Twenty-five year old Rebecca Idle was just finishing up her work for the day. She found it very fulfilling to be a counselor at a school for the "sight impaired." It was a job that left her feeling like she and the other employees were doing something for people who could never see the world anymore. She was surrounded by friends, and she loved what she was doing.

However, Rebecca had noticed how one particular student had seemed to take a liking to her. He was a young man of about eighteen or nineteen years named Doug Green. He had been a rather bitter young man who said he couldn't deal with losing his sight, because many of the things he enjoyed as a child required sight to be enjoyed. Doug had been another one of those examples of a rebellious kid, having mood swings, displaying bursts of anger, and generally just making noise around the other blind students, which often terrified them.

Doug had even been a little rough with Rebecca when they first met, calling her bad names and shouting he didn't need her or her counseling. But after a few weeks, he started to quiet down, and even to become cooperative, and ultimately, he even seemed to enjoy his time there, or at least his time with her. He was only ever really cheerful when he knew she was nearby.

Rebecca had one more thing to do before she and the others went home. She had a short session with Doug, which he had insisted on having with her. She watched as he maneuvered himself over to a chair with the help of his white cane and sat down. She sat across from him.

"So, then," said Rebecca after a moment's silence, "What did you want to talk to me about?"

Doug smiled slightly. "Well, first of all, I want to thank you for everything you've been doing for me, Ms. Idle."

That's what he wanted to ask? "Well, you're welcome, I guess," she said with a warm smile of her own.

Suddenly, he said, "Did you know that I can see you, even with my eyes being blind and all?"

She blinked. "Uh, what do you mean by that?" she asked.

"Simple," he said, "One thing I've learned since coming to see you is that I can learn how to fully depend on all my other senses. I can 'see' with my other senses. And I know exactly what you look like right now."

"Oh, really?" she said, surprised again, "Well, how to I look?"

"No, I don't mean how you look. I mean what you look like," he said. "First of all, every time I pass close to you, I can feel your hair. It's below the shoulders, straight, and brown. Your body is slim and fit. Your lips are thin, but soft. Your breasts are big, but not enormous." Rebecca shifted in her seat, evidently uncomfortable with Doug's frankness and choice of words. "Your fingers are long. Your favorite shoes are traveling boots, like the ones you're wearing right now. You're wearing a dark blue women's business suit with a white blouse, and you're wearing perfume that smells like sea mist."

Rebecca took this all in with wide eyes. "Wow, it's like you can actually see me with some kind of sixth sense, Doug!"

"Yes," said Doug, "The only thing I can think of that I don't know about your appearance is the color of your eyes."

Rebecca smiled. "They're green."

"Pretty," said Doug with all sincerity, "I can tell you're smiling, too, because of the tone of your voice.

"How insightful," remarked Rebecca, feeling like she was flirting with Doug. "But maybe we could reminisce about this more tomorrow because the school will be closing for the night soon."

"I love you, Ms. Idle," said Doug, catching her off-guard.

Rebecca almost stammered. "You do? What do you mean? Why?"

"You always took better care of me while I was crawling around like a dog, better than anyone else in this school," Doug explained, "I owe you a debt of some sort, and-"

"You don't owe me anything, Doug," interrupted Rebecca. "I would've gladly helped you for nothing."

"I know that," said Doug, "And that's why I love you; because you would do it even if you weren't being paid anything. Not too many people say that these days."

"Uh, Doug," said Rebecca, "We can't have that kind of relationship. You're still a child, and I'm a grownup. A very young grownup, but an adult nonetheless."

"We can't?" said Doug, "Why not?"

"I just said why not," she said impatiently, "There's the age barrier, for goodness', sakes."

"Screw the age barrier!" said Doug, "I can make love to you just as easily as I can to another eighteen year old, Ms. Idle!"

"Oh, now we're talking about making love?!" exclaimed Rebecca. "We can't do something like this, and that's it!"

"But-" Doug started to say, but stopped himself. "Yeah, you're right. Why would I want to fuck a bitch like you, who can't take a relationship with her favorite pupil a step further? You know, let's just forget it! I'm going. If you want me, you can see me in class in the morning." And with that, wiping tears from his blind eyes, he walked out of the room, moving as fast as his blindness and his cane would allow him.

Rebecca watched him go and considered following him. When she made up her mind to do it, however, he was already gone.

"Shit!" she said to herself. "Now I've hurt his feelings. I can't believe I did that." She held her face in her hands and tried to stop her own tears. Then, after the building superintendent came and reminded her that the school was closing, she got up, grabbed her purse, and resolved to find Doug and straighten this out.