It was a new day in the city, and it was a particular good day for a certain person because the person was about to finish a very good paying job. Pierce Griffin was waiting to be received by his client, glad to know that he was going to be payed very soon. Pierce was called by one of the bank's staff member and let him know that the owner of the bank was ready to receive him. Pierce wasted no time in going straight to the client's office and entered without knocking.

"Mr. Griffin, I hope you have something for me because my patience is getting thin," said Oswald.

"I do," said Pierce. He pulled out some photos from a folder he was carrying and put it on Oswald's desk. "This is the person you wanted me to find." The photos showed a girl on her 20's with black hair, fair-white skin, and aquamarine-blue eyes.

"She looks familiar for some reason." Oswald tried to remember because he was sure that he had seen the person in the photos before, or at least heard of the person.

"You must be a fan of boxing. After all, she's a boxer, and a very good one."

"My memory seems to be failing me because I've seen many boxers, but I don't remember this one."

"Well, while I do know her name, I did some extra research on her, and I can see why she decided to leave the ring."

"I'm all ears."

"Her name is Lea Anderson, I'm sure you've heard of her." Pierce could tell by the look of realization on Oswald's face.

"Of course, how could I've forgotten her? To be honest, she was one of my favorites, I really liked her attitude."

"Then you must know the rest of her story."

"Oh yes, but I never expected her to come back. Many believed her to be dead and became just a forgotten memory."

"And now, she's started to fight under the name of Death Knight and help pay the debt of that house, but there's something interesting about this."

"I can't wait to hear it."

"Lea is actually close to Julie Johnson, and I don't mean as just friends." The information brought a grin on Oswald's face.

"Really? Does she know that Lea is a boxer?"

"I've never seen her going to one of Lea's matches, so I can only deduce that she doesn't know about it." Oswald grabbed his chin between his index finger and thumb.

"Interesting." Oswald started to rub his chin in thought. "May I ask how did you knew it was her?"

"I actually went to one of her most recent matches, on the same day that her friend Alinda Lopez was fighting for the national championship."

"I'm sure you enjoyed it."

"I did."

"Well then, thank you for your service." Oswald pulled out an envelope from his desk and gave it to Pierce. "There's the money you deserve." Pierce opened the envelope, checked the money, and put it on his pocket.

"Thank you, good sir, but I would like to ask something, just out of curiosity. What do you plan to do with Lea?" Pierce didn't really care for Lea, he already got what he wanted, but he couldn't help wondering what Oswald was planning on doing with her.

"Well, I certainly am not going to do anything illegal, I'm an honest businessman. Besides, there's more than one way to break a person."

"True enough, sir. Well, I'll take my leave, have a good day." Pierce left the office. Oswald picked up one of the photos of Lea and looked at it for a moment.

"Well then, time to get started." To emphasize his point, Oswald dropped the photo of Lea into the shredder that was standing close to him. The photo was completely destroyed, and Oswald was planning to do the same with Lea.