May 5, 2014

Day Eighteen: My Day

I really don't want to spout self-centered angst into these things, but I have nothing else on my mind, so please suggest topics for me. If there's anything I hate more than being selfish, it's having writer's block.

For now, I'll just talk about my day.

I went to school. I had a class, which was basically boring because it was math. Then, I had another, much more interesting class. It was Creative Writing. However, it wasn't interesting today because it was Senior Skip Day, which meant that this mostly-senior class was nearly empty. After having that class as a study hall, I had lunch, and then a study hall. After that, it was Junior English, which was full, of course. Then, P.E. (not interesting). Next, I had Poetry, then U.S. History to end my day.

My day was basically boring, except for poetry class. In there, it's normally five Juniors and a lot of Seniors, but today, it was just the Juniors. So, my teacher gave us a study hall. During that time, I learned that we would be getting a project that involved making a drawing of some kind to represent a poem that we'd read in class. I joked that I wouldn't be able to because I have so little artistic talent that all I can draw is geometric shapes. The teacher responded that I could do an abstract painting, to which I responded that I didn't think that abstract art was really art.

This sparked a thirty minute debate that only ended when the bell forced it to, which was entirely over the legitimacy of abstract art. Myself and one of the other students in the class went back and forth in front of the peanut gallery while my teacher listened in pure joy (he simply loved the fact that I disagreed completely). I was presented with the argument that art is any form of expression of emotion, to which I agreed. However, I replied, abstract art required neither time nor emotion, nor passion, nor talent. It simply required the yearning for money that fuels all of the world's worst forms of art (pop music anyone?).

Basically, my standing was that anyone could draw a box and then slash a line through it and call it art. 'Then why haven't you?' Because I have taste and I'm aware that it's stupid. It takes no skill. 'But they must have done something right if it draws this emotion out of you!' It didn't. You did by making this statement that this crap is worth any money or any attention. 'But it makes you ask so many questions! Just, look at it!' (At this point, my teacher was actually using examples from a future unit, where we will apparently be studying this very thing, abstract "art".) Yeah, the point was to make you ask a question so you'd think it's any good. It's easy to make you ask a question. I'll do it right now! 'How?' Just like that.

This was the general idea of how it went, with several pointless comments from the peanut gallery, and my opposition DID make some good points, but nothing I didn't counter. We ended up gaining no ground, and I assume this will come back for me in the near future. God I hope so.

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it, but I am an argumentative person, and I will debate something stubbornly and intelligently all I want, only ceasing when forced to. I always have something to say, and I tend to never lose a debate because I've never been given a point I can't counter or disprove. I'm not exaggerating, although I may be getting a bit proud. In any case, I relish a good argument, and I hope this debate comes back soon. I mean, I know it will, but I want it to come back, like, tomorrow.