Before I actually start this chapter, I just wanted to say that a few months ago; a student teacher came to my English class and, like me and my friends, was a giant nerd. She and I have become really good friends over the past few months as well. When I found out she like science fiction and fantasy books, I asked her to read this story to see if somebody would like it other than some of my best friends. She, like them, loved this story and this week, on Friday, it'll be her last day with us in English. I hate to see her go in what seems like such a short time but she told me she'll still be reading this story, and I just wanted to put in this author's note for her because I don't know any better way to tell her how amazing she is at teaching and how much of a funny and incredible person she is. I hope she has a great time in her classes, life, and with her fiancé, and I wish them the best of luck in the future. I'll miss you and I'll get in touch with you when I graduate in 2017.

Chapter 5

Geneva- Earth- Dimension 3

I sneezed again and little snowflakes began to appear around me. Groaning, I hit my head on the headboard of my bed. Travel to different planets always managed to somehow get me sick, and being sick meant that, as usual, my powers would lose control and go crazy. At the moment, the dominant element was water, or ice. My normally dark walls were tinted blue due to the buildup of frost on them. The story was the same for the silver-like furniture.

It's like when the superhero would get sick on kids' show and their powers would lose control. Mine happened to work the same way, much to my annoyance. Cecilia's powers didn't react this way though. Then again, all her powers could probably do was smother everything in vines and flowers. Then again, her powers, sick or not, would randomly cause flowers to spring up around her feet. Minus the one time a giant tree grew out of the ground when she was twelve because she had a craving for apples.

I was also grateful Besnik was visiting family in London and not here to see my powers lose control. I'd never actually told him about mine and Cecilia's powers, and he, for some odd reason, never questioned any of the weird things that happened when my powers sparked.

I took my mind away from Besnik and my powers to grab my glass, see-through, and now frost covered tablet off the nightstand. After turning it on, I went to an old history book downloaded onto it and set it down. The holoprojector in the tablet instantly displayed a 3D version of the book in front in of me. The book was one my mom used to teach from. It was completely dedicated to The Great War and The Guardians. Multiple exerts in it were even written by some present day Guardians. I never understood why, but they were my favorite thing to hear stories and learn about.

The Guardians though, they used to command everything; not like a dictator would, but like a perfect, equal leader. Nowadays, it's like they don't care, never coming out or doing anything. It's like they've just completely forgotten about the dimensions and their people. They just sit in their fancy houses, abusing their power. After everything became peaceful and the Guardian's generation of Great War veterans was gone, The Guardians became nothing but a joke in the history books.

I looked through the pictures in the book and came across an old, somewhat grainy one of a blast of black light. The Guardian of Death, the most feared guardian in existence, along with her second in command, The Guardian of Darkness. The first Guardian of Death wasn't in the picture, but her black, powerful beams were unmistakable. The caption beneath the picture told her name was Thana which ironically meant death itself.

As far as anyone knew, Thana and any other Great War Guardians were all dead. That theory was wrong. There was in fact, one Guardian alive, the guardian with all the original, unaltered stories from any age in history after The Great War. As much as my admiration for The Guardians had disappeared, I couldn't just get over the fact that the original stories were still out there. Honestly, it was a little dream of mine to hear them.

You could say I have a bit of an obsession with the subject, but to me it was the only way I knew how to honor my mom. The Guardians were the only stories she told us and her favorite subject of all. She'd always begged Dad to take her to Guardian so she could just see them. I'd gotten so used to hearing about them I would join in. Eventually Madilia would too so Dad would finally take us and Mom would stop with the constant begging.

The textbook I was looking through was filled with little notes Mom had typed in to make sure she included it in her lessons. At the end of the book were multiple legends and stories about The Guardians. They were the same ones I'd been told as a kid.

The first bookmark was of The Main Three, the first three guardians to ever exist. Sisters, protectors, creators were how they were described. The four thousand year old pictures in the book and the stories I'd read made them out to be more beautiful than a goddess could ever hope to be.

"The golden dimension of Guardian was equal to that of worlds only seen in mythology. In this realm, The Guardians, protectors of the dimensions, live in gorgeous, elaborate buildings, seemingly made of pure gold. The home of The Guardians could've been a city in itself. The series of spheres and bridges floating above the capital city of the planet Drekan almost effortlessly.

The largest of the buildings in the sky was the meeting room of The Guardians, and the three second largest that branched off of it was the residence of who were supposedly the most beautiful women to ever live. These women were the balance of all, The Guardian of the Elements, The Guardian of Darkness, and their younger sister, The Guardian of Life.

Nobody had ever seen The Main Threes' faces but the other guardians themselves. Before they became who they were, they were shunned by society for their powers. The three were orphaned sisters that banded together their whole lives. Even through these hardships, these were the women that gave The Guardians their powers and stopped The Great War."

