There's a glistening on her face

That slides too glassy down her porcelain skin

He folded his hands around her heart

And choked it down with a caramel macchiato

Maybe the bitterness of love will sweeten over time

On a frozen cube of quarrels and icy silences

Words he couldn't offer

And actions that robbed her to a plight

Kisses that he bit down with softened lips

Held the scent of poison from corner to corner

On his too perfect mouth

An empty heart can only handle so much of this chill

Before the glass starts to crack and break behind your sight

This heart was closing thick and grieving strong

Until you came along and brought out your bat

Swinging hard and loving low, you didn't get it

I'm letting go reluctantly, slicing and stitching some old wounds

In the cloudiest rainstorms I'm breaking into a thousand pieces

Bad news is waiting like it usually is these days,

But I'm leaving

And packing now before I don't have the strength to leave this place anymore