Life is like the game of War,

As fierce as its players and deck.

A warrior with greater offense

Takes the bounty of his opponent,

And a soldier with greater defense

Protects his own bounty from loss,

Just as a higher card in a Battle

Wins more cards for the winning player.

A faction has more to lose

If it is in an all-out war,

Just as a war in the game of War

Means more cards to lose to the winner.

Elite talent and training make soldiers win battles,

Just as cards with higher ranks win the game of War.

Twos and Threes are low,

Sixes and Sevens are higher,

Tens, Jacks, and Queens are very high,

And Kings and Aces are highest of all.

When the War of your life is over,

The greatest reward is a full deck of cards.