The story always left me in awe and a want to know more about The Guardians. My obsession with them even annoys me believe it or not. I don't support The Guardians, I don't think they do what they should, yet I want to know everything about them and learn as much as I can about them.

I sighed in frustration and set the tablet back down on the table. I'm overthinking this again, I thought to myself, snowflakes flying round as I sneezed again. The frost on the walls was getting thicker the longer I stayed in the room. It would make sense to warm it up with fire, but when I'm sick, it too is incredibly unstable. I had to; unfortunately, learn this the hard way by singeing off my eyebrows. Madilia had to use her makeup to draw on fake ones for quite a while.

"Travel sick again?" Cecilia asked me, stepping into my room and twirling her keys on her finger.

I glared at her and retorted, "Sneaking into people's houses again?"

She smirked. "It's not sneaking if you've got a key, sis," she told me.

She tossed a bottle onto my bed and I picked it up, raising an eyebrow at her. "What's this?" I asked, looking at the little, red bottle again.

"Medicine, I figured you'd go and get yourself sick again and need it," Cecilia pestered. I shook my head smiling and set the bottle down. "Take your medicine young lady."

I shot her a disgusted look and whined, "But Cece!"

The young blonde rolled her eyes and walked away from the door yelling, "I'm going to work; I'll be back when I get off! Take the medicine while I'm gone!"

I heard the front door shut and fell back on the bed. Looking at the bottle of medicine next to me, I groaned, wishing Cecilia hadn't remembered my travel sickness. "Screw you, you evil, disgusting demon liquid," I told the bottle. "Why am I so insane when I'm sick?"

I buried myself under the blankets to try and warm up. This strategy, of course, did not work. To try something new, I grabbed the red bottle and walked out to the kitchen. It was still cold in the kitchen, but it was better than my room. There were still pans and batter scattered across the countertops from when I'd attempted last minute pancakes before I left for the showcase. Looking at the batter surrounding the stove and all over my counters and the sock by the refrigerator I sighed. Wait, sock? God how out of it was I that morning?

I shook my head and grabbed a glass from one of the black, metallic looking cabinets. Once it was filled water and the medicine cup had, well, medicine in it, I downed them both and grimaced. For some reason, medicine always tasted worse for me than it would for other people.

I walked into the living room and shivered. The cold of the black, wooden floors froze my already cold feet. It felt like ice that was almost enough to burn. Looking back to where I'd come from, I noticed the path of frost on the floor from where I'd been stepping. "Seriously?" I muttered irritatedly.

Other than the frost on the floor, the room was fairly metallic looking, black, and silver. It was big for an apartment and incredibly nice at the same time. The only thing that really stood out in the room was the golden framed pictures of family, friends, and an old picture Mom had pained of she thought Guardian looked like. I smiled at the painting, admiring the golden buildings, golden sunset, and golden spheres floating in the sky. Guardian was practically a city of gold, so the painting fit well. It was one of my favorite paintings that my mom had done, and I never stopped staring at it, trying to find every little detail in it.

Averting my gaze from the painting, I looked out the wall that was pretty much a giant window. It was cloudy and would probably start raining at any time. There wasn't much of a view considering I lived in the city. All you could see was some skyscrapers where people lived and worked.

The fact I lived so high up in the skyscraper I did was incredible though, and I was lucky to have it. Being as technologically savvy as it was, the dimensions had workplaces everywhere for people of the type. Lucky for me, I had just barely managed to major in computer programming some two years ago. I'd also managed to get a job at HoloPro Designs which was the biggest, best paying company around. I, however, was not. Best paying was more for the higher up managers, but I still got a pretty good pay for what I did. It was great, almost unbelievable for me. I'd never been more grateful in my whole life to be honest. Cecilia had helped me move up to where I was and would stay once a month for business meetings with the company she worked for, General Craft Building and Design. Technically, she just worked as a mechanic in a branch off shop a few hours away from me that was owned by our dad's old friend, but she was amazing at what she did and they wanted her to come up for meetings all the time.

I sneezed again and the windows began to build up frost. "Crap," I muttered, also noticing the frost from my feet had branched out all over the floor. "Fine, fine, I'll go back to bed!"

As I walked back to my bedroom, I noticed my older footprints had turned into little puddles on the floor. I mentally starred cursing as I walked back into my room. I'd have to clean it up later then I didn't feel like crap and could actually use my powers again.

Falling onto the bed, I expected a soft and bouncy mattress like any sane person would. This is not what happened. When I fell onto the bed, I hit a frozen, rock hard mattress and winced in pain.

"I hate being sick so much," I groaned.