being aired on the local newscasts. Mark testified against the crime boss, who I discovered was the woman who we had seen in Jamaica and was also the woman who had destroyed our marriage even before it had begun. His ties to her went much further back than even our first meeting. I suspected the relationship had been an orchestration of some sort to make him appear as a normal everyday run of the mill fellow instead of the puppet he had been for her organization. It saddened me greatly to know he was that way and had used me as a cover. I was thankful that he had not ever tried to make me part of his crimes. For that I could give him some credit. He protected me from the organization. He was sentenced to twenty years in federal prison for his crimes while his cohorts got either life or the death penalty depending on the number and degree of their offenses. The woman who was the 'boss' got the death penalty. I knew she would not die right away because of the ability to appeal her sentence. But I knew she would never see outside of a prison again in her lifetime.

On Christmas Eve Keegan and I went for a walk along our beloved ocean and as the sun was setting and the waves were dancing in the glorious winter colors of sunset, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. In my heart I was already there, but this was making it official. I said yes. He had chosen to present me with his grandmother's ring and he gave that to me as my engagement ring. It was the most beautiful thing he could have given me. With the rich history and the sentimental significance of the ring to him and his family. He placed the ring on my finger and took the band I had kept there since that day in Jamaica when I promised him I would be his. He told me he would put it back on my finger on our wedding day, which better be soon. I agreed with him on that and we decided on New Years Day for our wedding.

We decided on a simple ceremony on the beach with just a few close friends and family. The day of our wedding dawned clear and beautiful, with a calm breeze and the waves gently rolling on to the shore. We exchanged our vows, with solemn promise, and as I looked into his eyes so dark and deep I knew his promise would be forever and I could trust him completely. He kissed me with tenderness and passion rolled together as the sun shone upon our loving union there beside the beautiful sea. It was a picture of perfection and peace that I had never thought would become part of my life. The colors of the sun and sea so blue and bright promising happiness for us both. We had finally found our soul mate. How fitting it was that we had met by the sea and now we were united in marriage and love by the sea. I knew the ocean would forever be a part of who we were or ever hoped to become together. For it was there by the illuminating sea that we had found perfect peace.