A/N: Some of the material in this chapter is reminiscent of the swimming pool scene in Children of a Lesser God.

Rebecca went for a long walk through the city, looking for Doug. She didn't find him at home with his parents, so she tried a grocery store and a convenience store she knew he frequented sometimes with his parents, though she had never known him to go alone. She tried several other points in the city, but no luck. She even tried to find him by the beach, thinking he might be walking there, but there was no sign of him.

Discouraged, she resolved to go home, though somehow, she ended up next to the school again, as if something had secretly guided her there and she didn't know it. Rebecca walked on, but then she discovered that one of the back doors was unlocked. It didn't look like there were any burglars in there, so she took a curious peek. Inside the room with the swimming pool, she was astonished and awed by what she saw.

Doug was in the water, swimming through it like a slow torpedo. It impressed her how well he could swim. His moves were fluid, much like her own when she swam, and apparently, he could hold his breath underwater for a longer time than people normally could. She noted that she was sometimes good at doing that, too.

Then he swam over to the side of the pool and climbed the ladder out. He couldn't see her, of course, so at first, he didn't know she was there. Rebecca's eyes gaped in an appreciative gaze. Doug was nude! And God, what a body he had! He was slim and muscular without being muscle-bound. His chest and belly were flat with rock hard abs. His back was straight. His arms and legs had prefect sinew in his muscles. And his penis and butt, well, she looked at those with desire. Rebecca so wanted to apologize to Doug and make things better again, and now, here he was, nude as Michelangelo's David, ready for a session of make-up time.

Suddenly, he sniffed the air. She realized that it was her perfume he smelled, as he whirled and faced more or less in her direction.

"What are you doing here, Ms. Idle?" he demanded. "Go away! I didn't ask you to ogle at my nakedness!"

"Please, Doug, listen to me," said Rebecca patiently, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I said and did the wrong thing, I'm sorry."

"If you mean coming here to stare at me swimming, you're right!" said Doug.

"No, that's not it! I'm sorry about…" Rebecca hesitated, "I'm sorry about what I said about the age barrier coming between our relationship. Doug," she walked closer to him, "I love you, too. I love you in every way. And I want to show you how much."

She said this last very softly and almost seductively. She closed the space between her and Doug and kissed him. He soon returned the kiss with a passion even she wasn't entirely prepared for. Rebecca responded by getting sleazy. She grasped his manhood and made it bigger than it already was. Then she kissed him on the chest, on both nipples, and on the belly button. Before she could perform oral sex on him, though, he grabbed her hand and dove back into the pool, pulling her in with him. She just had time to toss her purse on the side before she fell in.

They both surfaced, laughing cheerfully. "God, what a girl has to go through!" said Rebecca. Then, Doug closed the space between them this time, and kissed her on the mouth, brushing her wet hair back. The kiss seemed to last minutes, but it lasted only twenty seconds.

Next, Doug took a deep breath and gently pulled Rebecca down under the water with him. Somehow, Rebecca knew what he wanted; maybe she had a sixth sense, as well. She guided his hands over her clothes, "showing" him where every belt, zipper and button was. Then Doug got to work. For Rebecca, it was as if some kind of magic was peeling her clothes away, stripping her of all her doubts and cares and worries, and leaving her open to the magic of the pool. It was a magic that made her feel like a child, and left her in a state of wonder.

Doug's hands pushed Rebecca's suit and blouse off her body. Her own breasts, belly, back, and shoulders were soon visible. The sleeves caught on her wrists, but he unbuttoned them and pulled them off. Her slender arms were bare to the water. Her boots and slacks sank to the floor of the pool, exposing her legs and feet to Doug. When the last garment, her underpants, were peeled off and released, Doug, who couldn't see with his eyes, began to feel Rebecca gently. Rebecca's breasts were indeed large, but not ridiculously so. He squeezed each one lovingly, and kissed her nipples. Her own belly button was so her. Rebecca's back felt like silk to him, strong silk. Her body as a whole felt strong, especially in the arms and legs.

Rebecca grasped Doug's manhood again, and put it in her womanhood. They began to make love. It was about this time that they realized they were running out of air, and resurfaced. They gasped for air, and swam to the ladder. Rebecca fucked Doug in the "woman on top" position, letting his hands feel her bouncing breasts and her rocking pelvis on a whim. They reached their climax after a full half hour of working their way up to the best possible orgasm.

Finally, they lay in each other's arms on the tile floor, not caring about its hardness, Rebecca letting Doug get more acquainted with her body the whole time. The magic of the pool was a magic that made her feel like she had died and been resurrected as a goddess. Doug's goddess.

"I'll never forget this magical moment, Doug," Rebecca said to him.

"The magic of the pool really does have that effect on a person," he said calmly.

Rebecca blinked. "You mean, there actually is magic in this school swimming pool?"

Doug grinned. "Of course," he said, "It's sacred to me, and now it's sacred to you, too. I swim here secretly when I feel the need for a spiritually uplifting moment in my life, which is practically almost every day. And during the wee hours of the night, the pool will only accept nude bodies to swim in it. You didn't know it, but I had to get you out of all your clothes before the spirit of the pool could melt you with them."

"What? Melt me?" Rebecca said, alarmed.

"Relax, it's all right now," said Doug, "But I'm afraid all your clothing has been dissolved by now. You'll have to walk home nude, like it or not."

"Walk home nude?" said Rebecca disbelievingly. "How do I do that?"

Then they both heard a sound coming from the pool. Rebecca, who had her sight, could see a strange shape of water and light rise out of the center of the pool. She stood up in a panic and backed against a wall.

"Fear not, young Rebecca Idle," said a voice coming from the shape. "You have found favor with the Water gods. Upon discovering our hallowed pool, you came to apologize for that wrong you did to young Doug Green here. And when you went in the pool, without the knowledge that it is wrong to wear clothes in the pool after dark, you let your lover shed them from your body in safety. This, and the fact that you have used our pool for love and kindness for Doug, shows that you are a very special person."

Rebecca was surprised, but felt honored. She bowed to the spirit on her knees and said, "Thank you, O Water god. I feel blessed."

But the Water god said, "There is no need to bow to me, Rebecca."

"Why not?" asked Rebecca.

"Because you are now going to made into one of us," he said, "You have nobody in your life besides Doug here, and a woman of your beauty is needed to rule the waters of the seashore. Rebecca Idle, I am transforming you into a Water goddess."

Then, by more magic, Rebecca started to shine like clear silver. A brilliant light shone around her, and her body became that of a water spirit, a nude water spirit.

"It is only natural that the goddess of the water wear no raiment," said the spirit. "I now name you Rebecca of the Water."

"You must be even more beautiful than before," said Doug, "But does this mean that we have to say goodbye, so soon after starting our relationship?"

Evidently, Rebecca had already gained the wisdom of a goddess, for she said to him, "Worry not, Doug. We will always have the pool, and the water, to call our private home. And as a gift, I shall make you see again."

She touched his eyes with her thumbs, and Doug could see. He was staring with awe at her lovely new form, and said, "Thanks, Rebecca. Life will be a lot better for me now. I guess I'll see you around?"

"You can see me any time you're at the pool alone," she said, "or when you're at the beach. I'll always be with you, and watch over you, and so will this river spirit."

"Indeed," said the spirit, and with that, the spirit vanished back into the waters of the pool, and Rebecca of the Water disappeared into thin air.

Feeling merry as an angel, Doug Green felt ready to take on the world now, and anything that tried to destroy him.